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by @rykerdevore

Simona will remain on No. 1 even she lost in the first round of Us Open. She also could remain on no. 1 in the WTA Race, but we will see because Angie can take that spot. ✨💪🏻 #teamhalep Via:-@simona.halep.fans

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by @simona.halep.fans

it was such an epic season 💘
Simona started her season in China, continued it in Australia, Qatar, America, Germany, Spain, Italy and finally FRANCE 🏆😍 where she lift the trophy of French Open after an epic tournament ✨ she continued her season in Britain at Wimby, Montreal where she also won the tournament 👑 her next tournament where in America and China. Now this year is gonna finish and Simona had her best year of her whole career 💕 I am really happy for this achievement because she’s also finishing the year as no. 1 for the second time in her career. Thank you Simona for all, we love you no matter what ❤️ #TeamHalep

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by @simona.halep.fans

👑💕 #TeamHalep

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by @los.halepenos

@simonahalep and her team are enjoying Moscow to the fullest! 😊

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by @simonahalepro

One of my favs !! #teamhalep

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by @team_halep

Can Moscow draw be out already ? 🤤

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by @team_halep

I miss Her reactions. Her moments . Her feelings . Her anger. Her smile . I MISS HER. 😍😩♥️ #teamhalep

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by @team_halep

The moment Simona has beaten Serena 6/0 6/2 in wta finals 2014. 👼💖 #teamhalep

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by @cata_grigorescu

Happy, happy, joy, joy 😍 #teamhalep

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by @simona.halep.fans

5 days to go to Moscova Kremlin Cup 💘 #teamhalep

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by @team_halep

For everyone that wasn’t sure about it. Simona will play Moscow next week and Singapore the week after. I hope she’s doing the best thing 💫❤️🔥 #teamhalep

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by @team_halep

Simona will also end this year as number 1. Can’t wait to see her getting the title and ring she deserves 😩😍 #teamhalep

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by @team_halep

One year and two days 😔💖 #teamhalep

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by @simona.halep.fans

1 year ago she reached no. 1 💓😍 #TeamHalep

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by @_simonahalep

Simo in the holiday kit for Nike. absolutely gorgeous 🧡🧡 #teamhalep

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