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by @7pmlinen

Morning Kisses xx⠀

Rosewood sheets are the perfect match for the rosewood + peony duvet cover that will soon be available in King Single. ⠀
Preorder online now - they are due to arrive next week so perfect timing for Christmas↟⠀ ⠀
Pic via @chasingthesummerfields


by @randa_hodge

I believe that living a simpler life doesn’t always mean getting rid of everything you own and being a minimalist but taking life slowly and truly fully soaking in every moment of what is happening. .
Making blueberry muffins and not rushing threw, letting the kids mix and lick their fingers, cleaning their mess all of it. Making memories. .
A simple lifestyle is a happy lifestyle with no rush, just a steady happy home.


by @imrebeccaheart

I look at him now and see flashes of the future. His elementary school graduation. Cheering in the stands as he gets his first winning goal. The last minute, A+ assignments we'll stay up way too late doing together. The hugs I'll know he'll want to give me but won't because his friends are around. The birthday parties and the broken hearts. What a double edged sword time can be. Such a thief. Such a gift. So give me a sec as I press pause here for a second. Build a train track and smother him in kisses n' marshmallows, because If i only get right now once, ima do everything I can to take in the view.


by @elizabeth.j.w.spencer

American food and friends. 👌🏼🍔👌🏼🍔👌🏼🍔👌🏼


by @brianahopewillis

It’s the end of another week alone with this kiddo (and Knightly, but she’s always a perfect angel baby). This week was a lot more difficult than last week. Brayden was redefining the circle of life for me. It has now become me getting onto Brayden for getting into one thing he’s not supposed to, and after we go through that with a billion other things in the HOUR, he circles back to the first one.
But this has happened before. One good day, then a bad one. One good week, then a bad one. And I think that’s just to be expected with anyone, but especially children. But something that HAS changed is me. I’ve stayed more positive. I’ve stayed more consistent. Though there were many days I felt defeated and exhausted at the end, my hope was not shattered for having a good next day. I still prayed over him every night, for the present, for the future (near and far). I went to bed finding comfort that tomorrow was a new day, even after every day was a battle with B. And I still have hope that next week will be better. It’s a comforting peace over me that I’ve never had before, and with it comes an overwhelming confidence in my ability to be a good mother, which I’ve also never had before.
The power of prayer is strong. The impact that new friendships have had on me and my outlook has also been such a blessing. Things are not perfect in my life right now by any means, but I feel happy, hopeful, and at peace, and I really couldn’t ask for more than that.
I hope you all have an amazing weekend!!! 💛


by @kameron.sandy

My loves 💖💙
When we first decided to become a “stay at home mom” family, it was only supposed to be for a few years. I planned on using my down time (hah, get it? Down time? Stay at home mom...🤣🤣🤣) to get my degree. Then I’d tag back in to the workforce and be able to bring in a greater chunk of income.
Three years later, I found myself having a mini meltdown on my son’s eight week old birthday (yes, I’m one of those cuckoos who celebrates milestones like that 🤪) at the thought of not being there for my babies whenever they needed me. ⠀⠀
Our financial situation had not changed, but my mother’s heart had. ⠀⠀
I did a little bit of research and found out that virtual wellness coaches can actually do pretty well for themselves...so I hopped on the first opportunity I could.
Like any job, the road has been a little rocky. The learning curve was real. The time commitment ended up being a little more than I’d originally anticipated. Over time, I’ve had a few more rides on the discouraged/encouraged train than I wanted.
But I don’t have to miss a second of seeing these sweet faces while they are awake. ⠀⠀
This job takes a lot of work to make it work for you...But it’s met every need I had. If you’re a stay at home mom needing to find additional sources of income for your family, I would definitely encourage you to reach out. I found a solution that works for my family—DM me for more details if you’re searching too!


by @alexajohnstonart

We have been fighting off multiple bugs in the Johnston household this week but it *finally* looks like we are on the mend!! Here’s to a healthy babe, husband and maybe some sleep for mama bear ✨✨✨ 📷 by the talented @whitneyerinphotography


by @serdorado

Happy Tuesday, here is a tbt of the Mali museum in Lima✨

I’m currently unpacking and organizing my life away because there’s a lot to do and create ✨
I love you all✨ Keep manifesting and working hard. One day your hard work will pay off my little suns ✨🌞✨
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by @_meganrichardson_

Can you come home now... Does anyone else’s child only act out for their mothers 😭... today is one of those days 👌🏻🙈 #sendwine


by @habitandhome

#Habitandhome regram, photo by @bottegastories


by @spruce.philly

A cozy living room Spruce just in time for the holidays! We’re back at one of our favorite houses in Fairmount, and can’t wait to show you a few more fun projects we’ve got going on here!


