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When people ask me if there is hope for wildlife I tell them about India 🇮🇳India has over a billion people living within its boundaries and yet somehow manages to have more Tigers and more Asian Elephants than anywhere else on earth. This is no accident. It is not easy. People care about their wild heritage in India and fight hard against the forces that would and could push species like tigers over the edge and into extinction. If India, with all of its myriad cultures and bursting population can manage to save viable populations of wildlife - then it is possible literally anywhere else. .

I came to India in 2008 for one reason - I wanted to see a tiger before they went extinct. I had no idea it would take over 6 years of hiking and searching before it happened - it’s a journey that completely changed my life. It’s because of tigers I went to India. It’s because I went to India I met my wife @gowrivaranashi She and I have been researching human / wildlife conflict for years - hiking the footprints of elephants through south India’s coffee plantations and jungles. We’ve fallen asleep to the sound of roaring tigers. And it’s because of these experiences that my upcoming book is possible. I cannot wait to share it with you all. Thank you India. .. .

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