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Deborah Secco

Aaaaahhh............. jeans! kkkkkkkk

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The many ways well-intentioned white people are still low-key racist, such as saying "You don't sound black." 🙄 Link in bio for more.

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Comment below and tag a friend!👇 @streetsfashions
📷 by @marianodivaio

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Joelma 🎤

Amores, fiquem ligadinhos na telinha do @sbtonline que hoje estarei no @sbtprogramadoratinho 🐭 a partir das 22:40H! O programa está sensacional 📺💕✨🎤
. . .
#sbt #joelma #programadoratinho #18quilated

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My Energy is Contagious! Can’t you feel it? ———————————————————————— Mi alegría! Mi Energia es contagiosa! No lo sientes?

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🗣DAMIENNE @damienneflagler ...MEET ME AT @missyhairboutique .... NEW LOOK ON THE WAY 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Simeon Panda®

@dedicatednutrition #BCAASensation during & after workouts for recovery. Apply discount code SIMEON10 at DedicatedNutrition.com to your next order 💪🏾 #TeamDedicated #IAmDedicated

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Artgaleri first account 🙏🗺

⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Via @artplut⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Photo - Diamondback Terrapin
Photo - Egyptian Tortoise
Photo - Yellow Blotched Map Tortoise
Photo- Testudo Hermanni Hermanni

All photos by © @garden_state_tortoise 🐢

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@theaidsmemorial is a heartbreaking Instagram account where people remember loved ones who died of AIDS. 💔 Read more about the account as well as stories of those who are no longer with us at the link in bio.

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Follow @bestofmensport for daily inspiration! 💪
Describe this with 1 emoji! 😳
video by @wukong_wushu

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🌸Chela's Way🌸


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House Of CB

Which is more your style the Meena dress (Left) or the Ginevra dress (right)
Shop: houseofcb.com

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👒مهسا روشن👠

برم کم کم بخوابم؛فردا بریم آرایشگاه؛سرکار😍

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Tastemade Brasil

A faca certa faz toda a diferença na cozinha, utilize a Faca Santoku e experimente essa combinação de fraldinha assada com crosta de ervas! 🔪

Clique duas vezes no vídeo para curtir ❤ Compartilhe com seus amigos.

#fraldinha #carne #carneassada #tastemade #tastemadebr #tastemadebrasil #tramontina #santoku #faca

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Sunrise on the Rita Blanca National Grasslands | Photo by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez)
I’m excited to announce a photography workshop at Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado May 19-24. Details Below

PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP with Stephen Alvarez Ranchlands Camp, Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado May 19-24
This spring 2019, Stephen will lead an immersive photography workshop at Chico Basin Ranch. Spend a week exploring photography, wildlife and the subtle landscape of the high prairie. The workshop will be a deep dive into ways of seeing the lifecycle of an 87,000 acre working ranch. Discover and hone your vision through tailored assignments, group and individual image reviews all while basking in the tranquility and hospitality of Chico Basin Ranch.
Cost: $2,995 pp includes all meals, activities, and private furnished tent. For details or to book contact stay@ranchlands.com

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#sbtcontrafakenews Está rodando na internet o áudio de um suposto delegado que alerta: não se deve abrir um vídeo em que o papa Francisco aparece dançando samba, porque ele conteria vírus que rouba senhas.
Para mais informações, acesse o site do SBT 😉

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Ольга Бузова

Выражаю свои самые глубокие соболезнования родным и близким погибших. Скорейшего выздоровления пострадавшим 🙏🏻 Господи дай сил пережить такое горе ... Как страшно, когда гибнут люди, а ещё страшнее, когда гибнут невинные дети😔 #керчьмыстобой

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Artgaleri first account 🙏🗺

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Reya Sunshine 💕

I vant to suck your...... Excited to be featuring at @silkexotic in Wisconsin this weekend! I’ll be at Silk in Milwaukee Friday, October 19th, and Silk in Madison Saturday, October 20th! Two shows each night with meet n greets and dances available after each show! 🖤

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Igor Cavalari

#finalcopadobrasil @copadobrasil

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Video by @maplelatte_erica
“I think it started about 10 years ago — I happened to come across a book of fake sweets, and I just fell in love at first sight with it and bought it,” says Erica (@maplelatte_erica), a handmade artist from Japan who creates adorable miniatures goods, mainly foods and sweets. “I do my best to create miniatures that make you think, ‘That looks real enough to eat!’”
Watch Erica’s mini munchie crafts cook up today on our story and our IGTV channel.

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Oki Setiana Dewi

Seyogianya seseorang lebih bersungguh-sungguh melakukan safar untuk mengunjungi tiga masjid ini: Masjid al-Haram (Makkah), Masjid Nabawi (Madinah), dan Masjid al-Aqsha (Palestina)." (HR al-Bukhari dan Muslim).

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Wasafi Classic Baby..!

Maandalizi Mazuri Ya Kesho Yako Ni Kufanya Kilicho Bora Leo Kwa Nguvu Zako Zote Bila Kusahau Kumuomba MUNGU....Mtuombee @wasafifm LOADING....

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Kevin Nascimento

Salve Brasília pai tá quebrada esquece bb 😂💙🙏🏻

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♔ صفحة مجنوني انا ♔

‏‎‏‏.برعاية : (#ورود_بوك)،أضخم مكتبة الكترونية بين يديك
. @wroodbook @wroodbook .
. @wroodbook @wroodbook .
.📚 كتابك لبيتك ... من السعودية لمعظم دول العالم🇸🇦
. @wroodbook @wroodbook .
. @wroodbook @wroodbook .
#حب #حزن #دعاء #المدينة #الدمام #كلمات #مقتبسات #عبر #حكم #جدة #الرياض #إقتباسات #حب #حزن #كلمات #عسير #مكه #السعوديه#خواطر #قصيده #شعر #ادب #حكمة #اقتباس #كتب #كتاب #صوره #حب #رواية #كتابة #عربي #حائل #كتاباتي

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Diesel Truck Addicts

Get yours now 😈😈!!! 🤘🏼hoodies, tees, long sleeves and women's tees available now for limited time only! 😈🤘🏼 double tap if you want one 😎 made in the 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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Deborah Secco

Que os cuidadores de Maria sejam mágicos como esse - amém!!! Kkkkkkkkk ❤

Essa brincadeira é pra lembrar vocês que hoje é #DiaNacionalDaVacinação, tá, amorinhos?
Vacinem seus ruruzinhos!!! ❤💉👧🏻

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