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by @joe_magowan

Thamesmead, Nov '17.

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by @andrew_.hope

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by @oscarjg


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by @art_in_mood

Preparing things for exhibition and dramatics
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by @museemagazine

Today’s letter is S for Fiona Struengmann #photographicalphabet “I recently came across an archive of around 7000 photographs that a woman had been collecting over a duration of 50 years.” Her process includes using a chemical treatment to remove or isolate elements of each photo. She talks more about the process and ideas behind the series on our culture page now. Link in bio

Musée Magazine

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by @nanny.licious

der alte mann und das meer... und der vesuv | sorrento

Sorrento, Italy

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by @danielxarias

JAPAN. Tokyo. 2017


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by @gi0graphy

Hay un millón de razones para quedarse, para no dejarlo ir. No así de fácil.


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by @heiligabend


Bucharest, Romania

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