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Sunrise amb boira


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Time for some blue! I just noticed the last few pics I posted here have a lot of yellow in them. This lovely photo was taken last year in the city of Valletta. Malta had been on our bucket list for a long while. And finally last year, we were able to scratch it off our list. If you follow our adventures, you know we like a good deal. It was hard to refuse a €40 round trip from Bergamo to Malta. So we tacked on a road trip to Bellagio beforehand. And then we spent a memorable week on the island of Malta, followed by a relaxing week on the island of Gozo. To see the amazing photos we took on both islands, follow the link in our bio. Our two latest posts are all about Gozo and Malta. 🇲🇹
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Valletta, Malta

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ดูชีวิตพระเจ้าหลุยส์ แล้วก้อไปเจอภาพ คณะทูตไทย กับพระเจ้าหลุยส์ ปี 1686

Château de Versailles

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Zagreb, Croatia

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Any trip is perfect if she is with me 🙂

Sibiu, Romania

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This beach🌸

Oasis Beach Bar

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If finding pretty pink cafes all over NYC and drinking rose lattes makes me basic, then I'm basic AF 💕☕✌🏾

Blank Slate Tea

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Something about this place...🌴

Laguna Beach, California

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My first flight alone with two children was a casual eight hours... When I took this photo twenty minutes in, I was patting myself on the back and ordering a glass of prosecco to celebrate job well done 🥂 Needless to say it didn’t last long.... baby woke up and screamed on/off for rest of flight, madam whinged and kicked seat in front incessantly (soz to that man) then fell asleep as we landed so aforementioned man kindly had to carry her off! Biggest thanks though to @wandermustfamily who were on the same flight and massively looked after me the entire journey! Not sure how I would have managed without the kindness of strangers/new friends!

Denver International Airport

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Family gang 🚨💯 Toujours ensemble, à jamais, quelque soit les circonstances, surtout dans ces moments de grandes craintes mon @_sierrap_ 👀✨😂 ___________________________ 📸@clementlutrand


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