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by @polly_jukes

Challenge Wednesday ✨ Today is a brand new day, new opportunities, embrace them, be open, you are the only one responsible for your thoughts, emotions, actions and your behaviours. ✨#ruralconnectionsmindandbodycoach #changeyourperception #onelife #yougetoutwhatyouputin #mindgym #nlppractitioner

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by @mandee_anderson

Now that summer is over....
Let’s get down to business! 🤣🤣 there is never not an awkward time to post before and after pictures ..... so 🤷🏻‍♀️. No time like the present right?! 🤣😬
....I was anxious to take these because I thought for SURE...the afters would be worse! 😬😜
I never missed one workout during the 8 week program .... but boy did I enjoy summer. 🍺🍦🍿🍾🍩🍔🌭🍕🙈 .
Surprisingly...... I stayed in maintenance mode. And my stomach toned a bit.
But what I do know FOR SURE! I got SO MUCH stronger. .
4 days a week.
30-40 minutes a day.
Clean eating Meal plan .... I’ll follow that for real now...not just half way. 🤣
Round 2 starts soon. You in??????? 🔥

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by @liketotallymoody

Starting to get some definition in my leg muscles! 🚴🏼‍♀️ Thinking about starting a new home workout series to add some variety along with my spin classes. There’s a MMA-inspired series I’m looking at, or maybe a dance-inspired series. Either way, it’ll be fun to mix up some different workouts during the week. 🥊💃🏻🤗

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by @gohealthyourselfpodcast

Episode 12 - The Social Disconnection

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by @gohealthyourselfpodcast

Go Health Yourself!
Check us out!

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by @healthier_being

Go Health Yourself!
Check us out!

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by @healthier_being

Episode 12 - The Social Disconnection
Where do we stand with rapidly advancing technology, monitoring your thoughts carefully, and symbiotic relationships with animals. Check us out on iTunes, SoundCloud, and GOHEALTHYOURSELFPODCAST.COM

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by @inspire_mention

Don't cling into a new relationship or friendship with the sole aim of getting over depression why? Because immediately you're hurt by someone or depressed the aura within your space are affected negatively, instant adjustment to these negative energies becomes quite difficult ! So the best way is to overcome this disorder is firstly; find love within yourself, practice gratitude, think last time you made someone happy, think last time someone said because of you I achieved this, think last time someone called you on phone and said I wish you were here ! with these positive affirmations then total self healing and recovery will take place #wisewords #wiseguides #selfhealing #selfrecovery #relationshipfacts #overcomingdepression

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by @jkmorphew

I’m looking for 20 ladies who want to lose 10-40 pounds in the next 90 days *without exercise*. -
Sometimes exercise isn't possible for various reasons in our lives but we still want to be at a healthy weight. So we start by tackling the nutrition component first and then bring in exercise when it’s time! We all start somewhere! Who’s ready?👇

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by @mandee_anderson

It’s all about perspective. Positivity goes a long way💖

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by @km.tell.your.friends

She is teething. I am overtired... the other one is finally napping. I should be making dinner. Leftovers it is... She is gorgeous and such a joy, even now. Brightening my day even when all I want to do is nap in the sun right now. September-summer day here 😍 ^Just trying to get by and get inspired by inspiring.^ #graceforself #lovethyself #forgiveyourself #messymommy #tyf #tellyourfriends #depressionawareness
#ppdawareness #ptsdawareness
#sleepdeprived #momislosingit
#stoptheinnerbully #antibullying
#innerpeace #truth #saved #healingthroughexpression

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by @saltandlightblog_

We all face grief at some point in our lives. The question is, how do we find joy and hope in Jesus when darkness comes in and seems to steal our joy?

It can be so easy to wallow in our grief and hopelessness. It can even seem like the “right” thing to do. However, God does not want His children to live in sadness. Grieving for a little while is okay, but living in it is entirely different. •
Today on the blog I shared 3 things to remember when you're grieving. If you're currently going through a tough and sad time, or know someone who is, I encourage you to check out this post. 💕Link in bio!

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by @valeriewaidmann

You got this, mama. You’re exactly where you need to be. ❤️

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by @caitd_fit

Living our best life one Minnie Mouse at a time❤️⚫️
Today was a free day, so we spent it shopping at Target (duh) and hanging pool side✌🏻
Tomorrow it’s Hollywood Studios + Magic Kingdom and then Thursday we finish with Epcot!
What are some of your favorite things to do at those #disneyparks??
We’re newbies so fill us in!
#characterbreakfast #iwasjustasexcited #jcrtakesdisney2018

Wilderness Lodge Resort Club Level Concierge

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by @healthier_being

My favorite food on earth. Watermelons date back to more than 5000 years ago. The Egyptians mentioned them in their hieroglyphics... Imagine looking up at the pyramids enjoying this fruit! @healthier_being

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by @eliyahtantraschool

The older you get, the quieter you become. Life humbles you as you age. You begin to realise how much time you wasted defending your point of view, and how little you actually know. - Source unknown

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by @gadtogadding

People close to me have recently expressed their surprise at some of the traumas I shared in my first blog post. Truthfully, I never wanted to share those stories because I didn’t want to be viewed any differently. I also didn’t want people to minimize my traumas or feel their traumas were minimized in comparison because I don’t feel any degree of trauma makes you or I any more or less deserving of happiness. I believe I deserve happiness because I do, just like anyone else does. I refuse to allow the things that have happened to me dictate who I am or what type of life I should or shouldn’t have. I may have been victimized, but I don’t remain a victim. That was my past, and this is my now. Those circumstances, no matter how painful, served as stepping stones for my growth, but they will never determine who I choose to become. #overcomingdepression #overcominganxiety #dontbeavictim #beasurvivor #youdeservehappiness #youareworthit #traumarecovery #strongerthanthestruggle #liveinthenow #bepresent #thepastdoesntdefineyou #mentalillnessrecovery #strongertogether #keepgrowing #bebrave #shareyourstory #beyourownperson #youdecidewhoyouare

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by @ashtonkayyy

Truth is, I apologize for way more than I should, I sleep alot, my clothes are not always neat and organized, I'm have huge social anxiety and I'm not the same person I was a year ago. BUT I can love way more and harder than anyone else, my heart is always open, and I will always try to do my best at everything I do. That's just who I am and who I will always be. 🖤🖤

Lynchburg, Virginia

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