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by @jewelg_

My sweet boy. I get reports DAILY about his greatness. “He’s so kind, caring, smart, and loving”, his classmates say. “Zaiden is a joy to have in our classroom, he is truly a role model, a diligent worker, and a beautiful person”, his teachers report. “He’s so well behaved and kind”, parents share with me daily. He wins numerous awards, maintains the honor roll, and his most recent accomplishment was a wisdom award that only select students received. I am constantly in tears when I think about the purity of his soul. Thank you Lord for choosing me to bring forth this remarkable vessel. Keep using him for your glory. My baby...✨

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by @tiffanylovesyou

starting to get those warm fuzzy fall feelings 🍁

Laurelhurst Park

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by @overloadimages

White rocks national recreation area is part of the green mountain national forest.The area is named after the quartzite you can see crumbling in this picture. Its hard to get a sense of scale from this far away but each of the boulders down there was taller than my body. @zblais510 and I climbed a good ways up and then realized how ridiculously far the rocks continued on for.

white rocks/ice beds trail, Vermont

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by @muiikii

never look back on the things that can never be forgotten, it was an experience for you to learn.
i look back and thankful for things that meant to be happened. it has become who i am.
it was meant to be, let it be. i create my own journey.
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Richmond, British Columbia

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by @aficat

i still look forward to this walk every time ✨

Barcelona, Spain

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by @andrew.irwin151

Change of seasons 🍃🍂

Tenas Lake

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