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I'm hungry‼️Bring me food🤤🍴
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by @chloe.pomsky

No more pictures! 📸 #paparazzi #pomsky #celebritystatus #nopictures

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by @nikkithedogofficial

Do you want to be my friend? 😊

Miami, Florida

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by @pomeranian__lover

Waiting for the weekend 🐻
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by @holasoymio

Maximiliano y yo ! @holasoymio
Mi hermano dice que él es el más lindo y yo le digo que siiiiii Te amo Maxiiiiiii❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ #pomeranianlife #pomeranian #pomeraniacolombia #pomeraniacolombiano #clubpomeraniacolombia #pincherlove #pincher #pincherlovers #pincherminiatura #miodecorazon #quierosermodelomdc #mdc

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by @_princebobby

Fun in the sun ☀️

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by @ollie.the.pomie

16.10.18 // Sleepy eyes, because it’s so tiring being a pampered Pom 🐶

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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by @just_call_me_ollie

I turned 5 months old yesterday, Daddy says i’m getting so big!

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by @just_call_me_ollie

Hellooo ladies! 😘

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by @just_call_me_ollie

Mommy blanket is my favorite... thing to bite! 😂

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by @just_call_me_ollie

Giving mommy kisses with Daddy in the background 😘 ❤️

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by @just_call_me_ollie

Living the city life, hiding from paparazzi 🤫

New York, New York

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