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Suffering from #Darvey withdrawal? We got you covered. Just check out this blooper from @iamsarahgrafferty and @iamgabrielmacht! Binge this season of #Suits online or On Demand. Link in bio. 📸: Sarah Rafferty

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🌸Chela's Way🌸

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Peter Sagan

Enjoy a weekend full of activities in Windsor, CA and join me for a fun ride at the @saganfondo Road Edition on November 3rd!
Visit www.saganfondo.com for more info and to register.
Thanks to @iamspecialized @sportful @ride100percent and @osmonutrition

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Workout Programs

Love her ! Tag your friends!
Done by @jb_figure

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Joelma 🎤

Obrigada minha grande amiga @solangemramos, foi bom demais te ver! Obrigada também locutor @alexmoria ! Adorei estar na @recifefmoficial hoje! 😍❤️

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CROP HOT 🔥🔥 @lateciat in the Shape Stone Popper Detail Crop Top & Jeanie White Extreme Ripped Denim Shorts 😍💖

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@mysilverscom 'da Tüm Takılar 39.90 TL'den Başlayan Fiyatlar @mysilverscom 'da💝
Whatsapp Sipariş📲 0537 572 76 98

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Hey Sharks, we’re baaack! 🦈🦈 Swipe to check out some fun behind the scenes from our day in the #sharktank! Thanks @sharktankabc for always making dreams come true! 💵🤩

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Garotas Estúpidas

Mais do desfile da @versace na #MFW: play na fila final com a coleção verão 2019 da grife! @donatella_versace apostou em transparências, florais e também no neon, como pede a temporada! Que tal? [vídeo: @jetsetterua] #versace

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Sempre que recebo a NOVA COLEÇÃO @nebbia_fitness o ânimo para treinar aumenta e faz sucesso na academia! Looks inovadores que valorizam cada detalhe do corpo feminino e, além disso, proporciona conforto no treino! Esse look wooow é da NOVA COLEÇÃO que será lançada no próximo dia 24 pela @nebbia_fitness
👉🏻🇺🇸👉🏻 Whenever I receive the NEW COLLECTION @nebbia_fitness the spirit to train increases and makes success in the gym! Innovative looks that value every detail of the female body and, additionally, provide comfort in training! This wooow look is from the NEW COLLECTION that will be released on the 24th by @nebbia_fitness ✨ Wooow ✨
Quem curtiu escreve tcha tcha tcha

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Kathryn Freeman 🇹🇹

“You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.”
I was speaking to a client and she said her biggest weakness “is bread, Im a bread person. I can’t give it up!” She was half joking but totally discouraged. Surely, she wasn’t born a “bread person” so that means this habit has turned into a very real part of her life. She may not have created the habit, perhaps it started when she was very young. But she certainly helped to develop it as she took control over her life and continued to feed the habit.
So how can she stop?
I am not gonna say “just stop, you can do it!” That would be so very predictable as a coach- Instead I asked her why does she reach for it and what does it give her when she does. After answering that question I asked her to ask it to herself everyday this week, every time she reaches for it. Write it down and share it with me at our next chat. She did this and by the following week she had rally great news to report! Just 5 days into writing down each bread encounter she once again went to reach for it and she STOPPED herself. She said, “My reasons for eating it just were not good enough this time, and I was able to leave it alone with ease!” She became aware and was able to gain control over what had previously defeat her! Sometimes we think others hold the cure for our weakness when the cure is in our own hands.

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🔥Sexta-feira com muitas promoções!🔥
Blusa Tania R$:39,99 -
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(Link na bio )
Parcelamos no cartão de crédito e aceitamos boleto e transferência bancária.

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Monica Brown

When Laiyah’s in her Equestrian Riding Class I make myself useful !! Ms. Julie & Everyone at the Ranch Love all the animals in the most amazing way..... I’m documenting their lives so when I’m gone they still feel this one thing!! I love what they love & Im never leaving their side!! 🐎 #QuervoAndMo #HeRatherEatGrassThanPose #ButHeReallyLikesMe LOL Photo: @dreanicolephotography

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😙Movie, Frases, Pensamientos😄

Para participar:
1⃣Dale LIKE a esta foto.
2⃣Sigue todas las cuenta que sigue @loqueyomepongo “muy importante”
3⃣Comenta "Listo” muchas veces !!! ASI DE FÁCIL! ✅El ganador se anunciará el día 23 de septiembre.

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شخابيط ☻ 1,3m


#soso @17oe
#شخابيط🇮🇶 .. #مينشن /تاك الصديقك/لصديقتج.
جاي من الاكسبلور تابع البيج @shak7abit

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🌸Chela's Way🌸

My cam on my guy @micheedon

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The Daily Show

“Just because you know somebody has been good - they may have been good to you - it doesn’t mean that they were never bad to somebody else.” - Trevor On Orrin Hatch’s Defense of Kavanaugh.

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Após sofrer grave acidente em cena! #FofocalizandoNoSBT

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Grab your favorite scrunchie and channel #LaraJean in these ADORABLE outfits. All you need to complete the look is Peter Kavinsky 😍 Which one is your fave? Shop them at the link in bio 👆(👋: @klstieg)

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Sleeping With Sirens

So excited to see lights like these again. Who’s coming out to rock with us and @goodcharlotteband this fall?
Oct 16 - Orlando, FL
Oct 17 - Atlanta, GA
Oct 19 - Raleigh, NC
Oct 20 - Lynchburg, VA
Oct 21 - Philadelphia, PA
Oct 23 - Worcester, MA
Oct 25 - Toronto, ON
Oct 26 - Montreal, QC
Oct 27 - Syracuse, NY
Oct 28 - Cleveland, OH
Oct 29 - New York, NY
Nov 1 - Detroit, MI
Nov 2 - Columbus, OH
Nov 3 - Grand Rapids, MI
Nov 4 - Chicago, IL
Nov 6 - Minneapolis, MN
Nov 7 - Kansas City, MO
Nov 9 - Oklahoma City, OK
Nov 10 - San Antonio, TX
Nov 11 - Dallas, TX
Nov 12 - Houston, TX
Nov 14 - Denver, CO
Nov 15 - Salt Lake City, UT
Nov 16 - Garden City, ID
Nov 17 - Portland, OR
Nov 18 - Seattle, WA
Nov 20 - San Francisco, CA
Nov 21 - Los Angeles, CA
Nov 23 - Phoenix, AZ
Nov 24 - Las Vegas, NV
📸: @samlink

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Brandon Calvillo

New episode of our podcast is up. This week, we talk to @jamiekilsteinpodcast about his experience with social media addiction and being an ex-social justice warrior. In this clip, he talks about ways he got over his social media addiction/depression. To listen to full thing click the LINK IN MY BIO

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Car Videos

Caption this as if you were the axles and suspension of that car lol..

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Alyssa Milano


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South America Memes

Créditos: Vinicius Ferreira.
Esse meme veio do grupo Máquinas de Memes, quer ver mais conteúdo desse tipo? Só acessar o nosso instagram @maquinademms

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New York Magazine

@britneyspears not only gave us Oops!...I Did It Again as a song for the ages, but she also gave us this iconic #celebsinturtlenecks look

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