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by @geun__1

There were other people staring at me in this picture.🤭🤭 Of course I cut them off.😝✂️✂️
일찍 퇴근한 뒤 운동은 꿀잼👏👏

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by @ersinpark

Güzel annem 😇 #ekingizemwedding

Mia Country Balçova

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by @krismariewood

Yes. Another workout video!
Gonna be honest, the last 24 hours have been kind of tough emotionally.
I got to celebrate my best friends birthday with her which was amazing!
But at the same time, my mom was having surgery and I couldn’t be there. The surgery went well, but recovery is a little tougher than we anticipated.
Then I had some family drama and all of it has my mind going a million miles a minute. It’s hard not to think about the drama and get anything else done.
This workout was one thing I knew I HAD to do. I knew that taking this 30 minutes for me would clear my mind, make me feel better, give me energy and relieve some stress. .
I don’t just workout to look better. I do it to FEEL better.

Sparks, Nevada

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by @olafmorales86

Saturdays are the perfect time to work on your weaknesses. Today I practiced my clean and jerk technique with 115 lbs, 135 lbs, 145 lbs & 155 lbs. I still have to correct my short-stepping when lifting heavy weights.
After some drills I did the Wod which by the way you should try.
1. Run 1.5 miles
2. 50 Clean and Jerks (75 lbs/ 55 lbs)
3. 200 kb swing
4. 100 Double unders
5. 50 Tire Jump
6. 25 Clean and Jerk
7. 100 kb swing
Time Cap: 25 min .

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Todos Santos, Baja California Sur

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