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Lorena Improta

E aí, galeroca? Quem já conferiu o vídeo novo no canal do YouTube do @ofantasticomundodalore?! Corre lá que tem clipe novo e vamos ensaiar para o dia 21 de outubro, no @shoppingdabahiaoficial 💖 Link na bio.

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Q lindo volver así ! Gracias chicos ! Los extrañaba !!!!

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Wardell Curry

Hyped to bring @palm back and share everything we’ve been working on since day 1! #LetsGo #LiveInTheMoment

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Joelma 🎤

O melhor sorriso é esse que vem da alma! Uma semana abençoada para todos nós🍃✨😍
. . .
📸 @rubenscerqueira
#foto #ensaio #joelma #feliz #segundafeira #gratidao

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Our own piece of space technology.

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Deh Alves


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Deddy Corbuzier

REMEMBER DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME..... AT SCHOOL IS OKAY... 😱😎 @azkacorbuzier ini Cowo bukan Kaleng.

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Jordyn Jones

happy birthday sis 🌸 @sherron_jones

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Saya sangat happy sebab saya boleh membantu ibu ibu tunggal, suri rumah atau students berniaga menjana income bersama team kami!!! Proud with my self!!! Berniaga product lets bengkung diamond gold 16 tulAng dan 22 tulang uols!!! Hebat!!!!!!

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Nice weekend visiting my family in my hometown 🍂

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Who’s this badass?
Catch the first episode of @KIXasia’s on @astromalaysia this Wed night at 9:30pm!

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ชง เวย์ กินวนไป สั่งเลย ทาง idline @wheywwl ใส่@ด้วยนะจ้า

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Pretty Little Liars

Production on #PLLThePerfectionists Episode 2 (and onwards) begins this week. Who else is pumped? 🙋🏻‍♀️

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That’s what my face looks like when I see my #Armaanians 😁♥️ •

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FC Barcelona

🔥 #MondayMotivation 🔥

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The Rock

Got a visit from my JUNGLE CRUISE ❤️ ohana on the set of HOBBS & SHAW here in London.
These two good lookin’ aliens have a lot going on.
My partner in crazy, Emily Blunt/ the woman who’s delivering one of the greatest Christmas gifts of all time with her iconic turn as the one and only, MARY POPPINS in theaters Dec 19th.
And @jackwhitehall who not only has his own NETFLIX special, but delivering an early Christmas gift as well in Disney’s THE NUTCRACKER in theaters Nov 2nd — and so defiant he wears my IRON PARADISE weightlifting belt backwards and dares someone to tell him he’s wrong.
And finally, the big, brown, bald tattooed deadbeat in the middle who doesn’t have shit going on in his life and his biggest claim to fame is telling the world its classy to drink tequila before noon.
Always good to see their faces.
Cuz asses ain’t kickin’ themselves.
#MaryPopPop #TequilaBeef #ActionJack

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Victoria's Secret

Inspiration revealed! A first look at one of the sketches behind our upcoming #VSxMaryKatrantzou collaboration. See it at the #VSFashionShow soon...

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Can you read my pants?🙄🤪
#goodmorning #mondaymotivation -

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🎶They see me rollin'... 😎 Happy #NationalPugDay! ✨
#LEGO #LEGOBuild #Pugs

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Simi Chahal

Basant Kaur🌼 nu ajj vi ehna zyada pyaar dean layi teh dillon tohda saareyan da Tanwaad ji😌☺️🙏🏼 Am still getting all your superrrr emotional messages everyday, since it’s been out on Youtube; Thank You soooo much for loving, appreciating and sharing @daanapaanimovie unconditionally💖 #Grateful🙏🏼 #Blessed #DaanaPaani🌾 #BasantKaur🌼

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Love this photo of our dear friend @luigi_lauro 👌🏽 #menwithstreetstyle

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Bianca Umali

Unconventional. ⚡️ @converseph @converse #ChuckStories #ChuckTaylor

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Dah uzur nampak gaya tu

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Kanchi Singh

To more and more amazing experiences! #aurangabad#navratri2018
Outfit: Outfit by - @the_adhya_designer
Styled by - @shrishtimunka

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Sahar Moghadass

اين آهنگو دوست داشتين آيـــاااا ؟ 🤔

#sahar #saharmusic #sasymusic #yekam_yekam

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Deh Alves

📷 @simonebelloto
MUA @babileona

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Luis Fonsi

Faltan 4️⃣ días para #Imposible 🚫 con @Ozuna 🙏🏽

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Puas hati pakai lets bengkung diamond gold.... Body letop letop uols!!! Gitew!!! Rm139.90 jer uols

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As’ad Motawh

@harrisbaba counting down to percaya with us!!! 11 DAYS LEFT EVERYONE 🔥

#Repost @harrisbaba ・・・
#percayaasadmotawh out in 11 days 🔥 @asad.motawh are you guys ready?

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Immersing myself in the culture of an unfamiliar place is one of my favourite ways to explore a new city and these @beatsbydre #Studio3Wireless are now one of my favourite travel companions! 🎧 ✌🏽

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