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So many people comment on my photos and ask about taking risks. They ask how I can take risks with snakes and tigers and getting lost out in the Jungle. But those are not the risks that scare me. This past three years have been a far greater kind of risk. Imagine working on something for HOURS every day - Every.Single.Day - for YEARS on end - with no guarantee whatsoever that the work you are doing will pay off, or be in any way successful. It's honestly terrifying. That's what writing is like - that’s what being an author is like.

I’ve been bursting at the seams this past week - absolutely over-boiling with excitement to share the news that MY SECOND BOOK IS GOING TO BE PUBLISHED! The exploration in the Jungles of India that became this new book has taken me to places that have redefined my view of the world. In the coming months I’ll be taking you on that journey. For now I am full of thanks and relief and need to take a big breath before the plunge - over the next year I’ll be intensely editing (which might actually be harder than the writing!) and finishing the final touches so that in the fall of 2019 this book can be born.

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