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Photo by @jaipur.wala
Photographer Shubham Jain (@jaipur.wala) snapped a photo of this group of colorful ladies keeping each other dry in Jog Falls, India. #WHPkindness

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We’re going to be in D.C. on the 23rd for #YouTubeBlack FanFest Meet & Greet 😭 We’ll be performing live and 2 CERIDERS from D.C. will get a chance to WIN tickets to come to the show and meet us at the fan fest!!! Link in bioooo 💘 WILL YOU BE WATCHING?!

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Indonesia Bertauhid [Asli] 🔵

Kenapa orang Kafir tersinggung jika disebut kafir, padahal kata itu resmi ada dalam KBBI?
Karena fitrah manusia sulit mengingkari, bahwa ingkar kepada Allah dan Rasul-Nya adalah perbuatan buruk
Danni Nursalim Harun

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I like to touch myself 😻

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Amber Rose


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Santri & Ustad Isya waktu tahlilan 7 hari #mamiAnthy 🙏

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Lin-Manuel Miranda appeared on @ColbertLateShow to chat @HamiltonWestEnd, #Ham4PR, “Gmorning, Gnight!” and so much more. Link in bio to watch the full interview!

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Shinjiro Ono

Good morning!!✨🐶⛩✨おはまる〜٩(๑❛ᴗ❛๑)۶ 根津神社にお参りしてきたよ〜

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Manny The Frenchie

A long day of playing calls for some relaxation! But #DYK that excessive lack of energy could be a sign of #dogflu?! I’m partnering with Merck Animal Health to increase awareness and prevent dog flu outbreaks through vaccination.
Learn more at dogflu.com.

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Araceli Gonzalez

Muy bien @laratoneraok @fabianmazzeiok y a todo su elenco. ❤️😍 #merddddd

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Brittanya Razavi

Just eat it ✔️ P.S about to do a New Dare 🤫

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Jessica Arevalo

They say the wall art here is amazing! I think I’d have to agree!😂👩🏻‍🎨

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Después de probarla, ¡querrás agregarle CRUTONES a todas tus SOPAS y cremas! 🍞🌽
- 1 cda de aceite de oliva
- 1 cda de mantequilla
- 3 dientes de ajo troceados
- 1/2 cebolla en trozos pequeños
- 1 1/2 tazas de elote
- 4 hojas de epazote limpio
- 3 tazas de flor de calabaza limpia
- 1 chile cuaresmeño sin semillas y troceado
- 2 tazas de caldo de pollo
- 1/2 taza de leche evaporada
- 1 pizca de sal y pimienta
- 1/2 taza de crema ácida
Para servir:
- al gusto de epazote
- al gusto de Crutones Queso y Ajo @clementejacquesmx - al gusto de elote
1. Calienta una ollita a fuego medio con el aceite de oliva y la mantequilla. Cocina el ajo con la cebolla, el elote, el epazote, la flor de calabaza y el chile cuaresmeño.
2. Rellena con el caldo de pollo y la leche evaporada. Sazona con sal y pimienta a tu gusto, y cocina 10 minutos más. Retira y enfría ligeramente.
3. Licúa la preparación anterior junto con la crema ácida hasta obtener una mezcla tersa. Regresa a cocción durante 10 minutos más y rectifica sazón.
4. Sirve la crema caliente en un plato hondo y agrega las hojas de epazote, los crutones y elote desgranado.

#kiwilimon #cremadeelote #cremadeflordecalabaza #flordecalabaza #flordecalabacin #crema #sopa #sopamexicana #crutones #recetasdecocina #recetasfaciles #recetascaseras #comidavegetariana #vegetariano #sincarne #cocinamexicana #recetasmexicanas #gastronomiamexicana #recetasrapidas #adiosfrio

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Martha Stewart

You'll want to "R.I.P." right into these decadent Nutella banana cakelets! 👻 The trick to their tombstone shape is Martha's specially designed cake pan created for @macys. ✨ Click the link in our bio to shop. 👆🏼

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There's only 1 BENZINO 💯

Man...she has no idea how bad I wish she was here now. Words cannot express how much she meant to me. She never ever turned her back on me. She never seen bad in me, she was the most beautiful, loyal and kind soul ever to walk this planet. I’m alone out here and that’s the unfortunate truth. It is what it is. Smh Mary Ann Scott I ❤️ U forever.

