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by @drvivianluke

Getting ready! 12.01.2018.
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by @christyflutterby

This is my first year attempting a @nanowrimo. I've decided to take on a different project than the one I thought I would. It's surreal creating a whole universe. I just got my NaNoWriMo sweatshirt the other day and my NaNoWriMo Survival Kit from @secondstarlit! The fingerless gloves are the best idea ever. I've already tortured my kitties with the bunny timer. I feel like I'm back in summer camp or college getting a care package. I'm getting more pumped and terrified by the minute.

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by @renaebakernyc

I’m so excited! My book designer, Jerry, finished the entire “Defeating Scrooge Spirit Saver Calendar” today and it looks great! 💝🗓
It’s something I’ve been imagining for years and now- I can’t believe it’s finally a reality! I’m giving it away for free to anyone who purchases “Defeating Scrooge” on October 24th! Think of it as an early Christmas present! 😉
I’ve uploaded it along with the defeating Scrooge official Carol Songbook on the defeating Scrooge gifts tab of my website (www.ismileny.com) under the Defeating Scrooge menu, just waiting for the secret code to open that page.
How do you get the secret code? Buy “Defeating Scrooge” on Amazon.com this Wednesday, October 24th! Then enter the receipt number from Amazon onto the form on the “workbook” tab under Defeating Scrooge. .
Oh, and while you’re there, be sure to help yourself to the free workbook pages available there!😊

Manhattan, New York

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by @likeavitrine

And now I think I’m thinking about Tony. I think he was beside me on the bus. I smelled cologne and I thought of the time I smelled the same cologne under the pavilion at the park near my old apartment
And thinking about him near me I want to think about him

I want to know how he’s doing. I want to sit quietly with him in the dark where nobody can tell he’s beside me. I want to talk to him. I want to know how his day was and why he’s so tired.

Being around him makes me feel so so so tired. I’m overwhelmed with fatigue and I want to drink beer.
And then I remember that time under the pavilion when I caught the faintest smirk in response to picturing Tony’s face in my mind when I could smell that cologne.

That’s when Basil’s memory started taunting me. I should know it was the same as his cologne. Fuck, he wore it for all the years I knew him.

So, while I’m thinking about Tony, it’s really Basil beside me on the bus. He’s the one who’s exhausted. He’s the one who wants to smoke and have a beer. He’s the one who expects me to see him.

But why would Basil expect that when he’s not really beside me?

I’m locking the door for good, even if it means I will be alone forever, because I cannot do this anymore. I can’t keep living this way. I can’t carry Basil. I can’t carry whoever Basil pretends to be. And I can’t carry who I’d rather be haunted by when Basil sits beside me on the bus.

God, I don’t know what to do. I confess I’ve been trying to deal with this on my own. I confess what I’ve tried hasn’t worked. I confess I need Your help.

Please help both of us. Help all of us. Because it doesn’t just affect the two of us.

Hear my cries of distress! I can’t do this. Not for one more minute. #poetrycommunity #writer #writersofig #writerscommunity #writersnetwork #words #bymepoetry #wordsbyme #christiancreative #supernatural #contemporarychristian #fiction #microfiction

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by @fancymichelle_

📚Poetry & 📸Cred By: Fancy'Michelle


To be you
To be you is to be yourself proudly
To walk in the skin that you're in proudly
To be you is to be happy with who you truly are
When you look at yourself and see those things you call flaws
but yet you still wouldn't change a thing
Learn to be proud of the skin you're in
You shouldn't trade it in
Love yourself unconditionally
Don't look at others and say I wish I had what they had
Look at yourself and say I'm grateful for everything I am
and everything I have
Your skin is beautiful the way it is
Your body is beautiful the way it is
Your personality is unique and something that no one can copy
Everything about you is what makes you
So be proud of everything you are
Love everything about you
To be you is to own everything about you
To be you is to walk with your head up proudly and own it
To be you is to own who you truly are
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by @elleborwriter

The rolls and swerves
of heartbreak
is the silent making
of self abduction
What is failed
at being articulated
is roared loudly
in the deep trenches within us

That is a misfortune,
how we beg
to be seen
to be heard
from outside of us
by blind eyes
and deaf ears
For which the expanse of our pain
is clearly unfitting
And one day, it just happens
when we can’t run away from it
Just there, in the clock ticks
of our waking hours
as an eerie phantom
in our sleep
This agony that
cuts through our viscera
The weight that
we so desperately
begged the world
to take away
We seize them
to bury back into
our own
unsuitable faculties
Pity really,
how only a few understand
that it is a mistake
To think of
our mind’s prowess
as this sanctuary
Where we could
rest our embattled souls
But the longer
this solitude steeps
within its walls,
we become its
unwitting prisoners

And friend,
this is how we get lost
in a way
that cannot be found
Elle Bor

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by @elleborwriter

The illusion follows me
in the clock ticks
of my waking hours
and as a phantom in my sleep
This is the price I pay
for still loving you
even after you told me
to go...
Elle Bor

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by @elleborwriter

This love is an ether, always in the precipice of
stillness and explosion

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by @unopenedloveletters


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by @raquelgenae

We have the energy of the stars and the planets are ourplayground 🌟💫✨⚡️💥☄️🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈

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by @nataliaxvela

the flick of a cigarette at a crash scene

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by @elleborwriter

I know.
I’ve been there.
In this place.
In this state.
When they ask you why, and your reply is nothing.
They just don’t understand the validity of this answer
How could they?

Numb- Elle Bor

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by @krystalgrantbooks

Repost from @georgiawriters using @RepostRegramApp - Writers, do you want to know how to reach young readers? We’ve got you covered! At this year’s Red Clay Writers Conference @krystalgrantbooks will teach you all about creating a book that energizes, excites, and educates children. We can hardly wait!
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by @veinheartartisans

Vein Heart Artisans is featuring @marielle_poetry whom we feel is a wonderful poet! We think this piece is simply marvelous! Be sure to check out their page! .
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Artwork Courtesy of: @ray_chibi
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by @ronnysomeck

הסופרת המקסיקנית אלנה פונייטובסקה באה לתערוכה
"יותר מאלף מילים" ביריד הספרים והתצלמה מתחת לדיוקנה.
אוצרת התערוכה: טל נעים

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by @_good_for_nothing_75_

Everybody would be better off with out me...
Opinions? Tell me in the comments!⤵️

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by @tincupstudios

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