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My favorite little dog Buttons passed away tonight 💔 2 years ago my friend said they wanted a dog so we went to a shelter. I saw a goofy little scrappy white dog with its tongue sticking out and I couldn’t help but smile. My smile quickly disappeared when I learned this dog wasn’t going to be at the shelter much longer due to how old he was as well as being blind and deaf. I couldn’t sleep that night and kept crying to my friend to adopt that dog and promised I would help out too.

We adopted him the next day. No one knew how old he was or how long he would be around. We vowed to give him his best life. Buttons ate out in Chicago under the table since he literally didn’t make a sound, he became a familiar face in Lincoln park, went to beaches, doggie bars, and got to ride on an airplane. He made people smile and brightened their day. All the time people told my friend that it was such a nice thing to do to adopt a senior special needs dog, but to us this little guy was the wonderful one for coming into our lives for 2 years. ❤️


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Hello Kiev 🇺🇦

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The movie is very nice I cried a lot thanks for the company producing to accept the movie show in Iraq🍿💕🎞


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"Żyj tak, żebyś po latach mógł powiedzieć - przynajmniej się nie nudziłem"
Forrest Gump♥️📽️
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