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Instagram photos and videos

Seeking blessings for this adventure @starstruckbysl is about to take. #doingitmyway



Cik Yam tengok Cik Yam at @meletop .
Jom undi Cik Yam utk #AME anugerah meletop era dlm kategory si cilik meletop.


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الحساب المؤثر الاول في عالم الانستقرام 💯👌🏻
يصلكم جديدنا كل يوم:مقاطع مؤثره ،منوعات، فيديوهات قد تصدمك!! انصحكم بمتابعة حساب دكتور مفهي :

تابعوه واستمتعوا


Café con un sobre de azúcar . La cuenta y el arco iris. Me voy. Buenas tardes!


☆Artist @thehayleycakes
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It’s all shits and giggles until you realize this lady and Uncle Luke the same age and if you already in your 40’s this how all of us going to look in 10 years dancing to all the shit we grew up on......


Not only did Instagram censor my account yesterday for no good reason, but I get messages like the below all the time from my followers...it’s no secret big tech hates conservatives but this is getting ridiculous. It’s not just conservative accounts either. One of my closest friends from high school recently told me that the only way she sees my posts lately was to search my profile and in searching my name I wasn’t even a top account. Just want everyone to be aware this isn’t a level playing field. To accomplish the same thing and gain the same reach on social platforms conservatives have to work much much harder. It’s like playing pool with a rope. #bias


You don’t wanna miss this one! We’re back at the #BRITs⁠ ⁠ tomorrow and you guys can tune in! If you’re in the UK watch on @itv!
International fans, we’ve got you.. you can watch on @youtube
We can’t wait for you all to see!!! 💕


Seguimos nas gravações do PODCAST do Instituto “E se fosse você?”. Rolando uma ocupação do estúdio do @ducaleindeckeroficial aqui de casa 😆


Follow my very sexy babe @dehalvesreal @dehalvesreal @dehalvesreal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Buenos días!!! ☀️ Mi marca favorita 😍Gracias por mi pijama!!!. Que tela tan deliciosa , me encanta el color 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 @percheroni_official @percheroni_official @percheroni_official ✔️✔️✔️


İnsanlar olarak yeni şeylere temkinli yaklaşıyor, bilmediğimiz şeylerden korkuyoruz. Fakat bu korkuyu bir şekilde aşan meraklı insanlar sayesinde, dünyada daha az gizem var...




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terimakasih saya ucapkan
untuk orang tua,keluarga,sahabat @realbowaddict13 dan orang yang selalu dukung saya penuh selama ini .
doa terbaik untuk kalian kembali🙏
@bradersfamily @realbowaddict13


His mine ♥️ @lijunior_ my son




¿Quién de tus best friends sufre tanto cuando se olvida en casa el cargador como por desamor? 🙄 #yderepenteaparece #salirabajarlabasuraenpijamayencontrarteaeseex #unosiempresequedasinbateríacuandolellegaelmensajemásimportantedeldía #mrwonderfulshop #felizmartes


@giorgiochiellini recibe a MARCA en Turín: "El Atlético es más italiano que español". La entrevista completa, en el link de nuestra biografía ⚽️


Vai casar na praia ou no campo? Vem ver essas lindas rasteirinhas da @santascarpa
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The new Dolce&Gabbana Devotion sunglasses collection combines finely crafted filigree details and Baroque-inspired motifs.
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What do you think about New York City banning discrimination based on hair? #GirlChatLive


Um pouco de 🌿🍃pra começar o dia. #natureza #verde #picnic #achochic


مسمن عام ومسمن وجه بالاعشاب الطبيعية والفيتامينات 🌿😍الفرق يبين أقل من عشرة أيام 😁👏يفيد البنات بالأخص 🙅‍♀🌹اذا ما تسمن ترجع فلوسج كامله لباب البيت وهذا الي يميزنا عن البقيه👍

ضيفوهم مضبوطين كلش وعدهم خدمه توصيل لجميع المحافظات


🌈😍 We're bold over by @louise.keane's rainbow cut crease, using our dream duo - Cut Crease Canvas (£6/€6.99/$9) & ‘Marvellous Mattes’ Re-Loaded Palette (£4/€4.99/$7 each)💣💥💫 #MakeupRevolution


After my first campaign you were asked on French television what you thought of me and you said you would have to meet me to truly know. I sent the interview to my French girl friend to translate and was elated you knew of my existence. Years later during fashion week in Paris you and your family walked into the restaurant my team and i were in and sat at the table next to us. All i could do was stare as this legend was sitting an arm stretch away. I got up and walked passed your table only to go to the bathroom and check my hair before strutting to your table and introducing myself. You told me you knew who i was and that the grace i walked with reminded you of a young Naomi Campbell. Wow.. those words will ring in my head forever. I’m happy i got to know what you thought of me. You’re greatly missed. Sending my love to the Lagerfeld family, you’re in my prayers 🙏🏽💔