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It’s surreal, incredible to have my work and life honored on exhibit at @nmaahc. But this moment one of the best. My father Vernon Winfrey taking it all in.

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    I just saw it last night and it was absolutely amazing. I was in awe.

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    I always said if you don't stand for something then why are you still standing. Leave your mark for the details of life.@oprah @oprahmagazine

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    I think this is amazing. I have a idea, I think since so many people look up to Oprah, you, it would be a great idea to start a class or school for hosting, tv hosting. Thousands of people, including myself would love to be that “Host!” Trust me, People would come near and far to be taught by you. They wouldn’t care the cost because the knowledge they gain would be or is priceless. Who know the business of talk show host more than you, Ijs. It would be a great business opportunity with a huge return. It can have levels, as they complete levels a selected group who have been through the training can graduate with a hosting certificate. They will be trained by you and staff, they will become the best version of themselves as a host, talkshow host, etc. Because they are being taught by the best and possibly become a host for a show created by OWN and there you go, content created with high ratings. The school itself can be a show. People only learn what they are taught. Yes, it has to also be a passion, a true gift to talk, but I believe with having those gifts and someone like yourself pouring into upcoming hosts will make all the difference. Oh well that was just my thoughts. Thought I would share my idea with you. Maybe one day! Thank you so much for reading @oprah @owntv @oprahmagazine 💜

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    Whew! ❤️❤️❤️

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    OPRAH My one and Only ROLE MODEL 🙂

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    Wow...that must have been so emotional Oprah...Bet he is a vv proud Dad & rightly so ❤❤❤

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    @oprah -- would love to send you a @findyouranchorbox (or 10!) to help raise awareness for #SuicidePrevention -- thanks for being an #anchor for so many people! // ⚓️💙

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    awwwww babi daddy

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    A part of my feeling.
    Mehrdad.From Earth.
    بخشی از احساسم.
    مهرداد.از زمین.
    فردا،خورشیدبازهم،به آرامی،برفرازبامها،نورخواهدپاشید،بدون تو،بدون من؛بدون ما.
    گاهی درپشت پشته ای ازابرها،قایم خواهدکرد کپه ای از ذرات نورش را.
    فردا،بازهم،بدون ما،ابرهاسبکبال برفرازدشتها،به پروازدر خواهندآمد،ابرهای سفید،خاکستری و گاهی تیره.
    کودکانی فارغ از دیروزوفردا،
    باابرها،سفرخواهندکرد،بی اینکه ماباشیم.
    فردابازهم،بدون ما،ترنم شرشرباران،ناودانهای زنگازده را ،
    به میهمانی کوچه ها ی منتظر،
    بازهم،بدون ما،
    دوره گرد خسته،دریک عصرملال آور،
    همراه با نسیمی خنک،
    آوازی تکراری خواهندخواند.
    فردابازهم،بدون ما،
    ماشینها،جاده هارا در آغوش خواهند کشیدودر،
    ریه های شهر ،زندگی هجی خواهدشد.
    فردابازهم؛بدون ما،
    معلم برروی تخته سیاه خواهدنوشت:
    زندگی زیباست.
    بازهم،فردا،آفتاب به آرامی؛بالبخندی دوست داشتنی،
    به ماه،چشمک خواهدزدو،
    قورباغه ها،بازهم بدون ما؛
    به پیشواز علفزارهای رقصان و خیس از شبنم ،
    Tomorrow,the sun,will gently again,
    Splash light over the roofs,
    Without you,
    Without me,
    Without us.
    Sometimes,will hide a heap of her light particles behind a heap of clouds,
    Tomorrow,again,without us,
    Clouds,will freely and lightly ,fly over the plains,
    White clouds,grey,and sometimes dark ones.
    Fancy-free of yesterday and tomorrow,will travel with clouds,without us.
    Tomorrow,again without us,the melody of babbling rain,
    Will take the rusty downspouts,to the feast of alleys.
    Again,without us,a tired and pooped pedlar,on a dull afternoon,accompanied by a cool breeze,will sing a repeated song.
    Cars,will embrace the roads and life will be spelled in the city lungs.
    Without us,
    The teacher will write on the chalkboard;
    Life is beautiful.
    Again,tomorrow,the sunshine,will gently,give a wink at the moon,and
    The frogs will,without us,again,
    Welcome the dancing swaying grasslands wet of dew.

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    "Such a awesome feeling to do whatever it is we love to do and have it be well received by others. Sure, to be able to make money doing said thing would be nice, but it would be forever secondary to the feeling of doing whatever it is we love to do and having it be well received by others."-Henery X (long), vicepresident of Tees That Rule and author of the paperback Positive Energy 24/7. @oprah you have immortalized yourself thanks to your great use of your borrowed energy. God is most definitely patting Himself on the back about You. May your success continue to exceed your greatest expectations.

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    This is my history yasss congrats opra Winfrey 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯👍👍👍

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    @iamdrro is her contact to receive a personalized copy of #thetestimony

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    Dr Ro found inspiration in you O...when she wrote The Testimony!

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    So cool e

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    Oprah have you ever done a series on Fatherless and Motherless daughters? I sometimes look back on my child hood and don’t think half of the people would believe the stories I could tell. It’s hard when you don’t have both parents present but you live in the same home.

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    I'm so excited to have seen your exhibit at NMAAHC! I originally posted congrats to you some days ago, not even thinking I'd finally get to visit this museum, and get to see your exhibit, as well! Well deserved exhibit, of course. Poignant museum, just like I knew it would be.......

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    It was surreal seeing your work at the museum ! A true trailblazer for so many women of color and an example of the power that we have when we use our voice !! ❤️

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    عالی 😍😍😍👍😍

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    @lukaszrodzynek ;)

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