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by @foodbanjo

We had a roasted butternut squash soup tonight and it was SO tasty!


by @yelporlando

Want to participate in @pharmacyrestaurant’s Holiday Chopped Challenge this Saturday? We’re giving away 2 spots to compete in this timed mystery basket challenge featuring local farms & Florida Fresh Meats. Compete for prizes as you utilize a professional kitchen and inspire your creativity! Then sit back and relax as you enjoy each others‘ food and some pizzas made by Chef, Loren Falsone!
1. You must be following @yelporlando + @pharmacyrestaurant to win.
2. Like this photo + tag a friend who loves to cook in the comments below. Each comment = one entry. Enter as many times as you’d like!
Giveaway closes this Thursday, 11/15 at 12pm. Winners will be be contacted via DM and must be able to participate in the event on Saturday, Nov. 17 at 1pm.
For tickets and more information, visit https://www.eventbrite.com/e/chopped-challenge-tickets-51712947819.
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by @munchinwithmichael

The Return of Bagel Monday!!! (Today is Monday right? ... OK cool 😎) With the new bagel emoji, I had to go get my bagel fix! Seriously tho that emoji 🥯 looks delicious 😋 But my favorite East side spot is @bigapplebagels! Their cinnamon sugar bagel is seriously top notch - that’s my go to - I like to get it “warmed up” with plain cream cheese 🤤 Look how thicc that shmear is! 👀

Tag someone who loves a bagel👇🏼

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by @thong_flippin_foodie

Whengrilling steak at home, I aways use the Weber GA. Such and awesome little unit. Run a super hot fire with @clean_heatcharcoal red bags, and flip the steak every 30secs until it's around 125f IT. Rest and eat. 👌 This cracking Wagyu flatiron from @ianshawbutcher76 went down a treat.


by @chewyblackballsyvr

Finally got to try @infiniteavan! •

This little cup is so cute but pricey. It was $6.14 after tax—whereas the other day I had Exposure’s brown sugar milk for $6.80 at the large size. Maybe it’s because I ordered Matcha Brown Sugar Milk! I wish it was creamier, the matcha and milk taste stronger, and the pearls chewier. The drink was bland for me, compared to @exposure.socialhouse ‘s indulgently creamy milk. •

The pearls tasted more caramel than sugar. I think they need to use more black sugar to sweeten the pearls! And, of course, I wish they gave me more pearls as this portion was quite small. The pearls here are also slightly smaller—taking away from the chew. I won’t have this again, but next time I’ll definitely try the fruit drinks. •

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by @bali_cafes

@thecompasscanggu - always on a look out for that next IT café in our hood and yassss - @thecompasscanggu defo makes the list, creativity + flavor and THE best tuna tartar EVERRRRR 📸@bali_cafes
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by @laughatmyfood

this photo does not do this gigantic lobster pineapple fried rice any justice, but the screams from all 11 people at our table when it arrived certainly did


by @sita_ruskin

Thank goodness for the banana 🍌
Chifles our new favourite snack, plantain chips. Sold everywhere here and so cheap. Our favourite is with chilli and lime 🌶


by @reinersee

This is what I came for in Lima! 🇵🇪Amazonian Colors @kjollerest #Peruvian


by @gratefulhearthappyheart

Chilly nights have me craving warm soup. Creamy Bean Soup is super easy to make and it’s my best friend’s recipe @ellesobol so it’s extra special to me.

Ingredients 🍲:
-Cannellini (White) Beans
-Garbanzo Beans
-Onion or Shallot
-Garlic -Favorite Seasoning (I love Vik’s Garlic Blend from @spiceandtea.newport
and a pinch of Truffle Salt)
-Chicken or Veggie Broth
-Bacon, Ham or Pancetta (for Garnish)

1. Sauté onion (or shallot) and garlic
2. Add cannellini (white) Beans and Garbanzo Beans (I like a 1:1 ratio here)
3. Sauté a minute longer and add spices (garlic blend, herb de provence or truffle salt are all delicious..so many possibilities!)
4. Add Broth (cover your beans just a bit)
5. Simmer for 20-25minutes
6. Then purée in a blender for creamy texture
7. Garnish with bits of bacon 🥓 or other meat (my husband’s favorite part)
8. Enjoy!😊 *I believe cooking is customizable so the quantities should be based on your flavor profile and dietary preferences. Message me with any questions or if you’d like help figuring out your specific measurements.


by @numpangsaveresep.id

Selamat Pagi Bunda 💕
By @deviirwantari
Bahan :
500 gr Tempe
250 gr ayam cincang
2 telur ayam
100 gr wortel (potong dadu kecil)
3 batang seledri (cincang)

Bumbu halus :
7 bawang putih
2 kemiri (sangrai)
1 sdt ketumbar (sangrai)
1/2 sdt jinten (sangrai)
1 sdt mrica
1 sdt kaldu jamur
Garam (secukupnya)
Pencelup :
2 butir telur
Garam secukupnya

Pelapis :
Tepung roti
Cara membuat :
1. Kukus Tempe dan ayam cincang 15 menit
2. Haluskan Tempe, campurkan wortel, daun seledri dan ayam dalam bumbu halus aduk hingga adonan tercampur rata masukan 2 butir telur aduk2 hingga adonan menyatu
3. Siapkan Loyang persegi 20 x 20 CM , olesi dengan minyak, lalu tuangkan adonan nugget.
Dan kukus selama 20 menit
4. Angkat nugget yg telah dikukus, biarkan hingga dingin. lalu potong2 sesuai selera.
Celupkan ke dalam bahan pencelup dan balur dengan tepung roti , lalu goreng hingga kecoklatan, angkat dan Siap disajikan.
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by @untangled_gardens

Surprisingly enough, there are many vegetables that grow BETTER when planted in the cooler months. 🏡
These vegetables include such delicious treats as: beet, broccoli, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, onion, pea, potato, radish, spinach and turnip!
So, get to planting! If you’ve already got some of these in your garden, take a photo and tag us!
Untangled Gardens is a Phoenix and Scottsdale-area full service landscape design company. Visit my website for a consultation or to contact me.
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