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Fantasy and technology beget worlds and connections. @artofwendyxu reminds us of the friendships and love we develop online, of the highs and lows they bring. In a comic for Catapult, she writes, “How do you mourn someone who is still alive, who might as well be a stranger now, so different from the person you were close to? How do you reconcile the fact that sometimes things just end, without much fanfare?” Read her short, bittersweet comic through the link in bio.

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I DROVE A REAL LIFE CAR TODAY OMG !! i’ve never been more excited and in love with something !! seriously driving today was amazing i enjoyed being behind the wheel and everything i learnt so much, my instructor was hilarious, he made you feel more comfortable even tho i one stage he made me like nervous to drive but afterward i was so happy to be behind the wheel i didn’t want to leave. i’m so sad i have to wait 156 days until i can legally practice to drive ( IT WAS FOR SCHOOL CIRRICULUM THATS WHY I DROVE ) plus i was 1km from erin and we couldn’t meet even tho it was probably possible but that’s okay because i’ll see her in 9 days hopefully. but i’m so excited to drive i tried booking my drivers test for my birthday which is next year but its to early. but i’m so thankful for my driver seriously he made me really really really excited to drive even though it was my FIRST EVER time in the drivers seat of a REAL life CAR !! thank you john 💕💕 ( lmao that’s his name 😂 and that’s all i know besides the fact is an awesome instructor ) - S
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