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by @ellie_rose92

Find someone who loves you even when you look like a sack of potatoes 🥔🍪💪🏻 #husbandgoals #bringonsummer

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by @sarahtyau

Throwback to the last time I made every item of our costume, even down to our undershirts and I vowed to never do again.😅 .

Today is this Prince’s birthday. When he cut our oldest daughter’s tiny newborn nails for the 1st time when I was too scared to, he cried when it clipped her little skin & she bled a tiny bit. When I insisted on trying out the cry it out method, he laid on the ground with his fingers underneath her bedroom door, his heart in great pain, then jumped up so fast to hold her when I said fine, you can go in. When our girl told him he can’t play with us because only girls are allowed, he put my dress on and started talking like a girl. When a boy with a crush on our girl came to her bday party, Jay didn’t let any of us open the door but him and he kept showing off his muscles to the boy. He throws random treasure hunts or shows up with surprises for the kids frequently. He’s the one that helps with all of the kids’ homework & every single school assignment like the science fair, book report, & essays. All he wants for his bday is a coupon from the kids for free cuddles & he’ll make tons of photocopies of the coupon & use it all throughout the year. Now the kids put a disclaimer in the back, “No photocopies allowed.”😆 He goes to every single soccer game of our daughter’s & intently watches every second, cheering her on. He wakes up early every field trip my kids have to make musubi for their sack lunches & packs them extra to give to their Poly friends. He let me sleep in every single day last year & made breakfast & packed their lunches for school. I guess I was really tired last year?😅 He dresses up as a Mermaid & Choco cat from Hello Kitty, for us girls for Halloween. He buys our kids clothes & shoes & knows every single item of clothing my kids own(he even marks their underwear by name) & separates them correctly when doing laundry, which he does way more than me. He tells our girls they can’t date until 40 & my oldest recently told me, “I’m just not going to have any kids because you guys will all be dead by the time I get married.”🤣
I hope my kids know how good they have it ‘cause I sure know how good I have it. Happy bday, @jaystory9💛

Salt Lake City, Utah

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by @onestoptaxesstore384

Fellas 👉🏽 “Happy Wife with A Happy Life” be the reason she’s forever secured

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by @porterfinancialz

Fellas 👉🏽 “Happy Wife with A Happy Life” be the reason she’s forever secured

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by @thebeanbiblestore

When your husband decides to be a test model ✌️

Greater Geelong (C)

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by @lisa.l.naka

Every year Matt writes me a letter to be opened at our following anniversary. This way each letter is like a time capsule of the year before. I know, he’s the best. #husbandgoals

Salt & Straw

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by @carolrbit

Nessa foto podemos contemplar braços fortes e uma bela aliança na mão esquerda. É isso pessoal, bjssss. #husbandgoals #waitthisismyhusband #muaythai

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by @travellushes

2 years strong. We may spend quite a bit of time apart due to the nature of our careers, but when you marry your best friend, each moment spent together feels as if no time has passed💕
✂️ I wasn't the type of girl who fantasized about growing up and getting married. Not one to settle, ending relationships that didn't feel right was never hard for me. I'd cut ties without batting an eyelash and move on to the next.
💍 I knew if I was going to get married he had to be someone I deeply loved, could be my best friend, handle my love for travel, not be the jealous type, and be a true partner. Didn't expect to find that guy on @match, but life is full of surprises.
👰🏽 To be honest, it took time getting accustomed to being a wife. We're both fiercely independent and I feared marriage would mean giving up the freedom to make my own decisions. But that hasn't been the case at all. In fact, he helps me make better choices. He's my sounding board, my expert negotiator, my confidante, and seriously - he gives the best advice y'all.
🙈 I'm not a perfect wife by any means. Sometimes I'd forget Valentine's Day. Sometimes I'd even forget to tell him I'm going out of town. Thankfully I have a reeeeeaalllly patient husband. He knew I'd get the hang of this marriage thing eventually. It took some time, but I did 😉 I can honestly say that I love being his wife and even look forward to having his kids one day (the thought of pregnancy once terrified me on an abnormal level lol).
👫 Earlier today, my friend heard us talking on the phone and she said "I love the way you and your husband talk to each other. You're clearly best friends and it shows." Yep. We are. I love him and couldn't imagine anyone else by my side making me laugh every day. So happy anniversary to my bestie - here's to many more years of perfectly timed "deez nuts" jokes, begrudgingly warming my ice cold feet at night, and basically conquering the world together.
"If you had a twin I would still choose you."
- @champagnepapi
So deep.
#matchmadeinheaven #onlinedating #atlanta #atlantawedding #rooftopwedding #marriagegoals #blacklove #husbandgoals #drakequotes #ilovemyhusband #munaluchibride

Atlanta, Georgia

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by @__laurenmilligan

this guy— my husband. my lover. my bestfriend. my rock. my soulmate. my calm. my forever. my everything.🖤
#husbandandwife #husbandandwifeforlife #bestfriend #husbandgoals #familyfirst #loverandbestfriend

