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by @egolsfitlife

My cutiepatootie little Kayla bear 💕#auntiemmy #babygirl

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by @caritoloveslife


Cheers to more epic mornings having picnics by the waterfall with inspiring women like @colechanceyoga 👯‍♀️🔥🙌🏼

These days I’m working on returning to a balanced, nourishing life: work with my beautiful clients, rest, workout, study, dance, create new projects, connect with loving friends...

After falling off my own path, misaligned with my highest values for the last couple of months, it feels SO GOOD to be back on track!

How do you nourish yourself and balance out your life after you fall off the bandwagon? I’d love to hear your ideas!


Maya Ubud Resort & Spa, Bali, Indonesia

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by @shannanfiorenza

This message has been showing up a lot for me this week 💞.
So much that I was free writing after my meditation today and ended up writing a poem (which I’ve never done before) 😳.
If you’re so inclined to read it, visit medium.com and type my full name into the search box 🙌🏼.
Keep showing up no matter what 💫.
Keep going.
Love you friends 😘.
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Dana Point, California

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by @katiegarces

Thank you dear @holly, for always speaking my language. Short, to the point and massively comforting.
If it’s meant for you, it will be. Exactly as it is meant to be. And it will be perfect, just like you.💙
Good night friends, screen time limits shutting me down in 3,2,1...😘
#collectiveexhale #notetoself #meanttobe #divinetiming #comforting #stopworrying #letthatshitgo #youreperfect #itwillbeperfect #sexyspiritualsane.
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by @ajdwellness

Continue to feed your mind daily with positive affirmations and surround yourself by people that lift 🙌 you up! 💥You are enough! 💥You are worthy! 💥You were meant for greatness! 💥You are loved!
Say these and many more as you look 👀 at yourself in the mirror in the morning and evening and watch your world 🌎 change!
It’s not going to happen in a day....so commit to you for the long term!
#selflove #dailyaffirmations #investinyourself #takealeap #buildyourdreams #showupforyourself

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by @just_.jess_83

I could have quit on myself tonight. I could have broken the promise I made to myself 17 days ago and every day since. The old me would have. The old me wouldn’t have laced up the sneakers tonight and hit the pavement. The old me would have said, “It’s okay, you’ve worked hard for 17 days. You deserve to take the day off.” .
It’a those little arguments that I have with myself all the time. When the alarm goes off early and my bed feels so warm and cozy and I just want to snuggle up and get 20 more minutes. When I look at my water bottle at work and see that I’ve barely drank any water yet and I have A LOT to go. When I go for dinner with my family to a really great burger place with fresh cut fries and my family is all ordering these delicious meals and I am wondering if I should really order the lettuce wrapped burger and side salad. .
It can be tough some days. Really tough. But at the end of the day I am so grateful that I didn’t quit on myself. My goals. My intentions. When it would be so easy to give in, I showed up for myself today and kept the promises I made to myself. .

#last90days #last90dayschallenge #goalgetter #runrun #showupforyourself #keepthepromisesyoumaketoyourself #mom #businessowner #inspireconfidence #grateful #madeformore

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by @kesaandrews

You never how a simple compliment may impact someone, so speak up.

Buffalo, Wyoming

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by @kaitahlschwede

This hangs up in my office as a constant reminder of it’s importance, but self care is still the thing I struggle most to prioritize. Here’s your Wednesday evening reminder that taking care of yourself is important and that you’re worth making the time for. You have to show up for yourself before you can be good at showing up for others.

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by @brightmothers

We had SO much fun at our Carving Party! It was amazing hanging with the Bright Mothers community! We danced, we laughed and we celebrated the season to its fullest! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Did you miss out? And are you really sad you did? ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Find us on Facebook! There we post all our event details and how you can be apart! Or turn on your notifications for our account! Either way you won’t miss us next time!
PC: @alexes_lauren_photography

Temecula, California

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by @healthhappyjunkie

Not every day will be easy, but every day will be worth it. If you don’t like where you are at, move! There is something about showing up for yourself day in and day out that changes your life. And here’s the thing, you never have to be perfect. It all boils down to NOT GIVING UP. -
Do you want to make a change? Join my online bootcamp... it’s easy, just ask me how?

