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by @dragonlancesinfaerun

More of Caramon and Raistlin. I dressed as Raistlin for Halloween when I was 15 for a piano recital. Have any of you ever Cosplayed?
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by @transformitea

What's your Sunday like?
Are you feeling guilty for overindulging on Friday and Saturday, yet can't motivate yourself to exercise?
Or a recent injury put you out of action? Perhaps, excess weight makes it very difficult to even start putting pressure of exercise on your joints?

Scientists say: it's time to take a hot bath and put those worries behind you.

Hot water treatment may help improve inflammation and blood sugar (glucose) levels in people who are unable to exercise, according to a new study.
The study involved 10 volunteers with weight problems who were taking a hot bath (39°C) for 1 hour. Two-week treatment period in which the candidates participated in daily hot-water baths showed a reduction of fasting blood sugar and insulin levels as well as improved low-grade inflammation at rest.

Raising body temperature changed the inflammatory response and this is particularly good for people leading sedentary lifestyle with higher BMI.

A similar experiment was carried out by Dr Steve Faulkner of Loughborough University in a collaboration with Dr. Michael Mosley last year. A surprising outcome for the research team was to see that there was an 80% increase in energy expenditure just as a result of sitting in the bath for the course of an hour. The total energy spend after 1 hours in a hot (40C) bath was 140 calories - the equivalent of a brisk 30-minute walk.

Take it up a notch and boost the benefits of a hot bath with a cup of Absolu by Transformitea.
Not only it feels like pure indulgence to relax and unwind after a stressful week with a fragrant and delicious cup of green-tea based detox, premium Oolong in Absolu will increase the metabolism and further level out blood glucose levels, while adaptogens will enhance the sense of calm and well-being to get you ready for the week ahead.

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Here's to a happy Sunday, everyone!


by @thebrownbuffalo

We’ve released our last batch of the year, Conceal Backpack in Cordura Ballistic Nylon - Black. Sewn in our workshop here in Costa Mesa, California.

We've updated the following features based off customer feedback:

Added a removable pen pouch

Changed the bottom of the bag material to Ballistic Nylon

Adjusted the shoulder strap placement to fit variety of body sizes

Updated the main zipper to reversed YKK coil zipper. Based off feedback the waterproof zipper was hard to open and not needed in most settings.

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by @papachristoutemplespa

A VERY BIG THANK YOU! 💗 at #templespa we love to make a difference & because of you all who helped us support #mindcharity last month we have raised a fantastic amount of money ❣️#supportmentalhealth #lovetomakeadifference


by @buddycheckforjesse

Buddy Check for Jesse welcomes our inaugural ringette team- from Winnipeg! Thank you to the Heritage Victoria Hawks U14 team, their coaches, and my friend Mike Tesser who held a mental health awareness evening. They had some innovative ideas for the resources and the green tape. You are paving the way for all the Ringette teams in Canada.
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by @rodman1993

The Best Way To Be In Life Is To
Be Yourself, Focus On Your Shit, Create Your Own Legacy, Love The People God Gave You & Fuck Anybody On Some Bullshit!!
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by @mentalmiracles

Thank you @ladygaga for using your voice and speaking your Truth. We need your support and together we will be heard!! You are beautiful in that suit✨🙏💕#ladygaga #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #wewillbeheard #nostigma #supportmentalhealth #weareinthistogether #transformation


by @kayayshaw

PLEASE MESSAGE @jessshaaw or @morgan_wagg9 IF INTERESTED!! Shared from Facebook💚💛 "HEY! Morgan Wagg and I are planning a FUN co-ed memorial BASKETBALL tournament for my sister @stephshhaw with all proceeds going to mental health! We are looking for players in 9th grade through college/university. Tentative times would be either a weekend in January before midterms or a weekend in March after midterm exams. If you are interested in taking part please DM me or Morgan with preferred time. We want to accommodate as many players as possible to make this tournament a success! 🏀💛🎗"
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by @dragonlancesinfaerun

The black dragon Khisanth (Onyx). Final boss for Dragonlances in Faerûn: DL1 Dragons of Despair. Always scares the players when you bring him out to play.
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by @balanced.to.a.t

Happy Friday! Ready for some real talk? I’m going back to therapy. I’ve felt the tug for a while. It’s important to me to deal with my PTSD and fears surrounding the birth experience now so I’m not bringing them into my next pregnancy if and when that happens
My birth experience with Carter turned out to be pretty awful. I went to therapy right after but here I sit 2 years later and the thought of having to face labor again scares me. A lot
Our thoughts are powerful. They attract and they create and part of conscious conception is taking responsibility for the energy and emotion we bring to our pregnancy and labor. I refuse to bring fear into labor again
I share this with you all because I want to help open up the conversation about mental health. I want to normalize talking about therapy and how even the happiest person can benefit from talking to someone. I don’t care who you are, every person can learn & grow from therapy
I think it’s important I experienced the birth I did and I believe I was meant to experience it so I can share the lessons I learned and the lessons I still am learning from it.✨


