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Il lavoro di squadra divide i compiti e moltiplica successo... noi ragazzi di oggi noi !!! @filippo_zagagnoni @gretaborelli @irisblonde80 @lezia.andrea.pace @mariagiovannamatteini @matteozucchini @manu.friso #elisabettafranchi #ef20anniversary #efmylife


Stumbled across @surgerymd, you definitely need to see his cases!!
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This is an extreme case of chronic constipation.
This patient presented to the office with a history of one bowel movement every three weeks. This is been going on for several years. He has failed conservative therapy including enemas, suppositories, and laxatives. Due to his chronic abdominal pain the patient presents to the office to discuss surgical therapy. He subsequently underwent a laparoscopic total colectomy with an ileorectal anastomosis. He did not have a colostomy. The normal colon and rectum is usually 6 feet long. His colon alone is almost 7 feet in length.
This video is of the removal of the specimen after the laparoscopic colectomy. Initially after the surgery the patient was having 3 bowel movements a day. Several weeks after his surgery he is now having one bowel movement every day. His abdominal pain has resolved. #surgeryinboots

Credit to @surgerymd


A dose of opulence for your pet - Barocco dog bed and apparel. Make sure your pet has #VeryVersaceHolidays - shop the gift selection at the link in bio.


Вчера на “Best of beauty” @glamour_russia ❤️. Было душевно. И, само собой, очень красиво 😊


OMG 😍 SO CUTE 💓 @alessiacepraga


Video by @russ_wildlife || Living the life, but the reality of cheetah cubs is life can be incredible tough, survival is not guaranteed in the african plains. Cheetah cub mortality rate can be as high as 90 percent and that’s why this mother is keeping an ever watchful eye on the horizon.

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Новый влог уже доступен по ссылке в шапке профиля👆🏽❤️ Ух!🔥


@nathalie_alh721 🔥😈


Buenos días!!.. buenos días 🙌🏻 #running


Protecting the hair is a must.... start them off early.
Mommy & Me 💕 @beforebedheadz #stockingstuffers


Girls just wanna have sun ☀️


Есть у меня кто-то, кто сам создал свое дело, без помощи других, да и еще и сталкивался с настоящими катастрофами? Увы, часто большинство может только критиковать( А вот что вы знаете о том, как делать бизнес с нуля? Например, предприниматели Анна и Роман Пудышевы из Ростовской области потеряли из-за наводнения свою первую ферму. Но когда не сдаешься и держишься вместе, все получается. Как бы банально это не звучало. Сейчас они выращивают 18 тысяч кроликов в год и планируют вдвое увеличить свои масштабы. Рассказывайте свои истории в комментариях, может быть в следующий раз я расскажу про вас.


This is crazy! 😳


Never miss a chance to make something about YOU. Ever. #SouthernBelleInsults 🔥💅🏽💋 🎼: “The Nutcracker - Trepak” -Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky


Hair by @hairbycoucheron ✂️🎨 Find your perfect blond shade before the end of year celebrations adding some shine to your blond hair! 🌟Bring this look idea to your nearest salon thanks to our salon locator on StyleMyHair App (link in bio) 📲

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Tonight I'm dressed in @biyanofficial and styled by @hellolilian at #IFFAM2018 @iffamacao


Hampiiiiir aja terjadi sesuatu yang membahayakan nyawa Viren (@karantacker) di hari spesialnya! Untung aja Virat tau~
Mimin mau kasih tau kalau #KekuatanCintaSCTV untuk sementara nggak tayang, ya~
Jangan rindu, berat! Biar mimin aja.


He’s a nurse he can take care of you @mattya07


Emang deh, kedua warna ini selalu jadi best seller di kalangan smartphone. Apapun warna pilihanmu, kamu bakal tetap jadi center of attention kok dengan Realme U1. FYI nih guys, kamu bisa dapatkan smartphone ini dengan harga pre-sale Rp2.499.000,- di Shopee.⁣

Ayo jangan sampai lewatkan pre-sale Realme U1 di momen HARBOLNAS hari ini. Soalnya akan ada bonus Realme Iconic Case dan prioritas pengiriman juga untuk kamu semua. Jangan sampai kehabisan, klik link yang ada pada bio @realmeindonesia ya. Selamat berjuang! #RealmeU1 #25MPSelfiePro #IDNTimesAd


@sofiaa.hernandez2 😈🔥


Kangana Ranaut's happy picture makes everyone happy. Do you guys agree?
#Pinkvilla #Kangana #Smile #Happy #Bollywood


@therealcharlieclips 😤😤🔥🔥💊💊 MY New @funkflex Freestyle Out Now!!! (LINK IN BIO) TAG A Rapper Than Can Scheme Like This On Beat!!! #Ncredible #funkflex #funkflexfreestyle #bars #freestyle


By @2littlegirls_hairstyles
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To my everything, my No. 1, my rock, my pumpkin @alikavoussi.. Happy Birthday‼️ No words for our journey together, and all u mean to me.. love u forever to the moon and back❤️❤️🎉🎁😘😘


BOZKIR 3. bölümüyle 13 Aralık 19:00’da sadece @blutv ‘de.. @bahadirince @yigitozsener @umitklh


Semoga kita tetap dalam penghijrahan yang istiqomah.


Мы будем очень скучать 😭....
Радует, что 🚗 заберет один из Вас...❤❤❤
Друзья, мы решили подарить свой шикарный автомобиль 🚗 одному из Вас на странице👇👇👇
🏆Розыгрыш пройдет в ТРЦ «Атакент Молл» и любой желающий может присутствовать! Мы лично будем там и всё проконтролируем!.
Чуть не забыла,💄 🎁 каждый день!
Первые бьюти-боксы подарим уже завтра в 15.00!
Не забудь отметить 3-х друзей под этим видео😉! Всем желаем удачи!!! 🚀🚀🚀


Last night I had so much fun at @theprettymess show. She killed it! I loved every minute of her performance.


Vi aspetto tra poco su Rai1 con una nuova imperdibile puntata di @vienidamerai ma continueremo a seguire anche tutti gli aggiornamenti su Antonio Megalizzi, il nostro giovane connazionale rimasto ferito nell’attentato di Strasburgo 🙏🏻❤️#caterinabalivo #caterinasecrets #vienidame


Yes or no? 😎
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