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by @3sonscrossfit

“The victory is in the effort.” - Annie Sakamoto

3 Sons Crossfit/Evolution Fitness

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by @jessleslie94

Being happy/present/radiant is a choice just as sitting in overwhelm/anxiety/stress is also a CHOICE.
To be 100% honest with you guys, I have to make that conscious choice everyday. Every morning when I wake up. Sometimes even multiple times a day. If not my anxiety, stress, and overwhelming state of mind comes spiraling in.
I HIGHLY DISLIKED that cloud of darkness that used to be hovering above me all the time. I felt like I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t focus, couldn’t WAKE UP! -
So one day I decided to change all of that. And I continue to make that conscious decision everyday. -
Our mind are so incredibly powerful and you have to learn to master the way you think in order to change your reality.

Christmas, Florida

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by @mama_making_fit_happen

Fuzzy socks + dresses. Before I became a coach I had this idea of what I thought it meant. I definitely thought it meant posing in a sports bra + having super chiseled abs. I thought it meant saying goodbye to carbs + chocolate. I also thought it meant hours of working out + black coffee. ..
Ah it's never felt so good to be wrong. You see I love seeing the transformation photos with the girls who worked super hard for their abs rocking their sports bras and I CHEER them on. But I'm more of a hand me down shirt from my husband (oops I shrunk it, again) + a pair of fuzzy socks (until my feet start sweating) and you know what THATS OK! I eat carbs just not my main food group anymore + have chocolate everyday in the form of my super food shake that's filled with vitamins and nutrients I couldn't possible consume otherwise. And I do workout for about 30 minutes a day + I put cream in my coffee (almond milk cream of course 😉) ..
My point is that we all have this idea in our head of what it looks like but most of the time we're way off. We're all a bunch of normal women waking up everyday trying to be the best we can be for our families + most of us are finally trying to be the best we can be for OURSELVES. ..
Take yourself off the back burner + see what happens when you commit 30 minutes a day to work on you. Not all transformations are physical + often times the biggest ones are the ones we don't see. ..
YOU get to decide. Everyday. Sports bra or fuzzy socks. Maybe both. If you want something to make your own + help others along the way + get healthy + have a transformation lmk ☺️
#millenialmom #showupforyourself #littleeyesarewatching #yourwordshavepower #sportsbra #fuzzysocks #thisis30 #minime #squats #twinmom #boymom #girlmom #momof3 #familyof5 #raisingmybestfriend

Monroe, Connecticut

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by @soulfullyfueled_shantae

How high are you on your priority list? .
I know I used to be the last person I thought about behind my job, my love life, my family, my coworkers/friends and it had a major impact on my life. I gained weight, I was depressed, I went to therapy, I ate nothing but fast food, I drank alcohol every night to the point where I couldn’t drive. .
I’ve went though these stages often in life and thought this was just the “perks” of becoming an adult. I thought “everyone is depressed at times. A 20lb weight gain is normal”. .
It ultimately wasn’t until I took a bet on myself last year. I wanted to prove to myself that I can love me. That I can put me first. The transition was not easy. I had to put some friendships on hold. I had to say goodbye (for the final time) to my ex boyfriend. I had to let go of all that was holding me back in life. .
I’m not perfect nor do I have all of this figured out because I DONT. And I will never have it all the way together. But coming from a place where I worked 2 jobs + full time student who was just barely getting by life to now being a bad ass chick who IS making goals to make herself happy though positive mental health and fitness. .
I hope this just touched one soul out there who feels like the world is against them right now. It does get better TRUST ME. You just have to believe and push the doubt and the hate to the side. If you have been thinking about getting yourself back on track now is the time. Don’t wait until 2019 to make the steps towards the best you can be. Message me and let’s chat 😊😊😊. .
#showupforyourself #seattlefitness #workharder #findyourhappy #makeyourselfapriority #putyourselffirst #teamsoulfullyfueled #therapy #wellnesswednesday #sweatitout #detoxify #thisis30 #loveellie #ellieactivewear #braidsfordays #20lbsdown #betterdaysahead #strongerthanmyexcuses #bestversionofyou #priorities #selfcare #tiucheckin #bbgprogress #findingthebalance

Seattle, Washington

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by @rachel.cleary831

Everyone is busy.
Everyone is tight on cash.
Simple as that.
Simple as this.
It is up to YOU on what you make time for.
It is up to YOU on what you spend your money on.
And guess what, your health is important.
Your nutrition is important.
And when it comes to time and money, YOU are the best investment.
Simple 30 minute workout.
Simple and easy budget friendly recipes to keep your nutrition on track.
They can make a BIG difference.

