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by @kathrinmohebbi

Every journey is like an obstacle course. The difference between you and another is mentality. Do you see the finish line or only the big wall? Even if you don’t see the finish line in the end of the obstacle course, the awareness of it creates power to do whatever it takes to climb over those walls👊🏽💥 Mentality is everything🖤
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Fårö, Gotlands Län, Sweden

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by @elisabethlorn

When graffiti leaves you hanging and you're left to fill in the blanks .... How would you finish this writing on the wall wisdom?

Sydney, Australia

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by @kinogt

This is the sign you were looking for. Life and all the people around you will try to make you feel like what you're doing is not the right way to do it because they're lead by society on default things that won't make other thing than living as a default or an average person. Do things that others won't do, go for the goals that seem to be impossible and have faith in yourself because no matter what other people think about that, they're not going to be the ones succeeding, YOU ARE! Start believing in yourself and things will come to you. Attract positive and you will get positive!

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by @maciej.sxa

Kolejne #deadlifts
Słaby jestem ale powtarzam - żaden ze mnie trojboista 🤗. Poza ostrymi treningami lubię jednak pobawić się ciężarem, ot tak dla odskoczni :) tu przykład (moim zdaniem) dobrze technicznie zrobionego ciągu i fatalnie technicznie zrobionego ciągu (drugi filmik). O ile 180kg poszło na 3 repy zaskakująco lekko (miało być na raz🙈), to przy 210kg na raz puściły łopatki i nie jestem z niego zadowolony 😢. A Ty jak podchodzisz do ciężaru? Byle podnieść i byle więcej czy ważna jest technika i zdrowie?
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Dynamic Fitness

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by @acubecoach

You can’t pour from an empty cup, take care of YOU First. #balance As we work our jobs, homes family and careers we can easily get off Balance. And with out Balance something is getting neglected. As Women it’s usually ourselves. •💖• Self Love = Self Confidence ..
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by @thepreciousoha

Will you make the love commitment today? At a tender age my father will look at I and my siblings and say to us "When things go wrong, don't you ever go with them". In other words, he means, always stay stoic. Don't let your external environment or circumstance influence or control YOU or determine your internal state or happiness. I don't really know how you think, I mean your mental processes but I am certain that if you walk in love you will always win. Now let me humbly tell you this, I don't know how to put this but I believe I have so much peace & fulfillment every single day because I made up my mind to walk in love. It's a commitment and it's intentional.

Even if your business deal fails or you organize an event and no one showed up or you lost something special to you or maybe you had a nervous breakdown or heartbreak or maybe you are broke and in debt. Always remember this, love comes with a come-back power! You will bounce back as long as you don't react in alignment to the wrong stuff. It's not going to be easy, it's hard, but if don't quit you will win. No matter what happens, walk in love.
I believe in you! You matter!
Have a super day. •


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by @gabspicano_fit

i know what you’re thinking. Another fitspo page. I’m not here to be sponsored by Fit Tea or be a bikini ambassador and post pictures of my ass. Being an athlete all through my life was my way of staying healthy and in shape. Living with my parents who are both body builders they made sure to feed me healthy well rounded whole meals. Now not being an athlete and moved out on my own my body has changed drastically. I have so many resources to succeed and gain back the confidence i had and reach the potential i know i can. I’ve never put myself in the position to see what my body would look like at its best and i’m now ready more than ever. If you’re looking to tag along on this new venture then i’d be more than happy to be your guide!

San Diego, California

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by @justahumanafterall

You Can Totally Do This 💕
Maybe its just getting out of bed, 
An Interview tomorrow you are nervous about,
A hard conversation you need to have 👌🏼 You can do it... I believe in you.

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by @justahumanafterall

Me and my belly rolls chillin in harmony! 👌🏼
Me and my belly rolls are now pals! We never use to be .. my stomach has always been my biggest insecurity. However, I am learning to love my body exactly as it is right now. I always tell myself there is more to life then having a perfect body. My mental health is more of a priority for me right now and I’m happy with the skin I am in today and that’s all that matters! 🙌🏿
My roommate, friends, family and coworkers always tell me I need to try this new diet, I’ve put on weight and try this new supplement and this fitness routine. I smile and nod but inside I’m saying “it’s none of your damn business, let me be” ✌️ ——- #selflove #mentalhealth #bodypositive #bodypositivity #love #bellylove #mental
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Sydney, Australia

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by @j.cqui

5: After a tough-ass, push myself to the limit workout, these mcchicken legs bout to break 🐔 This week's about stress relievers, and what I do to release a load off my chest 😤
LIFE be BUSY, fast-track & ain't no one got time to wait anymore in this day and age. It's a do now, get now lifestyle we've evolved into. This makes for exposure to a multitude of stressors that can easily, without the proper outlets of relief, lead to high level anxiety and prolonged chronic stress (= Bad AF). So why do many of us choose to COPE under these unhealthy lifestyles? I've had friends going multiple nights without sleep to finish assignments, family who forget to feed their pets in the face of huge workloads. It's shit, and You Can Do Better 👏
Why merely SURVIVE when we can THRIVE? In my experience, people who neglect exercise are moodier and not as optimistic about overcoming problems that pop up in their day. For a more functional, happier you, consider INVESTING in a physical regime that acts as your OUTLET. If you're starting out, exercise should be introduced in small steps as you're body has to adjust. I'd suggest EDUCATING yourself on basics first then getting out there, so you'll understand what you're doing and thus feel less self conscious (useful sources at the end of this). Key teaching this week is to approach the stressors in your life head-on by integrating stress-relievers. Yall need to remember, your stress makes your friends stressed too because humans be in nature, emotionally contagious. Stay stress-free live love #wednesdaywellness ~
Useful sources: Bodybuilding.com sources a variety of gym routines, adapted to different goals (weight loss, muscle gain). I used them to structure gym routines and found them super knowledgable. Next Customise a basic routine in the app Fitness and Bodybuilding (VGFIT LLC), which has basic scheduling functions. Also don't underestimate Youtube for education FTW.

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by @proudly_masculine

Attention means mastery over our thoughts or the ability to fasten our mind on one definite thing at a time thus preventing the dissipation of nervous energy by scattering it uselessly in many  directions. We do this quite unconsciously, when we become deeply interested in anything; e.g. when we are quite absorbed in a fascinating story, any noise or movement around us may pass unnoticed. At such a time we do not pay heed to the stimulations of other senses. Such a state, when the entire mind is directed to one point or one thing is also called " Concentration".
Attention is also defined as a temporary heating up of special areas of mental activity. Attention is the mother and necessity the grandmother of invention, because necessity causes attention.
- Rev. Bernard Huss

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by @justahumanafterall

Baby Girl, You Don't Need Bigger Boobs, 
You Need To Read Better Books 📚

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