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by @mangasweatshop

Pressure 💎 [📸 @gregnoire]

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by @speccfx4750

"Felt alive among walking cadavers, hip-hop was all that would matter
Life was a bitch, but Nas was dropping Illmatic
Kris Kross fan, backwards pants, tough on the bladder
And 90's beats were harder than Bob Dole poppin Viagra
Shit would erupt, daily 12 inches were copped
Rappers in the 90's left it to Lewinsky to suck
Real hip-hop will glow forever, pray that I will flow forever
My religion is rap, thank God for the golden era" - Sicknature
#NoMatterGoonBapForever #MyReligionIsRap #Snowgoons #90sShit #KeepinHipHopAlive

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by @mangasweatshop

Entertain [📸 @gregnoire]

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by @mangasweatshop

Work [📸: @gregnoire]

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by @stasiclotofficiel

Vuoi avere la meglio sul mondo ? Sii folle !!
La follia non ha limiti !
La follia da stimoli ! #myreligionisrap

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