by @king.mark376

The Old Church in the woods, oil on home made board, started this afternoon not to bad a start #amateurartist#oilpainting#oils#amateur#selftaught#paintonboard#homemadecanvasboards#supportmentalhealth


by @youneedlandscape

This door... I always remember this door when I look back 17 years ago. It was tough to be on campus yesterday... to replay the joy, freedom and possibility before life was suddenly, unexpectedly, impossibly changed on a Saturday night. On the other side of the door I can focus on the hope of creating environments that can help people build kindness and community. .
Seventeen years ago, we called my little sister’s death a “senseless act of violence.” But now I’m certain there was nothing “senseless” about it. It was purely a symptom. A symptom of the many, varied, and layered issues that continue to test our communities, and these days, with even more intensity, our humanity. Please be kind. .
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by @blue.truehope

Here to listen, understand n support.
*Open to dms*


by @tykesteens

Join us for FREE Breakfast and Photos with Santa at the Festival of Trees & Lights at Flagler Place in downtown Stuart, Sat. Dec. 1st 8:30-10:30 a.m. 🎄🎄🎄 #stuartfl #treasurecoast #palmcity #downtownstuart #supportmentalhealth


by @arizonagreentattoos

Imagine feeling nothing at all, you’re not scared, happy, sad, mad, you’re just numb. Nothing seems to matter anymore, its like you’re paused but the worlds just rushes on, like you’re stuck in an empty place where nothing makes sense anymore, and everyone else is just pushing and pulling on you. This is a part of depression. Its not always being sad, its also worse, being numb and not feeling a thing. If someone is depressed and you try to help them, don’t get mad if they don’t take your advice, don’t tell them they are just stubborn, appreciate the fact that they are trying to get through the day, that they still try even if it may not seem like it to you, because they are. Its exhausting not feeling a thing, you just want to rest and wake up when you feel something again, you can’t work with nothing, so how are you supposed to do something when you don’t even know whats right? When we feel empty, we need support when we ask for it, but also space to rest and make up our minds, all on our own terms. Be there for them, let them know that you care and that the moment will pass, hold their hand so they can lean on you when they want to, but don’t pull on them when they are not ready to stand up yet. When we feel empty, we are already confused about ourselves, we are already in war about what we should do to get back up again, don’t make us feel more worthless than we already do, just be there and let us heal.

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by @kingconspiracy

We all have people we care about who are going through hard times. Stand with them in the battle. [Clip of an original song of mine called ‘Cleanse’]


by @iamtam_official

I’m wearing mine!
Are you wearing yours?
Grab one and have 10% of the proceeds go towards @mentalhealthfoundation
Shop the Heartstrings Collection through @heartknoxx NOW

Mental Health Awareness Week
Thank you @mentalhealthistrending and @heartknoxx for allowing us to be a part of this ❤️❤️❤️ #mentalhealthistrending #mentalhealthfoundation #heartknoxx
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by @tanvi33

You have to stop thinking You will be stuck in your situation Forever. We feel like our heart will never heal Or will never get out of this impossible struggle. Don’t confuse a season for lifetime. Even your trials have an expiration date. You will grow, life will change, Things will work out. Life teaches you a lot. That’s how you grow, that’s how you become strong. .
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by @nashnewmann

Today you would have been 28! It still feels like it was yesterday when we were talking about what to do for your 15th & my 16th since our birthdays are only 6 days apart. I can only imagine what an incredible woman you would have become. I know I would have been so proud of you. I know you would have achieved greatness. I know you would have used that amazing heart of yours for good. I know how much you changed my life, made such a difference in it & made me realise that despite how shitty things get they will always get better; just turn to those who love you & you will smile. I know that you would have made a difference in this world to so many. I know that this weekend we would have had a girls night full of laughter. Most importantly I know that you were taken away from all of those that loved you way too soon. Thank you for all that you did for me, when we became foster sisters it was at one of the lowest points in my life where I didn't want to go on anymore but then there you were & you made all of the difference. You brought me back to life, you showed me it's ok to love & let people in again. It's amazing how you had such an impact on my life. HAPPY 28th BIRTHDAY JAMIE. I pray that you are at peace & smiling when you're looking down on all of those who loved you. I miss you everyday. In my heart always there, never gone! 💚 #suicide #suicideawareness #mentalhealth #mentalillness #mentalhealthawarwness #mentalillnessawareness #depression #anxiety #bipolar #scizophrenia #bpd #imissyou #mystoryisntoveryet #yourstoryisntoveryet #ourstoryisntoveryet #mystoryisntover #yourstoryisntover #ourstoryisntover #tobecontinued #fostercare #sisters #fostersisters #family #blooddoesntmakefamily #familyisntwaysblood #rip #gonetoosoon #taketoosoon #supportmentalhealth #supportmentalillness