What are you going to do to take care of yourself today?
#goodvibesonly #healthandfitnesscoach #nutritioniskey #80dayobsession #busyteacher #iworkouttoeat #letscrushsomegoals #lovetheride #icantmovemylegs #whynotstarttoday #youcandoit #supporteachother❤️ #showupforyourself #beyourowncheerleader🎉 #timetostartisnow #day36
#fitlife #happierwheniworkout #joinmetoday #bethebestyounow #holidaysarecoming #noexcuses
#pushyourself #nomoresquats #allthepineapples #doitagaintomorrow

Old Bridge (CDP), New Jersey

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by @bethanie.wanless

You see that smirk in the picture on the left?
That’s totally fake. That’s a girl hiding in a body she wanted to get rid of for years. She compared herself to everyone, wishing she was a smaller size.
She thought if she would be a smaller size that would make her happy.
She would walk into the gym with every intention of hitting it hard that day, but she didn’t know where to start.
This started a downwards spiral for years. Years of feeling alone & hiding emotional eating.
She wanted change so bad And thought she had to do it on her own... until... This community found me!
It knew I needed it before I did!
It’s exactly what I craved. The total REAL solution to turning my life around.
I was so tired of jumping to quick fix after quick fix I just wanted something that would actually work for me.
It was workouts & nutrition but the missing key was that I actually had to put in the work.
But the community is what changed everything. They kept me accountable with the goals I set for myself, they cheered me on when self-care was the last thing I wanted to do for myself, and best of all they are some of my best friends that I never would’ve met if it weren’t for this opportunity!! #showupforyourself #facinglifeheadon #lifedoesntalwaysgoasplanned #notadestinationbutajourney #wellnesswednesday #selfcarechangedthegame #surroundyourselfwithgoodpeople #communityiseverything #bestfriends

Indianapolis, Indiana

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by @katenorthrup

I threw out my back last week and I’m still having trouble moving.
Mike has had a severe skin rash ever since the moment Ruby was born 6 months ago (seriously.)
Writing sales emails, responding to comments, or having meetings always feels more urgent than taking care of my body.
But when I don’t put my body first, my body finds away to put herself on my radar more insistently like forcing me to lie motionless on the living room floor.
We’ve been taught that the path to success is to work in spite of our bodies, not in tune with them.
But this way of pushing harder and ignoring our physical needs (breaks, movement, sleep, sunshine, etc) isn’t working anymore.
What if you put your body first and your business second?
If our bodies fail us, our businesses don’t matter, really. And our bodies have profound wisdom to reach us about productivity and time management, it turns out.
Today on the blog I share my weekly planning ritual and how I let my body lead my to do list.
Check it out at the link in my profile. (http://bit.ly/2OXJrGs)

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by @doorcountyfitness

|TIME| I’m saying this with love....there are people busier than you, who “make the time” for health & fitness. It is just a matter of priorities, facing fears and putting in the hard work. Whatever your health and fitness goals are, the hardest part is choosing you and showing up. When you’re ready, we are here to support, challenge and help you positively change your life. ~ Door County Fitness Team❤️

#doorcountyfitness #locallyloved #locallyownedandoperated #sisterbayfitness #getfitinthedoor #maketimenotexcuses #youareworththetime #showupforyourself

Door County Fitness Studio

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by @empowering_you_477

☯️ 10 minutes FREE Energy Transmission with every Deck SOLD ☯️
Apart that Empowering You Deck is now an amazing price of $25AU, I am now also offering free Energy Transmission ( I used to call them Energy Hugs ) with every Empowering You deck sold. If you have been watching my FB lives, you would have experienced 3 minutes of that deliciousness.
Beautiful souls have experienced during and after the Energy Transmission ( Energy Hugs ) joy, calmness, more clarity, feeling more love within them, connection to their soul ( heart space ). They have also experienced more happiness and eagerness to care more about how they feel.
Own your own deck, the link is in the profile ☝🏻@empowering_you_477
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by @tatis_mami

