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SPECTACLED COBRA!! I’m sharing this pic again for all the people who are new. Also TODAY the 72 Dangerous Animals: Asia is out on @netflix - thanks to @showrunnerproductions !!! And thank you to @gowrivaranashi for capturing this moment!

I've spent so much time searching. Since 2008 when I first came to India I hoped to find a spectacled cobra and never did. It's been so many years that I stopped hoping. And just this month I've spent SO MUCH time actively searching for snakes and have found nothing. Then when you least expect it - coming back from coffee and mangalore buns in the village - there it is! // I guess some people could play it cool in this situation but I think the picture captures my emotion pretty well - I was beyond stoked. This something I'd always dreamed of seeing.
What an incredible animal. I had no stick going into this encounter and so was just dancing around, trying to stall for time. Thankfully Gowri was on point and like magic I had a stick in my hand. That's when I was able to get a sense of this new snake. The cobra was not interested in playing. She wanted nothing but to go on her way and stay out of trouble. She didn't even really hood up until I got close - otherwise if I had just been walking, she would have just sped off. Throughout the whole thing I had Steve Irwin's voice in my ear: 'You're alright mate, you're alright' .
For me snakes bookend so many amazing days and memories. Of course I love seeing beautiful animals and new species but it ends of being more about who I'm with. I love having the chance to show others. I'll never forget my very first snake (@capozzalo ) First copperhead. First black rat snake in a tree with my mom and dad and sis when I was six years old. First anaconda with (@juanjuliodurandtorres) That boa constrictor in the swamp (@anya_sita @anil_chinnaiah @isha_ela ) First sumatran spitting cobra. And so many others. This time @gowrivaranashi @meeshupork @dilemmakading - we got the show of a lifetime from this awesome cobra. What a great day!
Lastly it was encouraging that local people, villagers and land owners both, seemed to respect the cobra. They were happy to let it go -





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