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Sometimes the beast is just seeking for sun. 🌟 Photo by @dennisvnguyen via @mbsugarland.
[Mercedes-AMG GT R | Kraftstoffverbrauch kombiniert: 12,4 l/100 km | CO2-Emissionen kombiniert: 284 g/km | http://mb4.me/Rechtlicher_Hinweis/]
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Hands up if you love family holidays 👋🏻🤭💕 We’ve had the best staycation at @therubycollectiongc this weekend, Evaliah loves the water slides and pools. You really don’t have to travel far to feel like your miles away 🌍💦 #14weekspregnant #familytravel


It’s beginning to look a lot like #christmas We got our tree! 🌲 finally! Hayesie Boos first Xmas! Fam in full effect @s.narramore @cash_warren @leavefootprintsoflove @nea.jones and bonus 📷 courtesy @nea.jones 💗


Terimaksih untukk KOPDAR FIX luar biasa
kalian semua Mantul sayy 💃💃💃💃 baju cantik kita dari


#TSRClearTheAir: #KylieJenner said her and her mans want no parts! 👀👀 #TravisScott #KanyeWest (See earlier post)


Елім биік, халқым көкке самғасын
Жастарымның қанаттары талмасын
Елге деген патриоттық махаббат
Жүректерде жалын болып лауласын ! Егеменді еліміздің ұлы мерекесі Тәуелсіздік күні құтты болсын! 🇰🇿




Was a privilege to bear witness to Bruce Springsteen’s final performance on Broadway. The most exquisite, open,real , piece of work I’ve ever seen on any stage. My 3d time seeing it. Each time I’ve experirnced it differently and felt enhanced by it.


THE ROC! 📷 @sydnaynayxoxo


💋 Follow the beautiful model :
👰🍒 @gayana_private 🍒👰💯
📸 Photographer 👉 ❤ 📸
🔥Gallery👉 @_super.sexy.libido.__ 🔥
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*Еліміздің ең Ұлы мерекесі құтты болсын!
*Ұлы Дала елінің ең ұлық мерекесі – Ұлт Тәуелсіздігінің 27 жылдығымен баршаңызды құттықтаймын!* 🇰🇿


Follow @sugarbearhair: These are Just a few of the benefits of these delicious gummy vitamins! They can help:
- Improve hair health
- reduce hair Fall
- support nail health
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Anak-anak muda dari dunia industri kreatif di Banda Aceh. Mereka berkreasi dengan hijab, coklat, dan lain-lain, sampai pembuatan film.


Excuse me.... there’s a what? 🤔 never heard of that move before 😂 @swipathefox has been in KILL mode this year! Is he a candidate for most improved? Who’s your top 3?


Clearly someone said "cheese" to me & "please" to you 🙄! @shaheernsheikh 😂 #sbs #funouting #somecatchingup @officialkanikamann, you’re such a darling!!! ❤️@jasminbhasin2806, You cutieee!!!😘 @sbsabpnews #telebrations


Momen ulang tahun adalah momen bahagia seseorang. Di mana saat itu usianya bertambah dewasa dan dirayakan oleh orang-orang terdekat.

Nah, berbicara ulang tahun, seorang pria bernama Wahyu Riyanto memberikan kado istimewa untuk pacarnya yang berulang tahun.

Tak hanya membawa kue ulang tahun, pria itu datang dengan hantaran pernikahan. Hantaran pernikahan itu dibawa dengan mobil pick-up.

Hantaran itu berupa 1 unit sepeda motor baru, seserahan pernikahan, dan beberapa box keperluan pernikahan. Selain itu ada juga hasil kebun seperti kelapa, pisang, dan juga beras.

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Jeruk nipis merupakan jenis jeruk yang paling kaya mengandung vitamin C. Tidak hanya vitamin C saja, jeruk nipis juga mengandung vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, karbohidrat, serat, lemak, protein, kalsium, asam folat, zat besi, fofsor, magnesium, kalium, seng, dan gula. Tidak lupa juga asam sitrat yang membuat rasa asam. Vitamin C pada jeruk nipis akan mendorong pertumbuhan akar rambut. Kamu bisa menggunakan jeruk nipis untuk menebalkan rambut atau untuk mengatasi kebotakan. Selain menebalkan rambut, penggunaan teratur jeruk nipis pada kulit kepala juga dapat digunakan untuk membasmi ketombe.
Cara menghilangkan ketombe dengan jeruk nipis, yaitu :
- Peras buah jeruk nipis
- Campurkan air jeruk nipis dengan air secukupnya
- Oleskan pada rambut
- Biarkan sebentar agar meresap pada kulit kepala
- Bilas dengan air bersih
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Udah pada makan siang? :D
Credits: @eatandstories


Kevin Porter Jr. The Best Kept Secret. (But not for long) @kevinporterjr 👀👀


I won't say a Word, but my BAT will! ❤️
Let my Weapon do the Talking! 💙
King Kohli silences the Australian crowd with a Silent Celebrations after the Roaring Century 🇮🇳🙏



Me, when I found out I’m going to sing with @moirarachelle today on ASAP 😱 Wish me luck guys.
Major tour today for @aurorathemovie 🛳.
ASAP 12nn.
3pm Solenad Ayala Malls.
6pm Enchanted Kingdom.
📸: from our master filmmaker @yamlaranas ❤️


What I am excited for this Christmas is the time I will be spending with my family. Give back TIME this Christmas and create the fondest memories with people who matter most! Surprise them with a @technomarineph watch. They're offering a 30% discount until December 31, 2018. On top of the discount, get a premium gift from TechnoMarine by downloading the promo code [MIGUEL] from the brand’s official Facebook Page: TechnoMarinePH.https://www.facebook.com/TechnoMarinePH/


Unos pa’ la sed!


No kira kira needed ✨✨ HotMiamiStyles.com 🔎: 4119


Who get it ? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 @1taykeith


Beard things. 🚀


Puppy twerk 😂

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