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This palette never ends and in the middle is the star of the show ⠀



Convidamos youtubers para lerem relatos reais de ataques homofóbicos e questionamos: a discriminação contra pessoas LGBT+ deve ser crime no Brasil?

Nessa quarta-feira (20/02) o STF vai decidir isso. Se você concorda com a criminalização da homofobia e transfobia, clique nesse link e assine a petição pra pressionar o Supremo.

#ÉCRIMESIM #CriminalizaSTF


Remembering a legend today. 🖤✨ @sarashakeel


Lil man is on it!! #Music is truly timeless… It connects all of us in so many different ways. #TeamDL #thriller #MJ #MichaelJackson #Repost @shannonsharpe84 with @make_repost
Little man getting his MJ on.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Got em!! 😂💥 #WSHH (via @x_ariel.v)


No voy a poner un titulo tonto para salvar la flipada😌🤯😂


I see you 😁⭐️ #dazhowstardo


سوي منشن
#ړۄړﯛ @_._es
الحساب برعاية دكتورة رشا البهاش ↙↙↙


One of America's harshest isolation units was exposed by a desperate, handwritten account from the inside. The filing eventually forced the Georgia prison to open up its solitary unit to outsiders. A social psychologist was shocked at what he saw: metal cells without openings, including one smeared with blood; mentally ill prisoners screaming in anguish; and a crudely drawn sign that said, “HELP.” Read more at the link in our bio.
📷 Craig Haney


When you ship your friend with someone 😩😍 @imalexstokes @brentrivera @mylifeaseva TAG THAT FRIEND 😂


Juan Guaidó, presidente encargado de Venezuela, envió un esperanzador mensaje a los venezolanos en el marco de la cercanía del ingreso de la ayuda humanitaria al país.
El jefe de Estado interino expresó que la libertad de la nación está cerca de ser alcanzada y que ello será producto del “sacrificio” de muchos ciudadanos, como es el caso de los presos políticos, los caídos y de otros mucho a los que consideró “héroes”.
“¡Hemos asumido el compromiso de lograr un cambio en Venezuela! La libertad que estamos cerca de alcanzar será un reconocimiento al sacrificio de muchos”, expresó Guaidó, este 18 de febrero, vía Twitter.
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This is a quick demo that I filmed while shooting for ESPN Latin America in Buenos Aires. Remember #yoga is a practice that takes years of study. If you want to start, just get on your mat and keep practicing. You don’t need to be strong or flexible already to start. In fact the less natural you are at the practice the more you will have to learn. I was not naturally good at any of the poses—I’ve just been practicing for 20 years. Believe in yourself and never give up. Start yoga with me online at www.omstars.com 🙏

#argentina #yoga #handstand #yogi #buenosaires


can’t go wrong with either of these must-haves, but which do you prefer? leave a 🌸 for left, and a 🌿 for right in the comments below! #psgirls


Инстраграм удалил мой пост. Что происходит??? Мерзость. Хочу, чтобы Вы знали эти стихи! Чтобы их слышали! Я буду говорить словами поэтов! Никто не запретит! «Не довели тебя до стойла
И не заткнули сеном рот»! Будут удалять - буду выкладывать снова и снова! Меня не согнуть! Подавитесь! А МОИ люди будут всегда рядом! Ведь правда?
Достойно, главное, достойно
Достойно, главное, достойно
Любые встретить времена,
Когда эпоха то застойна,
То взбаламучена до дна.
Достойно, главное, достойно.
Чтоб раздаватели щедрот
Не довели тебя до стойла
И не заткнули сеном рот.
Страх перед временем – паденье,
На трусость душу не потрать,
Но приготовь себя к потере
Всего, что страшно потерять.
И если всё переломалось,
Как невозможно предрешить,
Скажи себе такую малость:
«И это надо пережить...».
1976 г #ЕвгенийЕвтушенко #полинамаксимова #чтобыпомнили #удалилипостпропоэзию #всёравновыставлюещёраз


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Do you agree? 🙌🏻👏🏻


Preach Shonda 👏👏


Top 5️⃣ Players in the NFL right now according to @bigplayfootball...what does your list look like?


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Ima put cocaine in yo ass



Yes or No? Dress @noranaviano_sposa


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RIP Mr. Lagerfeld. Truly one of the greatest of all time, a real genius and visionary. Mr. Lagerfeld represented to me a certain kind of artist of a certain stature of a bygone era that doesn't exist anymore but lived on through him. Times are changing and certainly Mr. Lagerfeld changed with them but with a reverence for the past which seemed to permeate his very being. It always seemed effortless. ...


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