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The CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course places a large emphasis on the safe introduction of proper levels of intensity. This is best accomplished when a responsible coach or affiliate has a charter to prepare athletes for intensity.
The charter presented at Level 1 Certificate Course is as follows:
1️⃣ Mechanics—Does the athlete know the points of performance of the movements? Can the athlete display these points of performance in all movements?
2️⃣ Consistency—Can the athlete perform multiple repetitions of movements well without instruction? Also, has he or she been in the gym long enough to develop a tolerance for intensity?
3️⃣ Intensity—Once an athlete consistently displays sound mechanics and acquires a suitable training history, coaches can introduce intensity with appropriate loads and speeds.
CrossFit affiliates implement the mechanics-consistency-intensity charter in different ways. Some call the process an “on-ramp,” while others call it “foundations classes” or something similar. Some affiliates even implement the charter through a series of one-on-one personal-training sessions.
There is no single correct way to initially prepare athletes for the intensity necessary to produce results, but it is imperative that a process exists to bring athletes through an appropriate series of steps that minimizes risk while trainers maximize intensity.
Continue reading “Charting a Course to Intensity” by @joe.degain, CF-L4, at Journal.CrossFit.com.
📷 @ykhamutova | #CrossFit @CrossFitTraining

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Ўзбекистон Республикаси президенти Шавкат Мирзиёевнинг «Террористик, экстремистик ёки бошқа тақиқланган ташкилот ва гуруҳлар таркибига адашиб кириб қолган ўзбекистон республикаси фуқароларини жиноий жавобгарликдан озод этиш тартибини такомиллаштириш тўғрисида»ги фармони имзоланди. Бу ҳақда ЎзА хабар бермоқда.

Ушбу ҳужжат билан террористик, экстремистик ёки бошқа тақиқланган ташкилот ва гуруҳлар таркибига адашиб кириб қолган Ўзбекистон Республикаси фуқароларининг мурожаатларини кўриб чиқиш бўйича Республика идоралараро комиссияси тузилади.

2018 йил 1 ноябрдан террористик, экстремистик ёки бошқа тақиқланган ташкилот ва гуруҳлар таркибига адашиб кириб қолган Ўзбекистон Республикаси фуқаролари Комиссия хулосасига асосан жиноий жавобгарликдан озод этилади.

Комиссия томонидан салбий хулоса чиқарилган тақдирда барча ҳолатлар қонун ҳужжатларида ўрнатилган тартибда кўриб чиқилади.
Ўзбекистон Республикаси фуқаролари қуйидаги ҳолатларда қуйидаги ҳолларда жиноий жавобгарликдан озод қилиниши мумкин:
- айбини бўйнига олиш тўғрисида шахсан арз қилиб келса, қилмишидан чин кўнгилдан пушаймон бўлса ва тузалиш йўлига ўтган бўлса;
- жиноий фаолият ва бошқа ҳуқуққа хилоф қилмишларни фош этишда фаол ёрдам берган бўлса;
- тақиқланган ташкилотлар сафига алдов йўли билан жалб этилган бўлса; - тақиқланган ташкилотларнинг ғоявий ёки маънавий раҳнамоси бўлмаган бўлса;
- жанговар ҳаракатларда ва қўпорувчилик ҳаракатларини содир этишда иштирок этмаган бўлса; - террорчилик фаолиятини амалга ошириш мақсадида тақиқланган ташкилотларда ўқув, махсус ёки ҳарбий тайёргарликдан ўтмаган бўлса; - террорчилик фаолиятини амалга ошириш мақсадида чиқиш ёки ҳаракатланишни амалга оширмаган бўлса; - халқаро терроризмни молиялаштиришда иштирок этмаган бўлса;
- террористик, экстремистик ва бошқа бузғунчи ғоялар мавжуд бўлган материалларни адашиб ёки ахборот-коммуникация воситаларида тарқатишга қасд қилмаган ва бундай мақсадни кўзламаган ҳолда сақлаган бўлса.

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ببینیم در شیفت ۲۴ ساعته (جن) در بیمارستان کودکان چه اتفاقاتی میفتد؟ #خانواده_کلاین شنبه ها تا چهارشنبه ها ساعت ۱۸

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Flavorgod Seasonings

⏰⏰⏰⏰Time to stock up on your favs🤩🤩
💥💥💥Click on link in bio for all details💥💥
Thank you so much @southernsunflower21 & @mattfitness199 for your reviews‼️ Love reading people’s comments as they enjoy and share my seasonings with each other around the world. Yes, my seasonings are certified gluten free and certified kosher 😋👍🌿🍃
#food #foodie #mealprep #flavorgod #foodporn

