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Tate Modern

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Price: 100.000
Freeship với bill từ 100k (nội thành SG) và bill từ 200k (toàn quốc)
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my heart belongs to istanbul 💙

Istanbul, Turkey

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Every Emmy Awards show I do is always a little blurry for me. I am literally nonstop from morning to night so I barely remember the experience. I blink, and I’m at the Governors Ball wondering how fast everything went by. I usually am also waaaaay better at documenting on social. This year was different though. I wanted to be in the moment and have that moment for myself.
Seven. Straight. Years. That is so insane to me. I’m so thankful and blessed to have this continued opportunity and most of all, trust from Marc, Melissa and The Television Academy to run my own team for Digital. It’s truly an honor and something I never take for granted.
Never lose the excitement you had from the very first one. If you’ve scrolled left, you’d have seen, well besides my terrible mop head haircut, the very first time I crossed off an item off my 14-year-old self’s bucket list: work a major awards show.
What I’ve learned the most throughout my career so far is this: the universe does not reward desperation and will always set you on the path that YOU manifest and work towards. It has reigned true for me throughout everything. If I follow money, it never lasts. If I follow my heart and passion, the abundance flows.
Intentions matter. I’ll say it again. Intentions MATTER.
I hope my little ramblings end up helping or inspiring someone who has a dream. It’s one of the driving forces for why I do what I do. Keep going. If I would have listened to the naysayers in my life, I should have quit a long time ago.
I was told so many times that I couldn’t make a career out of the arts. I was called crazy for working a job for so long that paid me jack and worked me long hours. But I knew that all of that was a process. People couldn’t relate why I worked day in and day out even when my friends would be out on the weekends.
If this were easy then everyone would do it. LA is a battleground. It takes tenacity and so much drive to keep going here. I’ve watched so many people come and go, even people who I saw were literally SO CLOSE to getting ‘there.’ But no matter how much you may see something for someone, they have to see it. YOU have to SEE it.
Do you see it?

Microsoft Theater

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Sweated like a pig, but it was worth it ☀️🐽

Cinque Terre

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Toucher du bambou, c'est toucher le bon bout.

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T'es jamais à l'abri, le mal me l'a appris #972 #martinique #l4l #instafollow

Grenoble, France

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≁ La Belle Époque 💫 ∮ Bon Mardi ! 🌝 Un Bel Après-Midi En Charmante Compagnie 💜 Roxichou & Bébé Léonard 🤱🏻@prevostroxanne

Saint-Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec

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