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In dreams and awake...
SEARCH FOR “Simonna - Moonlight” on #Youtube 🎧🥂

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https://youtu.be/4p5-UlSF4tg See the video on YouTube the link is above and help us to crow up the chanel. #fornace #youtube #youtuber #video #lingotto #ingot #fire #fuoco

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by @therealsimonna

Beauty day before the red carpet. 👸🏼
Thank you so much @MyNailCouture for my perfect nails and lash extensions! Most amazing salon I’ve ever went to. So glad to have the best MyNailCouture glam squad helping me to get ready for the RED CARPET 🌟🥂🎬📽📸
I must thank the best BossBabe and my glam squad CEO @vk_consulting_llc 🌟 This woman is my hero. Because of her I look stunning on every red carpet, event, shoot, movie set. FOLLOW HER. She is THE MOST AMAZING. -
And definitely had to stop by the best @laseraway to pick some amazing beauty skin care products. Their eye serum is my favorite. ❤️🌟🥂🎬🤩

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RIP X💔 #llj #llj🕊 ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖
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by @therealsimonna

0% Luck. 100% Hustle
True story is - there is no such a thing as being randomly discovered, being heard and seen by an accident, getting movie role/show booking/soundtrack offer/appearance by a miracle.
It requires billions of emails, communication, tons of rehearsals and auditions, work minimum 20hrs a day. All this is needed to meet people, show and introduce yourself, make someone believe in you and get referrals to meet even more people, be considered for projects. I graduated communications and PR in university but I’ve realized all this long time ago. I am still working for 20hrs a day. Not giving up if some project fails, never stopping. No matter what - I follow my dream and give all of me to make it come true.
Yes, it’s my whole life but that’s the only way to be. You need to dedicate every single minute of your time to make your dreams come true.

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by @therealsimonna

Meet my new publicist. So excited to start working with this amazing PR team.
Repost @garis_agency: "🎬 Follow our new client - International music star, influencer, and actress Simonna. @therealsimonna"

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by @naii.and.amber

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Hollywood 🤩🌟🥂
* The brightest flame casts the darkest shadow.*
What a wonderful night. Was really fun to visit HANRO store for their grand opening in Beverly Hills. Thanks to my amazing pr team @garis_agency for arranging everything for me ❤️🌟🥂

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by @therealsimonna

I really love my job 🎬📽😂
One of the craziest things I’ve had to do on set - sit in a cage! Looks fun, right? 😅👀
To be honest, I don’t know how I could live without acting. 🎞It makes my life extremely interesting and exciting. 😀🙌🏽
I can’t imagine a day without acting (on set or just rehearsals). Movies & shoots; many different roles & exciting characters - it all makes my life complete.
And hey, I get to do all the crazy things I never thought I’d do😀 For example, a few months ago I couldn’t even imagine myself covered in dirt and locked in a cage😀👀⚔️💣⛓ I have been a ghost; a detective; Hollywood diva; blondie girl; glam-sassy celeb influencer(yes, in a movie), a receptionist; a cheerleader; a special agent; and yes, this role - caged girl. WHAT AN AMAZING EXPERIENCE. I can’t even explain to you guys how much I love my job. I feel so blessed and to thankful for every single opportunity.
My life couldn’t be more interesting & exciting.

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by @superdacob

Sunset 🌅 light ! Freddy in my heart...

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by @therealsimonna

Congrats to the winners (especially @kobebryant . Now I’ll be able to say I’ve met not just nba legend but an Oscar winner too😃) 🥂 Oscars  ceremony was amazing.❤️🎬🎞

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by @therealsimonna

🎤🎬I am so lucky🍀💚

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