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by @coliejames

I love taking pictures of people are doing their thing, motion is my jam. However, these are the kind of artifacts they will sit around and show their own kids later. First day of second grade caught on film. #thefindlab #ishootfujifilm #fujic200 #filmloveworkshop #shootfilmstaybroke

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by @emdillow

Lake Worth, FL

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by @cod.robinson

Thanks to everyone who celebrated with Jess and I last month:) #kodak #film #believeinfilm #portra400 #summer #wedding #ishootfilm #35mm #analog #nikon #bride #thefindlab #staybrokeshootfilm #filmisnotdead

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by @acuratedself

Delphine and I were scouting locations for an upcoming family session and our second stop was the winner! The gorgeous #worldpeacerosegarden (My amazing assistant even “stood” in for some test shots.) #oursummeronfilm #mostphotographedbabyintheworld

Capitol Park World Peace Garden

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by @xinandxin

What is your view from your favorite window? Mine is always trees as they bring me changes of color, size and life circles.

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by @shellcreekphoto

Oh you know, just another double exposure. 😍 I seriously need to share more photos from my Ukraine trip though! I shot the entire trip on film, a lot of it was shot on expired 35mm film, & even those photos came out so good!

Lviv, Ukraine

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by @alexjohnsonphoto

Film you guys, it has this look, right? It’s intangible but present, it’s “you can’t define it, but you know it when you see it”. It’s closer to the ground for me. I love this shot from Kate and Nate’s wedding. Shot on my Hasse.

Bruentrup Heritage Farm

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by @weareorigamiphoto

Just your casual, and totally normal, arrangement of crazy beautiful florals by @porterhudson over the bed 🙌🏻 From an awesome maternity session earlier this year...
Styling @sandrachaudesign, venue @therift_bowral and makeup @sophielaumakeup

The Coach House Bowral

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by @carriechouse

Traveling helps fulfill the adventurous part of my soul. It brings out my independent spirit, my curiosity, a fresh new energy, and a found again love of my bed at home! Every time I book a new adventure my mind races with excitement. Sometimes new adventures can be scary and it is easy to say no, but saying yes can open so many new doors. My boys were so excited to receive their passports in the mail this week and begin to put stamps in them (K was disappointed it didn't already come with the stamps!). I am so incredibly excited to share my love of traveling with them and open their hearts and minds to the beauty of the world. Double tap if you love new adventures and comment with your next destination or dream destination! Mine is #paris and I cannot wait to feel the energy in this cosmopolitan city of lights.

Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

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by @adventuresofmalachi

Enjoyed the state fair with the family a couple weeks ago. I love all the colors there!


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by @elizabethnordphoto

NERD ALERT: I just sent in my first roll of film...ever. And I'm so excited to get the scans back!
- I didn't go to school for photography (but I did take some night courses just for fun!)
- I'd never shot a film camera before a few months ago
- I've never been in a dark room
- I've never developed film before
But right before I had Ellie, I decided that I wanted to try shooting film. I bought a course, a Nikon film camera all the way from Japan and went to work. I took my camera to France, photographed Ellie in different stages of her little life, and some random things as well. I've only ever shot a digital camera so it's definitely weird to not see what I just took on the camera screen. I think that's what makes waiting for your film so much more rewarding (or maybe frustrating haha).
I've been taking courses, practicing, and soaking every bit of info that I can on how to photograph sessions (and possibly weddings in the future) on film. No, I'm not offering this as a service just yet. I feel like I still have a longggg way to go before that happens, but I just wanted to share in my excitement and let you know what I'm working on lately!
It's never too late to start a dream, guys! I hope I can look back on this post one day and smile knowing that I took risks, made myself a better photographer, and kept going even though it was hard. To be continued...☺️ Photo by @mariahartephoto

Elizabeth Nord Photography

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by @theantiquatedmodern

Georgia Ave NW, Washington, DC, 2018
Over time I became more and more focused on narrow, abstracted views of the walls, windows, doors, etc. of DC’s streets. Recently my wife suggested returning to wider views as well. After a few months, I’m liking the added dimension that these images bring to the overall project.
#blockcitychromaplanes #color #colorstudy #washingtondc #film #filmisnotdead #kodak #ektachrome #rolleiflex #thefindlab #fotofilmic #filmphotographic #minimal #abstraction #builtenvironment #streetscapes #vernaculararchitecture #architecture #colorfield #minimalzine #subjectivelyobjective #acreativedc #exposeddc #burnmagazine #noicemag #lekkerzine #taintedmag #fndit #flakphoto

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by @rachelmaroneyphotography

While not thrilled with morning sickness taking me out of all of the games since July, I’m feeling better lately and am so ready to enjoy the rest of this time before we welcome our sweet baby girl in March. 💕

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by @sbrathen

when did she get so big? 😍😭 #timeisathief #film #thefindlab #contax645

George Eastman Museum

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by @kristinlavoiephoto

Stairway to heaven? I think so!

Butterfield Country Club

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by @ammyhuynh.photo

Congratulations to the NOW Mr. & Mrs. Brown ❤️ it was an honor photographing your wedding and witnessing the love and joy filled throughout this day ✨

Seattle, Washington

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by @wademontpellier

When your rooster crows at the break of dawn, look out your window and I'll be gone. #35mm


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