I wasn’t going to post this. Encause the shirt looks awkward kinda like a maternity shirt lol 😂 but I kinda like my outfit and well 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’m matching my car 😐
#transformation #imaworkinprogress #showupforyourself #joinme

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by @jaygetsfit4

I’m sick, tired and just want to nap 😩 Not every day is a good day, show up anyway 💪🏼
Music: Pill R/B
Musician: Not The King.👑
#results #keepworking #momgetsfit #showup #showupforyourself

Olive Branch, Mississippi

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by @lauren__louwho

Look back at where you came from and let yourself feel proud about your progress. You. Are. Killing. It 🙌🏻
I took the picture on the right to share with the girls in my online bootcamp this month. They were all stepping outside of their comfort zones and sharing their before pictures so as their coach I needed to share mine too. Maybe it was the day of the week or the mood I was in (or the fact that I know I haven't been the best about my nutrition 🙈) but I looked at that picture and for the first time in a while I caught myself picking it apart. I can't tell you what about it triggered those thoughts but I literally said to myself "You've been doing this for 9 months. Why don't you look better than this?" Not nice and totally something I would tell my girls to cut out immediately. So I shared my picture and then I dug deep into the vault to show myself how far I've come. .
I know I'm not the only one that feels that way sometimes. I know I'm not the only one that has given up because I wasn't getting to my desired outcome as quickly as I wanted. I know I'm not the only one that has let my mindset get in the way of my progress. Keep pushing, babe. You're worth the effort and you deserve to see your journey through ♥️
#wcw #progresspic #progressoverperfection #transformation #mindsetiseverything #believeinyourself #showupforyourself #findthegood #loveyourself #youareenough #fightformore #itsaboutthejourney #enjoythejourney #hardtimesmakestrongpeople #strongwomen #empoweringwomen

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by @rileyfaithfitness

Super tired 😴 today.... I was up half the night with one of my little guys and as much as I want to run around outside with my kids... my youngest decided the day he turned 3 that he is now deathly afraid of any sort of bugs. And on these nice warm days these lady beetle bugs are flying around like crazies... So we are painting, reading books and playing inside. It has been better going outside in the mornings before bugs come out and getting some time outside in. So tired or no... my workout will get done along with reading for my EMT class. Just keep swimming 🐟 it’s days like today that workout means more... when you don’t feel like it... but show up anyways. #nomatterwhat #fitness #fitnessmotivation #exercisemotivation #workoutmotivation #eatrealfood #weightlossjourney #tiredmom #fitnessjourney #strength #fitspiration #nodoubt #showupforyourself #fitnesslife #healthylifestyle #strengthtraining #weights #faith #loseweight #health

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by @lady_ze86

SHOW UP for yourself.
Regardless of the CHAOS around you.
One breathe at a time.
One thought at a time.
Even when you think you're not worth it.
When people are judging you.
If someone intentionally hurts you.
If you hurt yourself.
Because if you don't SHOW UP for yourself no one will.
You, my love, deserve to SHOW UP.
It doesn't have to be perfect or pretty.
SHOW UP with the best intentions.
SHOW UP with a smile.
Give yourself the gift of SHOWING UP.
Day after day, practice SHOWING UP.
And if you miss one day, IT'S OK.
Start over again and again, and as many times as necessary.
#inspirewithyourmagic #showup #showupforyourself #wisdomwords #wisdom #wisdomwednesday #mythoughts #mood #vibes #inspire #poemsofinstagram #poem #selfie #instafollow #instagram #instadaily #lifeisajourney #myjourney #trusttheprocess #believeinyourself #loveyourself #youdeservetobehappy #happinessisachoice #radiateyourradness #choosetobehappy #happy #sisterhood #divinefemenine #risesisterrise

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by @besomethingyoga

Lovely autumnal blend of still Yin & warming Vinyasa Flow Yoga 🧘‍♀️🌻🙏🏼 come & balance your week with us.
All levels welcome - to book, go to -
#yinyangflow #yinyoga #vinyasaflow #balancedflow #balancedbody #balancedlife #bestillbestrong #showupforyourself #rolloutyourmat #yogaeverydamnday #yogaanywhere #yurtlife #yurtyoga #sussexcountryyurt

The Sussex Country Yurt

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