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Mom is starting to realize what those tuition checks are really paying for 😱😱😱 @oldrowarkansas


#JitishKallat, ‘Sightings D19M4Y2017’, 2017, four lenticular prints via @SperoneWestwater | Galleries 2018 #artbasel


Follow @P.W @P.W 😘😘


Mood AF - Getting glam to sit in my family's living room, like.... @makeupbybrooktiffany Giving us ALL the DRAMA in our 3D #LillyLashes in the style "Milan" 🦃💙Visit LillyLashes.com or click the link in our Bio to Shop the World's Most Glamorous Lashes! ✨ #GhalichiGlam


Manisa’nın köylerinden sofralarınıza lezzet taşıyan @koy_mahsulleri ni bilmeyenimiz yoktur herhalde artık. Lezzetli mi lezzetli ürünleri kendine has anlatım tarzıyla herkesin dikkatini çekti. Ev yapımı pekmez,salçalar,tereyagı,zeytin,reçelleri,tarhanası,salamura yapragı ve daha bir çok ürün. Sayfayı takibe alarak inceleyebilir sipariş verebilirsiniz. @koy_mahsulleri


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Fierceness is off the charts on #TheVoice. 💅 The Top 13 become the Top 11 when it all goes down TONIGHT. 📷: @iamjhud


اذا عينك ضيقة 😌 ترى الكاميرا واسعة 😎




It’s not over until it’s over. NOR 28 x 27 KOR #Beijing2008 @ihf.official


So excited for my friend @eclass1982 @drcarlosvelascoe is about to change her life! Can’t wait to see her new mommy makeover!! 👑🙌🏽


Pase lo que pase... No pares... ❤🤗💛


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A Rede Globo de Televisão foi proibida pela Justiça de divulgar informações do inquérito que investiga os assassinatos da vereadora Marielle Franco (PSOL) e do seu motorista Anderson Gomes, ocorrido em 14 de março. A decisão foi do juiz Gustavo Gomes Kalil, da 4ª Vara Criminal do Rio de Janeiro, a pedido da Divisão de Homicídios da Capital (RJ) e do Ministério Público do Estado. Em nota divulgada em telejornais da TV Globo e da Globonews, a empresa afirmou ter considerado a determinação "excessiva" e avisou que irá recorrer.


Welp, me and my son @kevinhart4real finally made it to the big time.
Billboards like this have been popping up in baby sections of grocery and drug stores all over the country.
I’m so proud of my little chocolate biscuit and I know he’s proud of his big, strong, handsome, sexy, highly intelligent caramel daddy.
That is, if I actually gave a shit about his stupid little feelings.


Discover the looks from the FALL WINTER 2018 collection in Boutique and on the Digital Store > elisabettafranchi.com
#ELISABETTAFRANCHI #EFBoutique #EFDigitalStore #FallWinter2018


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When 8 times world memory champion acknowledges my one and only .... SANIA ALAM❤️ My girl is on fire 🌸❄️🙏🏼 INSTITUTE OF HUMAN MEMORY DEVELOPMENT... LEARN HOW TO LEARN !


Watch the return of Throwdown, LIVE only on Facebook 👊 First up, we’re coming to you from Birmingham, England today at 9pm GMT! #NitroCircus #YouGotThis




Sleepless Goofy Sushie lover 😎😋🤩 #FoodToBond


The dream does not stop! Finally we get closer to our friends of Germany! Here is the Zonda F in front of the brand new Pagani Showroom in Stuttgart. #pagani #zonda #zondaf #stuttgart @paganideutschland @doerrgroup


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