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When it rained earlier I put off on my husband coming to get me in CLT. Especially since the flight was just delayed. After all we did board 40 minutes after it was supposed to take off. My confidence that at least it didn’t cancel, so that means we’re good. As we flew to GSO my aircraft felt as though death was everywhere. Gripping the armrests, praying, lightning, hail, rain and my own tears. My seat mate from BOS sensed my anguish and sweetly offered her hand. Our flight ended up diverted. It was a hot scary mess!
We left CLT at 7:10pm, it’s approximately a 36 minute flight, instead we landed 2 hours later in RDU. We waited for over an hour for a gate. I don’t care about the time, cost, or anything else really. We are safe. 👏

I am happy to be on the ground and I plan to turn in a compliment for these pilots tonight. In fact the crew had me go into the cockpit to meet the captain and copilot after I had asked for their names. It’s not often I get invited up there to chew the fat and personally thank the people who landed my plane. C & M did a phenomenal job tonight!
Also the absolute best part of the night is that my friends Denver and Aaron saved the day! Expensive one way car rental avoided and time spent with my friend. I can’t think of many people that would’ve done that for me. Through it all, this day way a big adventure! I was home after midnight, but that’s ok. One day I’ll laugh about this. ✈️⛈❤️🛬💯 #homeatlast #scarynight #homesweethome #thankfulness

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