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by @courtneypeppernell

just in case you missed it yesterday,
I am so excited to officially announce the Pillow Thoughts APP! Available now across all Android & iOS devices and worldwide :) you can get Pillow Thoughts poems directly to your device, so have fun and as always thank you so much for all your constant support.
Special thanks to David and Emily for your work on developing this, it was so much fun seeing it all come together.
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by @writings_by_barbara

Real talk - the digital age does not make it easier to disentangle from our own ego, but we must remember, the world is vast and we are insignificant in comparison to the size of the universe. What is significant is that we are a social tribe entangled with other human beings. We influence and change other people on a daily basis, and this is how we leave our mark. Take a step back and think about your actions and who they really benefit. Are you making the world even colder than it already is? Or are you a light that helps make it better? It starts small, my friends. It starts with being a good person, a good friend, a good parent, a hand that feeds the hungry, a mouth that smiles to another. Ethics to the other should always be a main priority and harnessing a good heart and a selfless character is one way of getting there. The world would be so much better if we didn’t only give in to our own ego. This is exactly why the Buddhist thought is one of my biggest inspirations with the notion of “being selfless” that it teaches.


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by @sunflowerpoetryblog

never the case🌻
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by @mwolfpoetry

- “Midnight-touched.” 🌙✨
Only after editing the picture did I realize how similar it is to @f.e.marie ‘s theme 😅 but if you’re looking for a beautiful feed and wonderful words, she’s your girl 💕
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Montevideo, Uruguay

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by @the_meraki_space

Hard to choose.


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by @justhowliwrites

positive-mind-growth is important //Li

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by @earthfairyjessi

go on, girl, and run from the white walls shrinking around you. run from the wolves tearing at the back of your hair, that howling in the night that keeps you up with your heart racing. turn those heartbeats into footsteps and trails crossed and overlooks where you can see the whole sublime world laid out before you. walls and wolves won’t cage you in. your song is the changing of the leaves, your magic the rain. you’re a forest woman, now, the wilderness your love and your art.


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by @quixotic.querencia

Logolepsy: An obsession with words.

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