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by @alistair_marshall

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by @jun_thedrinkofthegods

The beginning of the journey. Finding the self. Becoming aware of all that we are. Accepting this as a lifetime journey as we change and grow and become. Knowing our truth so that we can be brave with our life and bold with our becoming. Jun begins here with you. #loveday #withlove #ofthegods

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by @thejoyofreagan

Be you in whatever you do.

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by @0rugacare

Que el cielo este en tu corazón
La luz de las estrellas en tu alma
Y los milagros en tu vida... Dulces sueños!
Nos vemos mañana!.
1,2,3 Zzzzz

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by @created_by_amie

Sometimes sitting in the sunshine ☀️ watching your kids play in the shade of the London Plane trees needs to be moved up the priority list. 🌳
#springdays #mybarossagarden #kidlife #sunshine #sand #shade #runwildmychild #mindfulness #bepresent

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by @plantedaroundlove

✨Why fuel something we can put out instead? The energy we give off into the world is our karma 🌎 just like a positive attitude can be brought down by a negative one, a positive attitude can influence negative ones as well 🙌🏻 consistency is key ✨ the only outcome that negativity has is a damaging one, so let’s start manifesting some positive energy to help counteract unfavourable energy! Keep growing 🌎❤️🌿✨

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by @victorianhan

Hoi An oi, I love soaking up the sun’s rays, the salty smell of the sea and being able to live and create what makes me my heart full and happy. The practice - yoga, meditation, Qi Gong, Reiki - nourish me deeply.

Nourish your own energy and seeds of joy with a practice at @nomadyogahoian this week. Join me:

6pm Qi Gong & Moving Meditation

7am Easy Flow
8:45am Vinyasa
6pm Yoga at @hoianmuaythai

8:45am Yin

7am Easy Flow
8:45am Vinyasa
6pm Qi Gong & Moving Meditation

7am Qi Gong & Moving Meditation
4pm Yin

#yogainvietnam #hoian

Hội An

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by @courto0

I can’t settle for just anything, my daughter is watching me 👀🤣

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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by @backwoodshoneysongs

There are cruel, callous, unfeeling people in this world that will say and do cruel and callous things to you. They will use you as their mirror, judge you harshly based on misinformation, and look at you through self imposed filters. Love them anyway. Without them, recognizing and honoring the pure and good and true energies that stick by you would be a lot harder. Remember that no-one can define your truth and self worth but you. Look in and see your power, or look outward and see the best parts of yourself reflected in the souls that stick by your side. The balance must exist and the pendulum is always swinging. I'm grateful for it. #mindfulness #love #highroad #lifeisaboob

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by @laniwoo

Message... #Repost @peacefulmindpeacefullife
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#saturdaymorning 💫
You will eliminate so much of your suffering if you stop taking things personally, be with what is, then decide based on your inner guidance, what actions you wish to take for your life beautiful ones. ✔️
#trusttheprocess #trustyourself #betheboss #wecandohardthings #lovewarrior #bebrave #befree #beyourself #meditation #mindfulness #selfcare #selflove #peacefulmindpeacefullife #outerpeacethroughinnerpeace #truthbomb #spiritjunkie #inspirationoftheday #wordsofwisdom #michellemaros #breathe

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by @jun_thedrinkofthegods

The journey that is life is about our worth. How worthy we see our own self. If we find the space of worth we value our journey our steps our connections our heart and our soul. We honour our time and space. We respect who we are and all that we offer. Jun is powerful in her with and this is part of her journey with you #loveday #withlove #ofthegods

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by @0rugacare

No juzgues a un libro, por su portada. ¿Ustedes es de los que lee los libros por su portada? o es más del tipo "mejor me guio por la sinopsis"
obviamente, la primera impresión de una portada o una persona es importante porque es lo primero que ves.

Pero recuerda que las cosas valiosas, que realmente merecen conocer; sólo con el corazón se puede ver bien; lo esencial es invisible para los ojos.
OrugaCare un lugar creado especialmente para ti.

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by @agomezfitt

California Dreaming... #Transformation #Model #DoMore

Eastlake, California

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by @elithb

Cuando estés arriba disfruta y no olvides de ayudar a los de abajo.
#lifeisgood #humility #mindfulness #lifeisgood #lovemylife #fiestasdeoctubre
#Guadalajara #Zapopan #Mexico #fair

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by @sativasensimilla

In the society today, we are being pushed to do more, be more. The next step being more important than the one we are taking right now. Young females are being led to think that they have to become more of their masculine and hide the feminine in order to succeed. We are led to believe that we are sick when we are on our periods and that we are unstable when we express emotion. We are being suppressed by the pill to become more male-like in our physical body. This causes a huge wound in the Divine Feminine, which has already been suppressed for so many centuries. The once honored and praised blood of the wound, the source of all life, the portal between the manifested and unmanifested, have become an object of disgust and guilt. Midwives where once burned because of their power to deliver and now we have created a society that does not enable men nor women to embrace the feminine. The Yin energy is cool, flowing, correlates with the Moon. The ones who are truly emerged in their Divine Feminine does not need to fight, nor misuse her Divine Masculine. She carries her Feminine with pride and does not let Ego drive her. Take the steps necessary to embody the Feminine. Be nurturing toward yourself and others, forgive and spread more love🌸 #shakti #goddess #divinefeminine #womb #goddessrising #yinyoga #lawofpositivism #meditation #dailyaffirmations #astrology #numerology #111 #1111 #444 #222 #mindful #mindfulness #positiveenergy #lawofattraction #positiveaffirmations #yoga #meditation #buddha #buddhism #healingenergy #reiki #kundalini #sohum #moonchild #hippiespirits
Repost @law_of_positivism 😍

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by @jun_thedrinkofthegods

End game. Self love. Loving who we are. For truly knowing this we love all that is. Period. For we are all things all moments all connections all beings the entire universe within. How Jun loves this space. How Jun is ready to be in this space with you. #loveday #withlove #ofthegods

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by @castigliana

There are 3 stages in spiritual practice

The third level, Shambava Upaya is just recognition, just awareness. You are walking, watching a sun set, suddenly, something happens, something opens up. You meet someone; suddenly, you feel some sense of elevation, joy.
Whether you are meditating, sleeping, or doing any work, suddenly an awareness, a wakefulness dawns in you. That happens with grace, blessings or love or something.
#srisri #artofliving

#meditation #consciousness #peace #mindfulness

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by @stacey.mi

There may be palm trees instead of autumn leaves, but it’s still feeling a bit like fall🐻
#cozynights #mindfulness #staycation

Costa Mesa, California

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by @0rugacare

Cuando pregunten el nombre de tu primer amor, espero menciones tu nombre.
Compromiso no es solo una palabra. ~ AMATE lo suficientemente para que no te queden dudas, de que mereces lo mejor ~ ❤❤ ”
En OrugaCare buscamos ser un lugar donde consentirte y en brindar nuestra mejor calidad y atención, como tu te mereces.

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by @wholelovewithbecca

Surrender the mind. Surrender the heart. Surrender the body. Surrender to yourself. Surrender yourself.
#surrender #yogi #childspose #balasana #yoga #meditation #mindfulness #breathe

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by @monkville

Love is Knowing when to ask for Help 😳
Love is Being of Service 😑🙏❤️
Love is Finding your Smile 😊
even when you’re Sad or Nervous 🙏❤️

Planet Earth.Space

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