Riley's at Los Rios Rancho

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by @followingruby_

Counting down the days to the weekend! My wonderful husband is going away riding for the weekend and it just so turns out that he didn’t want me to miss out on the fun, so he booked me, my mum and Ruby a surprise weekend away to Melbourne!!! YAYYYY feeling like one lucky lady at the moment 😍 look out @_mellington I’m coming for ya 😆
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by @strobielynn

I can’t believe it’s already been a month! We had an excellent time in Greece. Can’t wait for our next adventure. #celebratetheswats


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by @rachel.bertholf

I’m feeling extra thankful for my husband right now! I’ve been really sick since getting back from Hawaii and he has taken such amazing care of me! It’s an amazing feeling to be so loved and cared for by someone so wonderful. You’re the greatest man I know Trav, and the best husband I could ever ask for! Not to mention you’re incredibly handsome 😉 I love you. 💕 #mcm #husbandgoals

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by @comenwish

Made for Each Other ❤️ Couple! 😍

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Bangalore, India

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by @allison_makayla

#MCM everyday to my handsome Hubby! I love you lots! 💗#husbandgoals #marriedlife #bringingsexyback 😍

Sacramento, California

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by @chelssssssi

My whole heart ♥️ #husbandgoals #purehappiness #eventhoughyoufartalot

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by @bribeshirs7

Could these two get any cuter?? 😍#mancrushmonday #husbandgoals #babygoals

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by @megkwheeler

I've said it before, but the ride wouldn't be half the fun if I was on it without this guy. The last few weeks have been tough from a business and personal perspective, but all it took was a simple text message from him - "I believe in you" - to give me the confidence boost I needed to attack this week with gusto. Whether it's a romantic partner, a family member or a friend, find that one person who knows the exact right thing to do when you're down.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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by @jessawampler

Baby Nursery 🐻🦊🐿
I am so happy with the way his little nursery turned out. 🙌🏼 I had no idea what I wanted to do for his room when I first started. Thankful for the help of my husband and his handyman work. It took a little while but it all finally came together and I am so excited to be able to use it 🧡 .
#nurserydecor #babynursery #momofboys #boymom #husbandgoals #diyhomedecor #woodlandnursery

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by @call_me_taijon

Happy Anniversary to us...I can’t believe it’s been 2 years...a lot has happened and I’ve been loving every minute of it my little family is the best I could of asked for... @hi_im_cici I love u very much and can’t wait to celebrate this for many more years to come #2yearanniversary #lovemyfamily #1yearoldson #lovingwife #husbandgoals #familyman

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by @dweaverfitness

This man. He seriously is my rock. ...
Today I spent time going through old pictures to share with you guys and my heart ached. ...
What I saw was hurt & sadness in my eyes.
They brought me back to those feelings. Those emotions. && I just wanted to jump through the screen and hug that old me. ...
I didnt know how hurt I was at the time. I faked a smile good. Because being strong was what I had to do. ...
The one thing I saw throughout the pictures?
His love. The way he looked at me. His love for me, even when I was broken and at my worst.
He never stopped loving me. ... I dont know what I did to deserve him, but im gonna spend my life showing God how thankful I am. ♡

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by @cvrtnyal

@rubenarellano7 surprised me with flowers and twizzlers this morning. 😭❤️

#husbandgoals #romanceisntdead #playertwo

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by @amandaclaypool

When your husband lets you play model for a few minutes!
Fall is so beautiful! .
#oregonfall #fallfashion #jane #forever21 #rue21 #highponytail #husbandgoals #wifey #model

Hillsboro, Oregon

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by @mr.mrs.sedej

In Parma, they are serious with food. One shouldnt miss this beautiful city in Italia if you are a food lover like Mrs Sedej.
Happy tummy, Happy Life,Happy wife!
#italy #parmaitaly #proscuitto #food #foodphotography #europe #travel #sandwhich #happytummy😋#foodblogger #wheretoeat #fooditalia #husbandgoals #cheeselover #foodlover

Parma, Italy

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by @megankatehaugh

I can never thank this man enough for all he does for me and our children. I am glad you are the man my son will model himself after, and the standard my daughters will set for their future husbands. You love us unconditionally. You provide for us. You put us first. You spoil us all. You pick up the slack when I can’t go anymore. You take off work no questions asked when I need you. You come home and help me cook dinner and clean. When you’re home, you do 50% of the work with the kids rather than expecting me to do it all. You truly have made all my dreams come true and even on the worst days with you, I know they’re better than the best with anyone else. The least important but a huge bonus.. you look hella hot while doing it all. 😘 I know I can speak for all the kids when I say we love you and don’t know what we’d do without you. Thank you for everything baby. ❤️ @hayden_shane #mcm #mce #husbandgoals #daddy #daddyandson #thehaughfamily #blessed

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