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#ad Just plugged in our Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser and Sam is already as calm as a cucumber! If you have stressed out cats, just plug the diffuser into an outlet in an area they frequent to see the difference for yourself. To find out more about how Comfort Zone reduces your cats stress, follow this link ( or go to Sam’s stories and swipe up!

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    @robyn968 meet sam and his eyebrows

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    @chellelynx not at all. I’ve simply used the product successfully and without issue for a very long time. Without it my cat would not be here with me now. I had another cat who had a stroke and, as is common, had a personality change. My happy boy was quite angry and the diffusers brought back my sweet baby.

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    @chellelynx I’m sorry that there was a bad experience. I have had to replace the diffusers occasionally. They do wear out. And, just like any product, there can be some that malfunction. I check mine weekly to make sure they are in good working order which is why I’ve had no issues using them for 13 years.

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    @rascaltrainer do you sell them or something?

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    @rascaltrainer it was actually the Feliway diffuser that burned Hollywood. It malfunctioned, spilled onto the floor, ended up on his fur and he licked it.

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    Oh my what a cute baby 💗

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    Where did you get that cat chair???

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    This looks like a vintage magazine ad for a swingin' bachelor apartment with a cool wicker chair and the diffuser to make it smell good for the ladies. Smooth as silk, Sam.

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    앗 너무 귀여워요! 매우 편안해 보여요 ^^💓💓💓💓

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    @rascaltrainer ty for respond I had a feeling it may have been feliway have heard it works!

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    I read that essential oils can be toxic for Cats. I don’t know if that’s what this has in it or not? Just wanted to give you a heads-up.

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    Anyone wondering if Feliway diffusers work, look at my post from last Friday the 6th. That is Cora, a feral cat living in my home. She used to hide for days, skipping meals, and overgroomed herself bald. Diffusers have helped her to be a happy, healthy kittty who welcomes petting (on her terms). You can’t see it but she was not just hanging out with me. There were 2 dogs on the bed and she does NOT like dogs at all. So brave.

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    @chellelynx this is not the same product that is making animals sick or killing them. This is specifically for pets. I’ve been using Feliway diffusers for 13 years for one of the cats in my home and she’s happier and healthier because of it.

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    @princesstara2 this is not the same as the essential oils that are causing animals to become ill. This product is specifically for cats (there is a dog version also). I’ve had Feliway diffusers in my home for 13 years because I have a feral cat living inside my home. It’s totally safe and helpful for stressed out kitties.

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    @philpa88 on point 😂👌🏼

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    @philpa88 😂

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    @katnim90 @apirolini @vinpf the eyebrows 😍

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    Lindo 👼de Deus! 🐹🐾

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    @a__rose No, shame on you for being so judgemental. She simply didn't know better and it's important to caution others so they do not make the same accidental mistake. Please do better next time.

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    @gecko_a3 sadly many do not know it happened to me too now I warn everyone also

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    @chellelynx Yes true

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    Diffuser? I want to know what is in it please oils? I never use any diffusers with oils in my house after my cat had a seizure sadly I didn't know it was eucalyptus luckily I saw the seizure happening and shut it off asap my kitty was okay luckily. Many of those oils are dangerous for pets. I guess I will read the link. Ty

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    They’re pricey but they’ve worked miracles!! Love you Sam!

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    @gecko_a3 NOT FOR INTERNAL USE! Concentrated oils shouldn’t even supposed to touch their skin.
    Micro-droplets don’t happen with this diffuser- that’s why it’s safe. Shame on your friend for half assing it!!

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    Please do not encourage the use of these products. They can harm or kill your pet.

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    Lindo 😻😻😻

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    My friend used a diffuser with tea tree oil and as the cat licked micro droplets off of her fur she got extremely sick. She ended up losing most of her fur.

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    So cute❤️❤️❤️

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    Wow sam is an ad! Well done kitty kat ✨