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عـــراقـــنا 🔘

اكلتوا لو بعد ؟ 😭

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Bridgette B

@marcstarwalker and his magic and one of the kindest souls I’ve had the pleasure and honor to be friends with.
In the midst of the chaos in the @brazzersofficial Brazzers House he captures my true self. Thank you for all your hard work!
*Vote today link in bio 😘 🇪🇸💕 @marcstarwalker y su magia! Y una de las almas mas amables que he tenido el placer y el honor de conocer...en medio del caos en la @brazzersofficial Brazzers House, El captura mi verdadero ser. Gracias por todo !
* Votar hoy ..enlace en bio 😘

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Nikki Reed

Who is excited to see what we’re dreaming up in the @bayouwithlove world? Super excited to share this new chapter with you guys! Stay tuned for images of our engagement ring samples making their debut on Friday! Remember all of our jewelry is made from recovered gold from recycled @dell computers, and this new collection will include another surprise as well. Thank you for being a part of the @bayouwithlove story. So much of our inspiration comes from your enthusiasm! Thank you for making sustainable fashion a part of your lives! 🌱🌎

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ﻋﺮاقيات كشخــۃ 😌 2,7m

سبحان الله

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Adobe Photoshop

In the desert, everything evaporates. #Ps_Dissolve piece by @unknownian.

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Zach King

Is it just me or do couches seem to eat everything? What are the top things you loose in your couch? Mine are socks, coins and the tv remote.

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Aida Domenech

My look for the first show @albertaferretti 🌹 #mfw

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Whole Foods Market

We searched high and low, but we finally found it… the BEST roasted butternut squash recipe ever. Click the #linkinbio for the recipe. #FallFlavors #MakesMeWhole

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Team India

Sheer dominance from the Hitman as he powered his way to a stroke-filled half century. Walks back after a brilliant knock #TeamIndia #INDvPAK #AsiaCup

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Lcda. Sofia Caiche Romero

Mi Manta querida 😍, nos vemos el Viernes 5 de Octubre - Plaza Cívica 👱🏻‍♀️😘 #trabajito #lavidafluye 🌹

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Washindi wetu wa @primaafro_hair Give away This week Ni kina 👇🏾
....... tafadhali naomba mfike kesho saa tisa mchana dukan @mobettostyles kufata zawadi zenu💋💋
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Wengine tukutane next time my Darlings 💋

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Vámonos 😉 #lookdehoy @latingal_boutique 😍

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Maria del Cerro

Que alegria tan grande me da formar parte de este Amor Infinito!! 😍❤ #inclusion
Estoy feliz de poder ayudar a que uds conozcan a Cristina de Fundación Vyace a través de este video. Gracias Disney por invitarme a formar parte de la celebración de #Mickey90 #DisneyAmorInfinito @mickeymouse_la ayudemos arrobando a tres personas aca abajo asi somos cada vez mas los que conocemos esta ONG !!!! Gracias!!!! @gabriel_rocca
@lucianohaparicio @malapeluqueria

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Me Lo Dijo Un Forro 🖕🏼

🤣🤣🤣 no paro con tus videos @goofygonzalez1 👈 Seguirlo. Es lo mejor que les va a Suceder en instagram 👏👏😂😂

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Carrie Underwood

🎉🎉 Looking forward to performing at the @amas on October 9th! 🎉🎉 #AMAs

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Hairstylist + Brand Founder

Bringing chic sand to the beach @kaiagerber x @karllagerfeld ☀️🖤 @karlawelchstylist x @melaniemakeup x #jenatkinhair

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Maurício Destri e Gil Coelho aproveitaram uma folguinha nas gravações de suas respectivas novelas e curtiram juntos a noite desta terça-feira em um bar no no Rio de Janeiro. Sem se preocupar com a presença dos fotógrafos no local, os atores foram flagrados no maior clima de romance e trocaram beijos e carinhos ao longo do encontro. Para quem não lembra, eles contracenaram juntos na novela I Love Paraisópolis, em 2015. Viva o amor! 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨

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Ronnie Coleman

Here we go again, this is surgery number 10 for me today. This is my third one this year as I had one back surgery in February, a fusion. Then I had another three weeks later to fix the screws that had broken from the surgery in February. I’m hoping and praying that this is my final surgery. I have four broken screws this time around. The Dr told me that he was taking all ten screws that’s in my back now out and replacing them with bigger screws. Hopefully this will fix my breaking screw problem for good. This is the fourth time the screws have broken on me. Say y’all please say a prayer for ya boy. My surgery will be in about two hours from now so I’ll Hollar back after surgery. Oh that look on my face is not from being on medication, that hasn’t happened yet. My wife was telling me to open my eyes.

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Cheesy pizza 📷: @thisisdelhi ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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Manolo Blahnik

Ajita reflections #Ajita #ManoloBlahnik

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Оценили😁#ladiesawards “Лучший женский автор юмористического блога в Инстаграм”😎 @bashkatovmisha

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The New Yorker

A cartoon by @lizadonnelly, from 2010. #TNYcartoons

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Isaaa fact lol

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