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by @hayleywitte

This is my ... we’re crazy and workout after the babe goes to bed instead of going to sleep, face.
Thankful he’s my ride or die ✌🏼.
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by @bec23

Second date in four days! And we’re seeing our favorite band. Weirdos 2.0. #marriedlife #firstaidkit #datenight #happywife #goodlife

Moody Theater

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by @marriage.zone.play

We asked some of the #MarriageZone actors what their favorite lines were...

What are you gonna do, beat yourself up?
🤣😬🙄😆😔☺️🤯🤥🤨@brownpapertickets LINK IN BIO: use discount code DISCOUNT for half price tickets!

Friday 8pm, Saturday 8pm, Sunday 3pm

Santa Monica Playhouse

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by @heartandhustle_fitness

8 week program complete ✅
My fitness journey is so much more than how fit I can be or the number on the scale or how many inches I lose. What matters most to me is how I feel on the inside: Strong. Confident. Beautiful.
After I have filled up my cup with my devotional and gratitude journal, I press play on my workout. For me it’s about mental clarity, focus for the day, and getting those endorphins going. I can confidently say that my 30 minute workouts impact my day in the most positive way and it’s worth getting up 1 hour early every single day.
We’re all in different places and that’s the beauty of health + Fitness. Our goals are all different, but we can all relate and help each other reach our goals. Some people want to lose weight, some need alone time, others are looking for strength and confidence..or even a mix of everything.
Wherever you are in your journey, know this: You. Are. Worth it. Take time for yourself. You absolutely deserve it.
MONDAY [September 24] I am kicking off my virtual health + fitness accountability group, I would love nothing more than to meet you where you’re at in your journey, link arms, and do this thing together
SURPRISE! I have a second group enrolling soon too! [October 1] I will be kicking off my Liift 4 group when it releases to the general public!
To snag your spot in either group, click the link in my bio and fill out the [september Bootcamp form]
Questions? Want more info? Let’s chat!

Rochester Hills, Michigan

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by @giftcare.nz

Yes!! We are all important, all valuable, all loveable. Tag in the one you love and let them know you are proud to be with them 😍 #frankocean

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by @allikerrfitness

Hanging at the Pink with a dead battery 😬⁣

Luckily I have my Knight and Shining Armour to rescue me 💗⁣


The Pink Physique

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by @jodieg24

Excited to go back this weekend and reminisce with this guy 💏😘 #marriedlife #avalon #bestfriends

ICONA Avalon

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by @beau_tith

We’ve been officially married for a full year. Amazing how time has fly but I wouldn’t change any minute of it. Here’s to another year and for many more to come @e_l_conquer #marriedlife #anniversary #wife #wifey #relationships #couple #powercouple #sickandinhealth #oneyear #oneyearanniversary

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by @fitmommylife3

My number 1 since day 1. Next month we will be celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary 💕. #highschoolsweethearts #marriedlife #marriage #blessedbygod #bestfriend #19yearsstrong #truelove #soulmate #hubbynwifey #gymdate

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by @gudino_

Happy three year anniversary @miri_foo💕💕 you’re the greatest thing to ever happen to me. Can’t wait to spend forever with you💕 #isthisreallife #marriedlife #bestfriend

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by @lizzi.j.l

Our first Wedding Anniversary was super special in so many ways!

We got such an amazing gift from my in-laws wishing us a happy anniversary!! An Edible Arrangement!!! (which I’ve always wanted since the company started 😂) #fruit #ediblearrangements #edibles #anniversary #1year #marriage #marriedlife #husbandandwife #freshfruit #arrangements #pineapple #strawberries #grapes #gift #gifting #delivery #inlaws #gifts

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by @manda.hanson

Beer. Meals. Snacks.
Grabbing the cookie because it is making my mouth water.
The flexibility, is good for me.
Not comparing, is good for me.

Shopping for sizes
Living in the moment
Saying yes
Talking too much
Singing too loud
.... all good for me.

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by @sydneyjacob.fit

All that you are is all that I’ll ever need.

- 276 Days❤️

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by @amazonprimevideo

Love means never having to explain to your partner why you've set the living room furniture on fire. #OscarAndJuneForever

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by @kimberly.s.parham

✨ Stop talking yourself out of opportunities because you don’t feel “ready,” yet.
✨ It’s time to jump.
✨ You’re ready, NOW.

Leesburg, Virginia

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