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White Fox

This dress 💫🙌🏽 ‘Force Of Nature’ Mini Dress // available online now + loads of other new arrivals at whitefoxboutique.com

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Photo by @williamalbertallard // Lancaster County, PA, 1964

As part of my bi-annual flash sale, I am offering this signed 6” x 9” image on a 9” x 11” paper at $100 for a three week period. Visit @williamalbertallard and click on the link in my profile to purchase a signed print.

Lancaster County, Pennsylvania 1964

The portrait of the fragile but seemingly unafraid little girl seen alongside the heads of two enormous draft horses was published in the August, 1964 issue of National Geographic in my essay on the Amish of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. The child was with her father who was working in his fields. At some point in the afternoon she was standing in the back of a farm wagon, the horses, unhitched, were about to be led to the barn and for a moment they provided the background for her profile. Her blouse appears worn, perhaps a bit dirty from childish play, and its pale blue color seems to echo the softness in the child’s light complexion and wispy, blond hair. Photographing the Amish was the beginning of my photographic depiction of several subcultures in my country and elsewhere during the 1960’s. My essays on the Amish in 1964, the Basques of France and Spain in 1968, and the Hutterites of Montana in 1969, all dealt with the lives of people living in a culture all their own.

#followme @williamalbertallard for more images of the Amish and other assignments spanning five-decades.

@natgeo #amish #horses #farm #filmphotography #leica #girl

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Artgaleri first account 🙏🗺

Which digital images r ur faves? 😍 By @mofart_photomontages 👈
Follow @artinstic for more ❤😍

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Peyton Elizabeth Lee

rainy nights & city lights💙

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Bria Myles lil L.A.

How much u think I weigh?🤣🤣 @ejking21 using my weight on his back to work out today 🤣🤣🤣 hilarious 🎶 @tyga #Dip

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Cinta Laura Kiehl

Rocking the purple lipstick on this beautiful sunny day. 💁‍♀️Currently obsessed with plum tones! That’s why I recommend the NEW Colour Crush™ lipstick from @thebodyshopindo, which now come in beautiful plum shades! Try it! 💜

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Barstool Sports

GangBangKin @hihatersshow

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Olha como a Mirela ajudou a Helen a ficar parecida com sua Enchantimal favorita, a Patter Peacock. E você? Faria um make de qual Enchantimal?
#Publipost #Enchantimals #AsAventurasDePoliana #mirela

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Barbie Pucheta #BARVELEZ


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Porsche 911 flamingo RS #porsche #pink #flamingo
By @chrislabrooy

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Kanye se paso aqui la real leche 🥛team yeezyz

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Barbara De Regil

Disfruta Los buenos momentos ✨ OJO : también aprende a disfrutar tus problemas... por que ? Xq serán tu mejor maestro 👆🏻 • recuerda que si nunca te recuperas de lo que tanto te dolió ... lastimarás a las personas equivocadas ! ♥️🙏🏻✨ así que aprende a enfocarte ✨✨✨✨✨ BAILA Y RESPIRA ✨✨✨ Les comparto estos muchos videos por una razón • En este viaje con mi mamá estuve feliz !!!! Y cuando estoy feliz me encanta bailar

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They just let me on the plane with no ID bc TSA fucks with the podcast. These shirts drop Friday who wants one???!!!❤️🏀🏀

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Victoria's Secret

Shower, meet spa! Cloud Wash, our new cleanser, instantly transforms to fluffy, light-as-air foam in your favorite scents!

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Ulta Beauty

#Repost @thatsweetpeachick
What's your favorite flavor?! Used some of my favorite products from @ultabeauty for this look.

@toofaced born this way foundation
@tartecosmetics park ave princess palette
@morphebrushes blush palette and brushes
@ardellbeauty wispies
@nyxcosmetics jumbo pencil in Milk

#icecream #wheresthecherry #sprinkles #halloweenmakeup #icecreammakeup #strawberry #halloween #conehead #pinkhairdontcare #makeupobsessed #makeup #makeupaddict #makeupbyme #somuchpink #sprinkleeyebrows #halloweenfun #cutehalloween #morphebabe #ultabeauty

Inspired by @makeupartistjenn

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