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by @adimorito

Jakarta punya Tanah Abang
Aceh punya nukmatnya kopi robusta
Ayo mari menuju ke Sabang
Menyambangi batas negeri Nusantara

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by @getlostadventuring

Shorter days and cooler nights mean scooting a little closer to the campfire...oh yeah.

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by @planctour

I hike alone most of the time. For me it is a place I can go to mentally and physically push myself, listen to my inner voice without distractions, and to feel connected to the natural landscape. After going through a divorce, and grieving the death of both parents at a young age I have found a spiritual connection with nature and being outdoors that I had never felt before. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy hiking and being outdoors with other people, however the experience of going solo is unlike any thrill I’ve ever experienced. I know it’s not for everyone, but I encourage anyone who expresses an interest to give it a go. We all have our reasons for doing the things we do, and this is #WhyIHike @eddiebauer #contest #planctour #thehalfpinthiker @backcountry @llbean @outsidemagazine @nature_org @outdoorproject @newengland_igers @folkscenery @newhampshire_igers @whitemountains @backpackermag @natgeoadventure @mwobs

Mount Washington

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by @lavelmariephotography

To die for dress 😍
Main photographer @05lunas
2nd shooter @lavelmariephotography
Seriously can't get over this dress and that door 😘

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by @earthfocus

Arrived at @cavotagoomykonos tonight to show my family this beautiful paradise for 4 days 🇬🇷
Photo by @kyrenian
Explore. Share. Inspire: #earthfocus

Cavo Tagoo Mykonos

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by @mikaylagentry

The best people I know are not immune to heartache; they are intimate with it. They are the blessed, broken angels circling the holy kingdom of forgiveness, the destroyed divine crying tears of pristine grief.

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by @tonyinspires

Chasing sunsets? Not this time. Woke up super early to catch this amazing sunrise with the flares. My @gopro #hero5 in linear mode was my weapon of choice to snap this one. #goprofamily

Planet Earth

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by @paulthemde

Check out my latest creative endeavor @thejoshuatreeproject.

Joshua Tree, California

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by @lab_liv

Меня все больше и больше захватывает съемка детей. Погружение в мир ребенка - это приключение, границы которого это наше с ним воображение.

Rostow am Don

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