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Hey so everyone seemed to have such a good time with that video of the machete wound I figure I should post some more GORE. This time from Asia.

ONE YEAR AGO: I was waking along a stream and watching a group of elephants on the other side. I was pretty far from them and the stream separated us so I was a safe distance away. So I thought until I came face to ass with a full grown BULL ELEPHANT. He trumpeted, bitch-slapped a tree into splinters and charged. I RAN. And for thirty seconds had the closest call of my life. Hands down. It was not a mock charge. This elephant wanted to kill me, was trying to. In the end I flung myself off the stream bank and down onto the rocks - the elephant almost came down on top of me. But he couldn’t climb down. Instead he threw a stick at me with his trunk and kicked rocks onto me from above. I gave him the finger. Then everything went red.

When the elephant left I went and got my bag. Took some DSLR selfies, and was so thankful to be alive that I smiled the rest of the day! .

Now the serious part of this is that elephants are so desperate for forest, and so traumatized by humans - that they are becoming violent. The bull that chased me has no doubt had bad experiences with humans before. It’s actually really sad that they get pushed to that point. Hopefully the chase was cathartic for him - He did a hell of a good job trying to kill me!👏 .
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