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If this dont outrage u the fuck your views #thisisamerica


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Click the link in my bio to check out the full Kaleidoscope "Kover" to @iamhalsey 's #withoutme !
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I love snow. But there are many around me who must work outside in all conditions. They’re often folks who were born in warm weather climates and who’ve escaped violence and extreme poverty, in hopes of a better life.
Anyone who thinks immigrants dream of leaving their hometowns, families, and friends so they can “steal” the most coveted jobs—or lounge around “collecting government handouts”—must be out of their minds. They more likely end up standing in a -1C/30° snowstorm to sell a banana for a quarter to pay rent and help their kids go to college someday.
If you live in NYC, buy something from a sidewalk vendor today. Even if your hands get cold paying them. #thisisamerica #snowyday #nyclife #streetportrait


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Throwback to last weekend!! For those of you who don't know i saw Childish Gambino @childishgambino last weekend ( I know, hold the applause) and it was amazing!!! So here you can enjoy my beautiful smiling face eventhough it was freezing, as well as my crying face after the concert, along with a overly excited picture of me from 2 angles in 1 item of merch i got (definitely got more), and as a super nice bonus here's the pictures i got before he said no phones. Make due with these eventhough you wish you could have seen the concert 😉💕 #donaldglover #childishgambino #thisisamerica #nebraska
Special thanks to my mom for bringing me!


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•5 years ago my favorite album of all time was dropped.This man is more talented than any body I’ve ever heard of and I will always support Donald.• •What is your favorite song of Because The Internet?•
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Before I forget I want to pay homage to my favorite body of work ever. I’ve never heard anything this amazing and never knew of any piece of work that could affect me in as many ways as this album has. It’s helped me through good and bad days, there’s a song for every way I feel on this album and I couldn’t be happier. I’m not sure why I hold such an emotional connection to this album but I’m crying as I’m writing this. I would go on but I don’t want to start balling so I’ll end with this. I want to say happy 5th birthday to Because the Internet, it feels like just yesterday I heard it for the first time. Each time I hear it it gets better and better and with so many components there’s never a dull moment. There will never be another album like this one and thank you Donald Glover for being the musical genius behind this and giving us a world to live in for the time being with this album. •

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Brothers and Sistahs stand for something or fall for everything... Learn how to develop your intuition and listen to it at all times ....
Know thyself and be a legend in your own skin... Don't wait for handouts because that's a part of the systematic oppression..


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dance and shake the frame -


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Puerto Rican wearing a Canadian Tuxedo in Savannah, Georgia. #thisisamerica 🇵🇷🇨🇦🇺🇸
Photo by Chelsy 🤗


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#NYPD “finest” at their WORST!! Physically RIPPING AND PULLING this 1 year old baby from their mother is a testament to how the poor and underprivileged are treated!! VIDEO COMING... it was reported by MULTIPLE onlookers! #TeamDL #thisisamerica #racism #policebrutality #livingwhileblack @shaunking @soledadobrien @troubleman31


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This Saturday will "Feel Like Summer" when one of music's hottest artists brings his #ThisIsAmerica tour to the Valley of the Sun! Click on the link in our bio to buy your tickets for Childish Gambino's show @GilaRiverArena! #phxsoul #phxsoulfeatured #childishgambino #LiveNationPHX #LiveNationUrban #phoenixconcerts


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The amount of visceral rage I feel. I remember the first time I even heard of sex trafficking, I was 15 years old. I didn’t know this was a possibility, and when she, at 16, protected herself from a 43 year old rapist she gets convicted as an adult for murder. My country values white men who RAPE CHILDREN. My country sentences a child to 51 YEARS in prison for self defense. My country doesn’t value women, and definitely not women of color though they be the bravest people in the world. I am not proud of my country. @BillHaslam #freecyntoiabrown grant her clemency. Be better than what we think you’ll be #MYCOUNTRY #THISISAMERICA


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R.A.P. History📜: What’s your favorite song off this album? Where does it rank on your favorite Gambino projects.
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😠😠😠They embarrassed this man AND his children FOR NOTHING!! NO SHOPLIFTING, NO WRONGDOING... NOTHING but a father our with his children spending his money in their stores and this is what he got!! I would’ve returned EVERYTHING!! They owe this man and his children more than “Sorry”!! #TeamDL #blacklivesmatter #itstoomuch #blackmen #blackfathers #respect #dignity #racism #thisisamerica - #regrann