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HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux/Exotek Racing/Yeah Racing. $280.00. HPI RS4 Sport 3 Flux with many upgrades including the following:
1. RSS3-S01OR) Aluminum Essential Conversion Kit For HPI RS4 Sport 3 Orange


Introducing the Yeah Racing Aluminum Conversion Kit For HPI's RS4 Sport 3, this kit consists everything you need to upgrade your RS4 Sport 3 to unleash its full potential as the ultimate racing car or backyard basher! On the stock HPI RS4 Sport 3 there are an extensive amount of plastic parts, which creates a lot of play in the suspension. This creates inconsistency in the suspension geometry and will make your car hard to drive, especially on bumpy surfaces where your suspension will work twice as hard when compared to on road. By upgrading your RS4 Sport 3 with this upgrade kit, it unleashes it's full potential.

Yeah Racing exquisitely used premium quality materials coupled with precise CNC cutting to manufacture all the parts in this conversion kit. The result is astonishing performance and durability upgrade due to the minimum friction and flex within the car's suspension system as a result.

Unique to this upgrade kit is an o-ring system which holds the downstop screw in place which is rarely seen available in aluminum suspension arms.

This is the ultimate upgrade kit for people who are sick of seeing original plastic parts breaking!

2. Exotek Racing Alloy Drive shaft
Extra lightweight 7075 alloy drive shaft for the HPI RS4 Sport 3. All alloy construction weighs only 12.5gr- the stock steel shaft is 35gr! Less rotating mass means longer run times, a cooler motor and faster power delivery.

Polished and anodized in factory orange.

3. Exotek Racing Carbon Fiber Shock towers front and rear.
4. Exotek alloy Hex set front and rear. 5. HPI Racing - Universal Drive Shaft Set (2pcs) Rs4 Sport 3 (opt) - 114437

6. HPI Racing - Aluminum Shock Set (4pcs) Rs4 Sport 3 (opt) - 114435. #hpiracing #exotekracing #yeahracing #porsche #porschegt3rsr #porschemotorsports

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Quick stop @pecla before lunch!!
Some great stuff as they get ready for Rennsport Reunion.
Mission E with a GT-2RS lurking behind.

Porsche Experience Center Los Angeles

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Nice office. Porsche 996/997 GT3 Cup steering wheel install on a 964 Turbo. No airbag lights and everything works as it should. #porsche #porsche964turbo #porschemotorsports #porsche911 #porscheturbo #964turbo #gt3cup #borehammotorsports

Boreham Motorsports

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"The best drivers, the new stuff, the old stuff" Mark Harston PCA Club Manager for North America, rallying the troops for Rennsport VI at Laguna Seca in Monterey. Who all is coming? ✋
September 27th -30th 🏁

Monterey, California

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by @noelbrownracing

One of the most exciting times I've spent in a racecar, is night testing with @DavidMurryTrackDays at @disupdates (Daytona). We start testing at 5pm and run until 9pm driving in diminishing light until it's pitch black. It's amazing how much your eyes will adjust. I thought I'd share my perspective of slowing from 153mph to make the bus stop (look at the map on the bottom right and the name will make sense) where I begin to catch the car ahead and then make the pass as we enter NASCAR 3 and 4 banking (last banking turn before the front straightaway). Through the banking, you experience two things. First, the g-forces in the banking feels like someone is sitting on your chest. Breathing is labored and I am forcing big breaths because the natural reaction is to breath shallowly. Secondly, note the view—because of the severe banking at Daytona as the track wraps around and away from you, it is difficult to see more that a few feet in front of the car. To tackle this, your sight line is essentially the roofline of the windshield. Very cool experience–the highlight of my season. @David.Murry, @dylanmurry and Mark, looking forward to seeing you guys!!...#davidmurrytrackdays #Porsche #PorscheMotorsports #PorscheRacing #GT4Clubsport #GT4CSMR #motorsports #racing #becauseracecar #TrophySeries #autometricsmotorsports #motorsport #DaytonaInternationalSpeedway #disupdates

Daytona International Speedway

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Miss my car that is currently a shell in restoration.. wish i hadnt touched it

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by @noelbrownracing

So I have been a little quiet since our last race at @RoadAmerica Labor Day weekend. I’ve been processing how the weekend went down. I’ve clipped the video to just show a few tenths of a second without going into detail of why I put the car on the inside of Turn 6. Both @carsalsgal and my races were blown (sorry I caught you up in all of that). There was wheel to wheel contact and it shot my front end up into the air (you will see that at one point my front end was about 3 feet off the ground while the other car was out of the frame). I was able to limp the car to the pits with a broken steering rack in order to secure some points for finishing, but the damage was such that it would have been a Herculean feat for my @autometrics team to repair it for Sprint Race #2 scheduled for later that day. While @briangracing assessed the damage to be repaired, we packed up to go back to the hotel to review data. But then, the skies unleashed a biblical downpour. Sprint #2 was cancelled for safety and rescheduled for the following day! There was a chance to get the car repaired and compete in both Sprint #2 and the Enduro!
I tried to just chill with the fam and regroup for the next day—get my head right. But then, during dinner, that fateful call came in. When I got airborne, I came down with such force that I blew through the shock tower—the car was retired for the weekend.
Time to clear the past race from my mind and get ready for @disupdates (Daytona International Speedway) in October. While I had slipped into 4th place in standing two races ago, the points gap widened significantly due to this wreck. Now, I need to refocus. Get on the sim. Be ready for Daytona!...#Porsche #PorscheMotorsports #PorscheRacing #GT4Clubsport #GT4CSMR #motorsports #racing #becauseracecar #TrophySeries #autometricsmotorsports #motorsport #RoadAmerica

Road America

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