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Black and gold details ✨ @ilyjaz wears our TALISA Bodysuit | Exclusive to @meshkiintimates at www.meshki.com.au


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😍😍😍😍😍 ~ double tap ❤❤
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This was me pre vacation thinking about being on vacation...😏💭


Musim hujan sekarang ini memang berdampak pada sepatu kamu yang makin kotor. Jika kamu bingung dan membutuhkan bantuan untuk membersihkan sepatu kotor, silahkan hubungi di @nicepear.id atau WA 085711974136


♥️Bronzed Goddess. @kimkardashian 😍 hair by @chrisappleton1 and makeup by me. #makeupbyariel #kimkardashian


Wear them, BABY. ✨
✔link: https://is.gd/lr4LIc
Shop link in bio or search: earringer181102845
#ROMWE #ROMWEfashion #earrings #accessory


Conor vs. Cowboy? 🤔 (via @espnmma)


A little cheetah moment 🐆


Luke Walton got his second technical and was ejected from the game after yelling at the officials in the third quarter.


Tolong dikontrol Mak.. 😆


This naked guinea couldn't relate to anyone until he met the love of his life 😍 (🐹: @_wheres_wallace_)


PGA Awards Tonight With @padmalakshmi Hair By @chadwoodhair Makeup By @patrickta Assisted By @livmadorma


Saturday nights be like 😂🕺🤷‍♂️ @plies @worldstar #WSHH


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📷By @richard.cristian88, @shane_crom, @rowanrow, @jossmooney


A bond that can’t be described in words 1-22-19 #OFB now it’s personal! 🖤


Progress in LA 👀 (via @stevemariucci)


Gracias santiago 💋💋


This one’s for Slick! #BoomBaby


Boneca mais linda💙💙


Sabadouuuuu ❤️ Body deuso @gd1intimates


Udah pada sarapan belom?
Credit @mrs_macarons
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Awas @laperbaper


Boa noite, galera! 😃
Parece que as passagens para a Itália estão querendo voltar! ✈️🇮🇹
Fizemos um teste aqui, agora (00:17 do dia 20/01/2019), e conseguimos chegar até o final da compra! 👀👏🏼
Atualizamos o post em nosso site com os links das passagens encontradas AGORA! .
Corram lá pra dar uma olhada, e contem aqui pra gente se estão conseguindo! .


I try to wear the same thing as much as possible who has time to think about what to wear


Biarkan jomblo berekspresi


When people argue in favor of marijuana legalization, they often talk about the medical benefits of cannabis. Or perhaps they’ll talk about how it can help raise revenues for local governments. Or maybe they talk about how it can help solve social justice issues. And all of those things are true and good arguments. But you can also make a case that legalizing marijuana can help the environment.

Here are six ways legalizing marijuana is actually good for the environment:.
1. Illegal Grows are Really Bad

Growing marijuana takes a lot of resources, mostly energy and water. But when marijuana is illegal, people growing cannabis have to take even more measures to keep their grows hidden. And those extra measures mean illegal growers consume even more resources to grow marijuana. Making marijuana legal helps lower the costs of growing cannabis, and also allows growers to take part in sustainable energy practices that are beneficial to the environment..
2. Destroying Illegal Weed is Also Really Bad

What do you think police officers or federal agents do with illegal marijuana they find? They destroy it. They usually spray the illegal cannabis with herbicides and then set it on fire. So in addition to scorching the earth around the marijuana, destroying the cannabis also releases those herbicides into the environment where it can mess with other plants or animals..
3. Hemp Helps Soil

Hemp is one of the best crops for farmers to grow from an environmental point-of-view. Hemp grows quickly and helps remove toxins from the soil as it does so. And then once it finishes growing, it breaks down and fills the soil with nutrients. That means whatever you grow in the soil after hemp will grow even better thanks to hemp. And legalizing marijuana would help make hemp farming even more popular..
4. Public Lands

A lot of illegal marijuana is grown in public forests and woods where growers can keep it hidden. This also means that these growers are introducing pesticides and toxins to help grow their plants in public lands where they aren’t wanted and can disrupt the local ecosystem.
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Reposting my brother @tjjefferson cause this is a good one! Lol! (Swipe for a blast from the past) ~~ “#10YearChallenge /#13YearChallenge
I’ve been doing this for years but since it’s a “thing” now...
#2006-This was the day the last episode of #That70sShow was filmed. Just hangin’ out on the Foreman’s couch.
#2019 About an hour ago in #LA.
The more things change...the more they stay the same. “ ~ @tjjefferson


Which you taking!? Top or bottom @whistlindiesel #nastytrucksnation #truckporn