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by @jbdholmes

Instead of taking a day off, I decided to do a little acting today. It was fun, but I'm already ready to get back behind the scenes lol

Atlanta, Georgia

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by @charleyboon1

Last Workout: Capping off this character prep at the place that started it all. I feel good about the physicality that we created for this guy. It is definitely not what we bring to the stage when we compete, nor is it supposed to be. It will make more sense soon. Thanks to all those who helped, supported and encouraged me during this process. I have learned so much and gained a complete respect for those in the boxing world. It truly is an art and craft unlike any other. I'm off to teach my amazing actors in their class tonight, then it is time to fly out for some πŸŽ₯ fun of my own. More to come... P.S. Thank you to @hammerheadfitpress for allowing me to play with the cool equipment seen in this photo. I loved the multi grip action! Great product! #setlife #filmmaking #bts #onset #cinematography #setlifeshoes #actor #hollywood #production #videomaker #setlifekicks #film #filmproduction #setlifegoals #setlifenation #videoproduction #talent #setlife2013 #setlifevlog #setlifeatl #setlifeselfie #setlifela #behindthescenes #griprigs #setlifeforlife #setlifeja #gripology #setlifestyles

Gold's Gym

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by @akirenekoi

#TBT πŸ“½οΈWorking with #stuntman🎬


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by @jbdholmes

Had an amazing day on the lake today 😊 Life's so much better than I ever thought was possible 😍

Birchwood, Tennessee

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by @jbdholmes

Fitness Journey doesn't have to be an alone journey 😊 Went on a few hikes today and have a just as fun day planned tomorrow! 😁

Stone Mountain Park

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by @jbdholmes

Been working since 4pm yesterday, so here is another old photo to hold you over πŸ˜±πŸ’€

Westside Hills, Georgia

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by @jbdholmes

Had a blast spending time with two of my cousins showing them a little about how fun fitness can be 😊 Super proud of them both for all the hard work they put in!!!!

Whitfield County, Georgia

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by @jbdholmes

Get it in however it is that you have to 😊 Day 14:24

Not going to lie, I took this quickly during a short break πŸ˜‚

Dalton, Georgia

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by @_jaycealexander

Just hanging out at my neighborhood park!🚲

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by @jbdholmes

12:24 annnnd.. that's a wrap ladies a gentlemen! Was a really fun show to work on but I'm ready to get away from dirt for at least the next year πŸ˜‚


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by @nickkartes

If you know me, you know I love shoes. However there are only a few pairs I own that are capable of putting in long hard hours on set. When I first bought these @keen I knew they were gonna be good so a few days later I bought another pair and set them on a shelf in the box. About 2 years later today is the day the replacements come out. It will be a sad day when they break down... if I don’t find another pair. 😈
#setlife #setlifeshoes #BTS #shoes #keen @keen #keenshoes #freshkicks

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by @jbdholmes

Shooting in two different states on two different extremely popular shows this week 😁 I swear I love being a Camera PA!!

Chattanooga, Tennessee

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