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by @rsevn

I have a #GT2RS as my wallpaper on my computer and man this beast is definitely one of my favorite/dream cars. i spend a lot of time on my computer.. so having a GT2RS on my screen is a good reminder to myself on how smart i should work towards achieving a goal. what are your thoughts on this spec? 🤔 OH and check out those front plates. #gt2rsweissach

West Hollywood, California

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by @thedrivenuk

Let’s wind back to the present cars, and to be specific, this GT2RS! It was shot whilst we attended @london_concours and it looks phenomenal!
The colour is absolutely stunning don’t you agree?

Honourable Artillery Company

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by @fss_automotive

@porsche 🔴 GT2RS x GT3RS 4.0 ⚪️
Which one would you pick? 😍

The Berkeley

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by @juancadelafuente

Lo que hay debajo de este alerón... #carporn #gt2rs #gt2rsweissach #flatsix #germancars #exotic #nasty #carlifestyle

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by @detailing.de

991 GT2 RS

Roding, Germany

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