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New York Giants

Ready for Primetime. #NYGvsATL

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teladan rasul

Berniatlah yang baik 😊

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Rickey Thompson


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Jessa Hinton

Who’s your wife and why.
Blake Lively, Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale? ❤️😍❤️😍❤️😍 #ootd @fashionnova

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@raiders have placed RB @beastmode on Injured Reserve.
📷: Jacob Gonzalez/AP

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Joelma 🎤

Meus amores, hoje as 22H estarei no Ferdinando Show - O Game! Quem será que vai ganhar?? Fiquem ligados no @multishow para descobrirem! 👀😘💕
. . .
#ferdinandoshow #game #ferdinandoshowogame #multishow #joelma

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Oklahoma City Thunder

Fish on! // PG takes kids from Oklahoma’s "Fishing in the Schools" program out for a reel good time on the lake.

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Brittanya Razavi

Even on her chill days she still so DEELISHIS 👅 @iamsodeelishis

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My baby @yoshidoll did another Halloween tutorial she’s posting on her YouTube channel tomorrow...don’t forget the blockT party is still free admission for everyone! 🙃

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Masika Kalysha

Weather changes cause for light layers and warm fireplaces. Outfit @fashionnova

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Unreal 👁
@darwinenriquez @lastritestattoo #TATTOODO

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Тина Канделаки

Большое спасибо @boucheron за украшения, в которых есть история - история любви и страсти.

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Kim Kardashian West

Lighting Is Everything ✨ New @lumeecase’s now in stock for the iPhone XR, XS and XS Max. Jump start your holiday shopping with free domestic shipping site-wide. Link in bio to shop

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Romeo Miller

October by @martika_avalon 🍂

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Flávia Charallo

Segunda feira ja sabem né? Dia de vídeo no YouTube! Link na minha BIO e também nos Stories! Tá Demais!!! Vemm tentar fazer a caveira mexicana comigo! Halloween tá chegando 🎃😂💖

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Stands for the dawning of a new era.
The all-new #BMW #3Series Sedan.

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Ольга Бузова

Спасибо всем моим людям, кто пришёл на мои концерты в Ульяновск и Пензу 🙏🏻 Я Ваша навеки 👸🏻 #моилюдивсегдасомной#миромправитлюбовь

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Check out these #outdoor beauties from @humboldt_homegrown.
Look, I'm a #grower at heart, so I always enjoy checking out #grows from around the world. So remember, don't hesitate to send me photos of your plants and feel free to tag me in them.
Who knows, maybe I'll repost some of my favorites.
I know not all of you have experience growing, but I bet you've thought about it...
So tell me, what #strains would you grow in your garden?
#GrowYourOwn #BigBud #Cannabis #LegalizeIt

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Jesé Rodríguez

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Love a good French onion soup?! How about on a warm sandwich instead?! 😱😍🍴I'll take two please!

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Monalisa Chinda Coker

Bling bling bling
This is one heck of a movie...

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Taraji P. Henson

#VOTE #VOTE #VOTE 💋💋💋 #Repost @michelleobama
With only 15 days left until Election Day, it's time to get ready to vote! Early voting has already started in states across the country, which means many of you can make your voice heard right now.

Whether you vote early, vote by mail, vote absentee, or vote at the polls, I’m counting on you to make your voice heard in these critical midterm elections. This is your chance to have an impact on your community, your state, and your country.

Find out everything you need to know at #VoteEarly

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House of Lashes®

Fall eyes in full force!🍂✨ @sal_qu looking gorgeous in our #SirenLashes ❤⠀
#houseoflashes #lashes #lashgamestrong #lashtutorial #makeuptutorial #motd

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گاهی دلت میگیرد اما نه از کسی
نه از چیزی
تنها از خودت....
که در جوابِ بدی هایشان تنها لبخند زدی که مبادا اخمِ کوچکی از تو دلشان را بلرزاند...
که خوبی هایشان را آنقدر بزرگ کردی که به باور خوبی مطلق برسند
که هی ندیده گرفتی و گذشتی...
و حالا وقتی با چشمی پر از سوال به آینه نگاه میکنی تنها به یک جواب میرسی
"‌چیز زیادی از خودم باقی نمانده است"

faribahasani_ 📷

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Mike "Ohrangu" Tang

Missing this situation already petite queen @jesyjohnston x @ohrangutangtv #Bestnyctrip #fujixf10

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Hey Puddins, Halloween is up to 50% select styles. Link in bio to shop this look + more. #repost @karrigan.taylor #HTFxHalloween #HTFanatic

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Brittanya Razavi

Omg my girl @masikakalysha is looking so hot in her @chateauvouge jumpsuit 🔥 follow her! 🤤

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Troian Bellisario

KNOW THE NAMES of your state’s congressional candidates. KNOW WHAT THEY STAND FOR for. Link in Bio will tell you everything you need to know about your state's
candidate. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 For our under 25 American fans... HERE’S WHY IT MATTERS

Quick civics lesson: All races below the top one, mistakenly viewed by many as the “most important” race (President, U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Governors), are called DOWN BALLOT RACES and they’re very, very important.
They’re important because many of the candidates running in them are counting on you to ignore/not care, so they can be elected and start telling you how to live your life.
The Federal elections/candidates get all the media attention, but State legislatures are where the real power is. Remember this. They can make your life easier or harder.
The biggest voting impact you can make- that you will feel directly -is at the State level, not Federal. These elected officials make laws that affect your daily life. Clean water, health care access, public schools, among the biggies. You’re young, these are not immediate issues for you. But some laws they pass will still be in effect when they are.
But the real kicker is:

State representatives also make VOTING LAWS and create VOTING DISTRICTS, which directly decide whether or not YOUR VOICE is heard at all.

In 34 states, state legislators draw the actual maps that decide how you’re represented at the Federal level. So filling State Houses with candidates you believe in and hold values you care deeply about is how you bring your will to Washington.
This is why “down ballot” races (State level) are so important. These elected officials WILL speak for you, if you don’t show up. Show up.
Please please vote down ballot. Again, check the link.
It may FEEL like you cannot make a difference, but THIS IS NOT THE CASE:

82% of ALL state legislative seats are UP FOR RE-ELECTION on Nov. 6th. That’s a lot of new blood.
Go from the ground up. Repour the foundation. Get after it.
Stay informed, at the very least.
The battle for progressive change in our country is not in Washington, it’s on your doorstep.

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