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#ad That face you make when you can’t remember if you had your flea treatment... If you know Sam, then you know he loves nothing more than going out in his stroller. To protect him from fleas and ticks, we use PetArmor Plus. If you want to try some for your pets, head on over to Walmart where you can find it in stores and online! #PetArmorApproved

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  • @_loena013_moeslim_

    Helo sam

  • @jbourne51068

    I have used Pet Armor for the first time this year on a cat highly sensitive to many products. Both of my cats are FINE and flea free. It has the same ingredients as Frontline. I stressed for days before making the final decision, but none of the natural stuff worked for me. Pets are all different and have different reactions to medications. My cat has severe allergic reactions to regular vaccinations which are supposed to be safe, right? Every pet owner has to make the most informed, best decision possible and do what works for them. What works for one doesn't work for all, but it doesn't make me a horrible pet owner if I choose Pet Armor! #petarmorapproved #nomorefleas

  • @darlamcsteal

    He may be making that face because he's about to seize from this terrible product. No amount of money or publicity is worth endorsing such an awful thing. C'mon @samhaseyebrows you are worth a lot more.