by @house.of.them

A bit of Sunday morning sunshine steams in for a new day. After a big lie in, going to be a day of home jobs today. Always so rewarding at the end. 😊
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by @lunasole.l

So l was not accepted at UF to do the Art Master’s program because sadly my bachelors, minor and certification did not meet the art qualifications courses to even apply for it. I would have to do a bachelors in Art which is not surprising of course. It is their policy and l totally understand but of course I’m a little bummed out because l thought they could help me out or check the art courses I’ve taken which were probably like 20+ of them but it is what it is. I believe that the universe is telling me something, that perhaps l have to work the hardest to teach myself Art techniques and to keep going because this is for me. My heart and soul know it. It is my happiness and I won’t let go of it ✨Today l set myself a goal, that l will continue making art and I will keep writing to see how far it takes me. I’m excited for what life has in store for me. I’m excited for my new bb business and l will keep fighting for my dreams, no mater what it takes ✨

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by @nofolife

head cold = living off hot tea all day☕️ #happysaturday


by @nourishandnest

Currently road tripping in the country and all the beautifully abundant fresh produce has me inspired to get in to the kitchen and create when I get back home (and plant more fruit trees!) .
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by @soulthreading

I think it is due time to let y’all in on some big news for our family. As you can see from this selfie I took the other day on my phone - with these two amazing kids - is that there is a piece of our family unit missing ❤️
Reason being, is my husband got promoted to a higher position at his job, so he had to travel to this new location and start asap. ASAP being a couple weeks ago. This other location, will also be where our whole family will move in the beginning of 2019. We are very proud of him and miss him so much already and will miss him BIG time for the upcoming holidays, but we keep reminding ourselves.... it’s only temporary. It’s something we’ve been praying for, and sometimes when we do that and receive something in return - the picture isn’t exactly what we visualized 😉 Yet, we feel peace around it all and have full trust in the decision.
Now I’ve kept you stringing along long enough about the new location God has set out for us. The next destination is ... Boston! We are pretty excited... to see and live in a city with such rich history, and boy am I stoked to photograph it. It is sad though, to be leaving such a wonderful place filled w many dear friends and clients. 📸
Friends & Clients: I have plans to come back to Florida on three specific dates [February, March & November] because of some weddings and family sessions I will be photographing. So please stay tuned if you would like to sip on some coffee with me, keep me company and/or book a session with me! ✌🏽
There’s still so much work to get done here before we head up to reunite with Ben in the snow. Things have been hard but receiving the support thus far, staying in prayer and putting on worship music while keeping busy - has helped. We are going to miss cutting down a real tree with Ben, but I think we’ll try to do that anyway - whilst FaceTiming.🎄 This time of year really fills my heart. So, tell me.... what are you most looking forward to this holiday season?! What are some of your traditions?!
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by @laurajlaura



by @jacksmominatx

I got to assist @jessicarockowitz today during her photo mini sessions for some pretty spectacular Austin families. It was so nice seeing them and working with her while capturing a ton of happy moments and shared love. Admittedly, it made me jealous and now I want family photos by her! •I hope everyone is getting geared up for the holiday! I have some giveaways in the next couple of weeks to get everyone in the giving season! Until then enjoy sad bunny, a selfie I took while helping out Jess. I know this will make your day. 😂😂😜😂


by @_essencia.yl_

For the last two weeks my team and I have been working hard. We've reached goals and we've set new ones. But we also have other priorities. Which means we are busy people! .
My immune system has needed extra support. I can honestly say that I've been supporting my system, by getting rest, drinking enough fluids, taking oregano oil capsules (temporarily), life 9 probiotics and using Thieves. .
I diffused thieves and rub my feet with it. Yesterday, I actually hosted a class on thieves in our FB education group🙌🙌🙌
Did you know?
Thieves® essential oil blend was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated and wore a special aromatic combination of clove, rosemary, vinegar, and other botanicals that they believed provided protection while they were stealing. French authorities recognized that there was such value in this mixture that upon the thieves’ capture, they received a more merciful punishment on condition that they divulge the ingredients in their secret formula. .
What a great historical fact! .
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by @lisa_toebben

I have to admit that sometimes pushing play is a struggle
Then, the first 10 minutes kinda suck too.

But once I pass the 10 min and get in my groove, something awesome happens.
The endorphins kick in and the sweat starts rolling.
And when your finished, you think, that was freaking awesome and I was able to do a little more than I did yesterday💫

Week 1 in my program is finished! I am loving it, just as mush if not more, than I did the first time I completed it💕