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by @cheylynne96

Been dealing with a lot of mental health issues lately. Last week it was drowning in anxiety. This week is getting engulfed in depression.
This month has really had its ups and downs for me but I’m trying my best to stay positive and keep a smile on my face. It’s fair to say: Wake me up when September ends.🍂

Seattle, Washington

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by @mxna_kkkk

다시 돌려서 올려야지🙈

Seoul, South Korea

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by @hkgoodeats

at Sogo cwb from 12:30-14:00 tmr (20/9)! Simply like ‘ExploreHainanZH’ fb page to get your🍦at this ice cream truck!
聽日喺銅鑼灣SOGO門口,搵呢架充滿海洋氣息嘅雪糕車,like ‘ExploreHainanZH (踢拖遊海南)’ FB page,就可食到消暑嘅軟雪糕🏖
時間係20/9 12:30-14:00! 仲唔快啲tag朋友約埋一齊去食!

SOGO Hong Kong (香港崇光百貨)

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by @_.michelle._005

๑noto tutto, ma per fortuna non me ne frega un cazzo๑


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by @brenohmuniz

Well, life will pass me by if I don't open up my eyes, well, that's fine by me, so wake me up when it's all over, when I'm wiser and I'm older, all this time I was finding myself, and I didn't know I was lost... 🎶😑💭

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