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This tour's opening intro beat every single other tour of any other artists opening intro and the fact that I saw this live just makes me miss it even more and I miss 1d but I want all of them to do whatever makes them the happiest but I still miss them and idk thank you for coming to my ted talk. 😭

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No pude evitar sonreír 😍💓

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Your POV “You know your mother’s going to say no. She always does.” I smirked in the mirror as Maiden Margie came up behind me, but continued to braid the flowers and ribbon into my hair. I turned around once I was done and sat on the bed to put my shoes on, “Today is different. I am eighteen now, I shall do whatever I please.” I rolled my eyes when Margie snorted, “We’ll see how that goes.” Maiden Olive had been replaced when I was 10, for unknown reasons, and although she was very sweet, Margie and I got along very well due to her sarcastic nature. “Mama!” I called down the steps of our home, running down them when I got no reply. It wasn’t often she was home, usually out working with the humans to produce crops and harvest. Unseen, of course. But today was my lucky day as I approached her frame sitting upon the kitchen counter with a book in one hand and a mug in the other. “Mother, can I go out today? To the village down the path?” I asked her, shifting nervously. I wasn’t allowed to go out that often. I had been homeschooled for as long as I could remember, and had never been to the villages outside of our home. The only time I had any other interaction is when mother’s friends would come and visit, or mortals would come and beg mother for bountiful crops. And even then I hid in the shadows. My mother had said I wasn’t allowed to leave because the humans would take advantage of me, the way they do with her, and it was best to keep my identity a secret. But lately I felt as if it was a larger issue that she wasn’t telling me about. “Persephone, I told you that it isn’t safe-“ “You always tell me it isn’t safe,” I whined, apologizing shortly afterwards for interrupting before I continued, “I’m eighteen and have never stepped foot outside of our land. Please, mamma, as my gift?” She casted her eyes up at me once, humming to herself before she shut her book and set her mug down on the counter. “Fine,” She hopped down onto the floor, “But you will wear a hat and Margie must go with you.” “Are you serious?” I squealed, clapping my hands together. “Stop screeching, dear,” My mom scolded and handed me a large brimmed hat.(more in comments)

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End of the day MOOOOOOOD

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